Lamar Jackson Wants to Break Steelers' 100-Yard Rushing Record

QB Lamar Jackson

Soon after extending the Ravens' streak of games with at least 100 rushing yards in Denver with a controversial scramble on the final play, Lamar Jackson said he didn't care about the record.

With a few days to reflect, Jackson's outlook has changed on what has been the most hotly-debated subject of the week.

The Ravens can overtake the Pittsburgh Steelers of 1974-77 with a 100-yard rushing game Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts, and as Baltimore's leading rusher, Jackson wants to get it done.

"It would mean a lot, because we've been doing it ever since I've been here," Jackson said. "Getting the win, like I said before, and breaking the record, that would be pretty dope. Especially because, it's a rival's record. So, it would be dope if we do that, for sure."

Jackson said he wasn't aware of the streak until the media mentioned it last week.

"I'm not looking up the records and saying, 'Dang, what record should we break this week?'" Jackson said with a laugh. "It just happened to happen. We've been working hard. We're trying to get yards on the field, trying to score touchdowns, and we end up breaking records doing that. So, we just have to keep that mindset going and try to score."

The Ravens' streak began with Jackson's first NFL start – a game that would introduce the league to a rushing attack and quarterback the likes of which it had never seen before.

Jackson ran 26 times for 119 yards. Gus Edwards also rumbled 17 times for 115 yards as the Ravens piled up 267 yards on the ground in a 24-21 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

In the Ravens' previous game, Joe Flacco's final as Baltimore's starter, the Ravens ran for 61 yards, led by Alex Collins' 35, in a 23-16 home loss to the Steelers.

Over the past 43 games of the streak, the Ravens have piled up 8,568 rushing yards – a mind-blowing average of 199 per game. The Ravens have built and executed one of the best rushing attacks of all-time, and the 100-yard streak will be part of that history.

Cornerback Marlon Humphrey was not part of any of those yards, but he wishes he were. Humphrey, who was closely monitoring the Ravens' rushing totals during Sunday's game in Denver, said he wanted to block as a wide receiver for just one play to say he was part of such a feat.

"I think it's just such a big testament to … Kind of like 'Harbs' said, there's been so many different O-Lines, this guy goes down, that guy goes down, and it just hasn't fell off. It's crazy to do that," Humphrey said. "And our O-Line and 'Joe-D' [Offensive Line Coach Joe D'Alessandris], 'G-Ro' [Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman] – it's just a big testament to that."

Last year, Indianapolis did a good job of holding the Ravens' run game in check, as they posted 110 rushing yards with Jackson leading the way with 58, including a 9-yard touchdown. This year, the Colts have surrendered 114 rushing yards per game, ranked 15th in the league.

"They're a tough defense – fast [and] aggressive," Jackson said. "The guys run to the ball; all 11 at the ball every play. You have to be on your 'Ps' and 'Qs.' You have to be completing passes and keeping the ball moving, because that's a bend but don't break defense."

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