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Late For Work 7/27: Terrell Suggs Could Deliver 'Back-to-the-Future' Type Season

Terrell Suggs Could Deliver a 'Back-to-the-Future' Type Season

Terrell Suggs' impressive longevity is almost taken for granted in Baltimore.

But for those who don't watch the Ravens on a daily basis, Suggs can turn some heads when he steps on the practice field.

During his visit to Owings Mills Thursday, long-time NFL reporter Peter King marveled at Suggs and predicted a big season for Baltimore's defensive leader.

"Did you know he's 35? Doesn't it seem like he should be 44 years old? He's been in the league forever," King said in the video below. "He's been very, very healthy this offseason. The Ravens think they're going to get a very big year out of Suggs, a back-to-the-future type year out of Suggs."

The 16-year veteran has put together some of his best seasons in the twilight years of his career, and he isn't showing any signs of stopping.

Suggs led the Ravens will 11 sacks last season, in addition to four forced fumbles and 49 tackles. He earned an invitation to his seventh Pro Bowl and continued to build a resume many fans and his coaches believe is deserving of Hall of Fame induction.

The stellar season came after Suggs bounced back from major injuries over his career, including torn Achilles in both feet, a torn biceps and a torn pectoral. Suggs has committed himself to a strict offseason training regimen the last two years, and King noticed the difference during his annual camp visit.

"He's healthy right now," King said. "He's had a lot of injuries the second-half of his career. If he stays healthy, this could be a formidable year for the Baltimore Ravens defense."

Suggs' former coach, Brian Billick, also took notice of the veteran defender. Billick praised Suggs for his leadership during his interview with NFL Network, and he also chided a fan on Twitter who said Suggs needs to hang up the cleats.

The standout 2017 season has given validity to the notion that Suggs still has multiple good years of football in front of him, and he reiterated in his NFL Network interview that he's not approaching this season as his last. 

"I don't think the end is close for me," Suggs said.

Flacco Dazzles National Media, Shares His Story from Draft Night

Suggs drew his fair share of attention Thursday, but there was no question about the biggest story of the day.

That belonged to Joe Flacco.

The starting quarterback delivered his best performance of training camp, as he spent the first half of practice carving up the first-team defense by spreading the ball around to his new targets.

"A quarterback cannot have a better football practice than Flacco] had today,” [King said in his interview with the 11-year veteran.

After watching Flacco sling the ball to John Brown, Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead and Hayden Hurst, King's top note was that the national media shouldn't write off the former Super Bowl MVP just because the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson in the first round.

"Do not sleep on Joe Flacco," King said. "He's 33, coming off two injury riddled seasons – he had a great practice. Everybody here says he is doing phenomenally well in trying to – and he will, at least early on – beat the challenge of rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson."

King spent some time with Flacco and talked with him about Jackson's arrival. He asked Flacco specifically about draft night, when the Ravens traded back into the first round to take Jackson with the No. 32 pick.

"I was sitting in my living room with one of my brothers, my cousin, Dennis Pitta, and we kind of just looked at each other and smiled a little bit," Flacco said.

"I'm sure there definitely was a little bit of a message in there and a certain way that you're going to feel about it. But hey, I have plenty of motivation to be in this league, just like I always have for 10 years. I'm really approaching this year no different."

Is Ray Lewis the Best Defensive Player of His Generation?

With Ray Lewis heading into the Hall of Fame next week, media outlets have started looking back at his illustrious career.

Lewis was an iconic player throughout his 17 seasons in the NFL, and the NFL Network analysts had a discussion Thursday about whether he was the best defensive player of his generation.

"You're asking me if I think my daughters are beautiful," responded Billick, who won Super Bowl XXXV with Lewis. "Unique to Baltimore, I don't know another player that has a bigger persona and is more identifiable with an organization than Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens." 

Billick wasn't the only one on set pointing to Lewis as the NFL's best defender during his time.

"I don't think it's debatable," reporter Mike Silver said. "I came in covering Ronnie Lott. There was Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, icons of the game. But in the next generation, I think Ray is the guy."

Gerry Sandusky Makes 'Daily Show' Appearance

Gerry Sandusky, the "Voice of the Ravens," has received plenty of strange looks over the years whenever he introduces himself.

Sandusky shares the same name as the former Penn State football coach convicted of child sexual abuse. The only difference is that the former Penn State coach spells his name Jerry, and that's why the Baltimore sportscaster often introduces himself as "Gerry with a G." The two men are not related, but Gerry has still received plenty of online vitriol from those who confuse the two men.

Michael Cohen, a local sports reporter from Milwaukee, is dealing with a similar situation from those who confuse him with President Donald Trump's lawyer by the same name.

Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' decided to dive into the situation with a humorous segment featuring Sandusky and others who have been confused with another person by the same name.

Definitely go check out the segment. Well done, Gerry.

Bud Knight 'Steals the Spotlight'

The Ravens had several dignitaries at practice Thursday.

The list included Billick, King, Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner and Hall of Fame running back Lenny Moore.

"But the knight from the Bud Light commercials stole the spotlight after practice," The Baltimore Sun’s Edward Lee wrote. "Although the knight did get tackled by outside linebacker Matthew Judon, wide receiver Chris Moore yelled out, 'Dilly dilly,' several players posed for photos and offensive tackle Andrew Donnal knelt on the turf to be knighted."

The visit from the Bud Knight was part of a Bud Lite commercial shoot that started after a fun Twitter exchange during the NFL Draft. Here were some of photos and videos from Bud Knight's visit:

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