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News & Notes: Ravens Have Moved on After Emotional Bills Loss

(From left to right) CB Marlon Humphrey & CB Marcus Peters
(From left to right) CB Marlon Humphrey & CB Marcus Peters

Marlon Humphrey says the Ravens have moved on in every way from Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, including the sideline argument between Head Coach John Harbaugh and Marcus Peters.

Humphrey said he and Harbaugh have talked about it, and that Harbaugh talked about it with other players and they addressed it as a team.

"We fight all the time in this building," Humphrey said. "I've fought with some people in here myself. This is an emotional game. The thing that I love about this building is, it doesn't matter what department you work in, we all want to win on Sunday. As long as we can hug it out after, that's all that matters. … At the end of the day, we all just want to win."

Harbaugh talked about his fondness for Peters after Sunday's game.

"Emotions run high," Harbaugh said. "We're on the same page, he and I. We have a great relationship; we have an honest relationship. I love him, I hope he still loves me; we'll see. I'm a Marcus Peters guy."

When approached by the media in the locker room Wednesday, Peters did not want to talk about it.

Peters is a vocal leader in the secondary, and passes along valuable pre-snap reads to his teammates. Humphrey said he loves playing with Peters, but he also knows Baltimore's pass defense needs to improve. While Humphrey and Peters are regarded as one of the NFL's top cornerback duos, Baltimore ranks last in the league in pass defense.

"We can't be too good of a duo with those numbers," Humphrey said. "But I do love playing with Marcus Peters. He's by far my favorite player. On the field he gives me so much insight during the game. I don't see all the stuff he sees, but he sees it all and he lets me know what he sees. I know his knee's been feeling a lot better. He's really been an energizer bunny back there for us in the secondary. I know he's only going to get better and better.

Peters has the attention of Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase, who said he's excited for his first career matchup with the Ravens corner.

Humphrey: Bengals Have NFL's Best Wide Receiver Trio

The Bengals have three wide receivers that quarterback Joe Burrow will throw to anytime in Chase (25 catches, 293 yards), Tee Higgins (20 catches, 315 yards) and Tyler Boyd (12 catches, 202 yards).

"They obviously have the best trio of wide receivers in the league," Humphrey said.

"They all bring a different dynamic to the game. Boyd is a guy they want to get the ball to on third down a lot. Chase is their deep threat, speed, really strong YAC guy. Higgins is a mixture of both, all big-bodied guys. It's a really tough matchup for everybody and you have to be on point."

Mark Andrews Happy for Hayden Hurst

Former Ravens first-round pick Hayden Hurst joined the enemy this offseason, signing a one-year deal with the Bengals to be their starting tight end. Behind the Bengals' talented wide receiver trio in targets, Hurst is fifth on the team in receiving yards so far with 14 grabs for 104 yards and one touchdown.

Hurst came into the league along with Ravens tight end Mark Andrews and the two had a tight bond during their two seasons together before Hurst was traded to the Atlanta Falcons. They're still in touch.

"It'll be good to see him. Obviously I hope he does well – not too well," Andrews said. "I've watched him play a few times and it looks like he's really made a role for himself in that offense and is playing well. I expect nothing less from him."

John Harbaugh Pays Tribute to Former Equipment Manager Ed Carroll

Harbaugh began his remarks after Wednesday's practice paying tribute to former Ravens Equipment Manager Ed Carroll, a beloved figure in the organization who recently passed away.

"[I] just want to pass our condolences on to the Carroll family and to Suzanne Carroll on the passing of Eddie Carroll, one of the all-time great Ravens," Harbaugh said. "He was the equipment man here when I got here for many years, and before that with the Browns. He was an iconic figure, much loved by the players, and the coaches and by the organization. So, rest in peace, Ed Carroll."

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