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Lamar Jackson Has Added 12-15 Pounds of Muscle Mass

QB Lamar Jackson practices during Ravens minicamp.
QB Lamar Jackson practices during Ravens minicamp.

Lamar Jackson doesn't just look bigger. He is confirmed bigger.

Jackson revealed Thursday that he added 12-15 pounds of muscle mass this offseason.

Jackson said he usually played at between 205 and 208 pounds. Now he's at 220 pounds.

"I just wanted to do it. See how I look, see how I feel," Jackson said. "And I feel good."

Jackson became the owner of a soul food restaurant in his native Florida, but it's clear there's been a lot of training going along with the eating.

Jackson has been working out with Emonee Spence, a Broward/Dade County personal trainer who goes by SpenceFit. Spence was a reserve wide receiver at Louisville with Jackson and also hails from Broward County.

"Physically, he looks imposing," Quarterbacks Coach James Urban said. "This is a game built for big, strong, fast men. I think he's checking three of those boxes right now."

It was easy to see that Jackson had more zip on his passes when he reported to Ravens minicamp. He's always had a strong arm, but the ball is leaving his hand in a different way.

It's not all because of the added muscle. Jackson went to work with 3DQB throwing mechanics coach/trainer Adam Dedeaux again this offseason.

"The fundamentals look really good right now," Urban said. "He's been impressive these three days. He's clearly been throwing, he's clearly been working. The strength sure doesn't hurt that. The velocity, the tight spirals, those things, they look good.

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