John Harbaugh Reacts To Joe Flacco's Wildcat Frustrations


On Tuesday, Joe Flacco created a stir with his comments about the Ravens' use of backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor and the wildcat package.

The following day, Head Coach John Harbaugh was asked for his reaction to Flacco's words.

"My reaction would be my reaction. I'll just leave it at that," Harbaugh said.

"One thing about Joe, and I think any great player, is they want the ball in their hands. He's always been that way, he's always felt that way. I want him to have the ball in his hands."

So would Flacco's feelings affect whether the Ravens use more of that package?

"We're going to do everything we can do to move the ball offensively," Harbaugh said. "We've got guys that can play and we put them on the field in different spots where we feel we need to. And all our guys support that."

The Ravens used a version of a similar offense back in 2008 when Flacco was a rookie. They called it the "Suggs Package" since it was Suggs who campaigned to use backup quarterback Troy Smith more.

This time, there is no nickname. Harbaugh joked with the media that he couldn't think of anything clever and asked if they have come up with anything.

The "Joe Hates This Package," a reporter offered up.

Harbaugh and the entire media corps burst into laughter.

"I caught myself before I repeated it," Harbaugh said as he laughed. "I like it though, I like it."

Harbaugh was asked whether he and the organization have grown to like that Flacco's not afraid to speak out and is strong in his convictions.

"All those things I would say yes to," Harbaugh said. "But I'm really not into analyzing all that right now. Let's go play the game, let's go be our best."

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