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Happy Valentine's Day

No matter who you are, Valentine's Day can certainly cause a few headaches.  Finding the right way to celebrate a holiday that many men lament is no easy task.

It's no different in the Ravens' locker room, where there are many different avenues to go when honoring a significant other, whether that is through a simple act of kindness or a poignant gift.

Take Derrick Martin, for instance.  The second-year cornerback wasn't looking at chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day.  Instead, Martin offered his chauffer services to his wife, Alexa, to East Rutherford, N.J. for a Spice Girls concert.

Not necessarily the most fun event for a husband.

"I wasn't going to the show," Martin was quick to point out with a laugh.  "She was meeting some girlfriends, so I thought I'd do something nice and take her up there.  It was like a three-hour drive."

Actually, it's more like four, but Martin braved the late-night trek anyway.

That dedication can be show in other ways.  Cornerback Ronnie Prude makes it a point to send some flowers to his hometown of Shreveport, La. every year.

Prude's mother, Yvonne, is always the recipient.

"She works with the postal office, so she's the one always delivering the Valentine's cards," Prude said after a workout at the Ravens' training facility.  "I want to make sure she feels appreciated too."

Of course, there is always the option of not acknowledging it at all. 

Tight end Quinn Sypniewski is one that swears off the cards, candy and flowers.  He and his wife, Mia, have been working hard preparing their house for their first child, which is expected this spring - certainly a much more important occasion.

"It's not Valentine's Day for us," he said.  "It's more about places like Hallmark selling cards.  We try to keep it low-key."

Whatever way you're spending the holiday this year, the Ravens want to wish all fans out there a Happy Valentine's Day!

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