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John Harbaugh Expects Ravens To Be In 'Great Shape'

Head Coach John Harbaugh doesn't expect to hear too much wheezing coming from his players Wednesday.

It's conditioning test day, when players must prove they're in good enough physical condition to take the practice field for training camp.

"I'm anticipating that our team will be in great shape," Harbaugh said. "It really looks like our team will be in really great shape, probably the best since 2008 [when Harbaugh became head coach]."

The conditioning test consists of a series of six sprints that total 900 yards. They must be completed in a certain time, with smaller position players having less time than their bigger-bodied teammates, such as offensive and defensive linemen.

Not every player has to take it. Those who attended a certain percentage of offseason workouts and practices are exempt because they already put in the work and coaches know what kind of shape they're in. It's a bonus for coming into work when it's not required.

Those players who were not around for voluntary workouts must take the test. Most times, that includes longtime veterans.

The Ravens got a look at those players during mandatory minicamp, and outside linebacker Terrell Suggs and defensive tackle Haloti Ngata both passed the eye test.

"We'll find out tomorrow on a couple guys, but we've seen a bunch of the guys already," Harbaugh said. "A lot of the guys are already here. They've already come in and they look good. I'm really excited about the work our team has put in. I'm fired up about it."

Harbaugh had a different tone after Tuesday's first practice than that of New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughan, who was "pissed off" after several of his players couldn't make it through practice. It's sometimes an indication that they didn't work hard enough during the month off between minicamp and training camp.

Quarterback Joe Flacco, who was criticized for not throwing with his receivers in the spring, said he "picked up a football a good amount" during the time off. He wasn't the only veteran working out.

"All you've got to do is check all of their social media around here," Flacco said. "All these guys were working pretty hard and getting ready to go. So, I think we all did a good amount, and it's just about getting back here and applying it to our practice field."

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