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Mock Draft Roundup 2.0: A Variety of Cornerbacks Could Fit Ravens


CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn State

**CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn State**

Porter Jr. has elite size, length and speed for the position. He is at his best in press coverage, where he can use his rare arm length to re-route wideouts. He is fluid when he opens up, but it's more build-up speed than urgent/sudden quickness. In off coverage, he trusts his eyes and closes the distance with his long stride. He has a great feel for working around pass catchers to poke the ball away. He didn't record any interceptions this past fall, but according to PFF, he only gave up one play of 15-plus yards. He is a reliable wrap/drag tackler in space. He doesn't play with the same ferocity as [his famous father](, but he's plenty tough enough for the position he plays. Overall, Porter should be a Day 1 starter capable of matching up with the bigger wideouts around the league.

2022 stats: 10 games, 27 tackles, 11 passes defended, 0 interceptions

"The Ravens need to work on revamping their secondary with Marcus Peters heading into free agency. They could use some of Porter's size, speed and physicality to make more plays on the ball in coverage."

CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

**CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon**

Gonzalez is a tall and fluid cornerback with excellent ball skills. He is physical in press coverage, but can easily flip his hips and stay in position down the field. He does a nice job finding and playing the ball when his back is to the quarterback. He has excellent hands to attack and take the ball away. In off coverage, he isn't super twitchy on his plant-and-drive; he's more of a smooth mover than a dynamic/explosive closer. He is a very willing and physical tackler against the run. Overall, Gonzalez gave up some plays early in the 2022 campaign, but he improved throughout the year and should be a quality Day 1 starting cornerback.

2022 stats: 12 games, 50 tackles, 4 interceptions, 7 passes defended

"The Ravens add youth to their secondary with Gonzalez, whose film was super clean in 2022."

CB Deonte Banks, Maryland

**CB Deonte Banks, Maryland**

Banks has excellent height, bulk and length for the position. He is very physical in press coverage, routinely staggering and re-routing wide receivers. He has average change-of-direction skills when he has to flip and open up. He does a nice job of staying on top versus go balls and he can locate the ball in the air. In off coverage, he is a little high in his pedal and wastes steps in his plant-and-drive. To see his competitiveness, watch his blocked PAT against Ohio State that was returned for a two-point conversion. He doesn't take plays off. He is a physical and reliable tackler in space. Overall, Banks doesn't have ideal fluidity, but he's tough and possesses ball skills.

2022 stats: 12 games, 38 tackles, 1 interception, 8 passes defended

"With Marcus Peters set to become a free agent, cornerback could be an area of need for Baltimore. Thankfully for them, it seems like they're in a sweet spot to get in on a strong first-round cornerback class. Banks might not bring ideal ball production, with just two interceptions in four seasons, but he knows how to cover. He earned an 81.4 coverage grade this past season with just 258 passing yards allowed on 360 coverage snaps."

RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

**RB Bijan Robinson, Texas**

Robinson is a three-down back with excellent size, vision and burst. On inside runs, he is aggressive to press the hole before lowering his pads and exploding through contact. He has the lateral quickness to make defenders miss in tight quarters. On outside runs, he has the speed to capture the corner and is very loose and elusive out in space. In the passing game, he is a fluid route runner out of the backfield, boasting excellent hands. He can contort and adjust to poorly thrown balls. He does need to improve his recognition and technique in pass pro, though; he is late to step up and his anchor gets challenged too often. Overall, Robinson has all of the tools to quickly emerge as a top-tier RB in the NFL.

2022 stats: 12 games, 258 carries, 1,580 yards, 18 touchdowns; 19 catches, 314 yards, 2 touchdown receptions

"Baltimore has struggled to keep running backs healthy. Bijan Robinson is a top-10 overall talent who could revamp the run game alongside a healthy Lamar Jackson."

WR Quentin Johnston, TCU

**WR Quentin Johnston, TCU**

Johnston has exceptional size, speed and production. He uses a variety of releases to defeat press coverage and gains ground in a hurry with his long, powerful stride. The TCU offense featured him on a lot of crossing routes and deep balls over the top. He amassed a large collection of explosive plays. Drops are his biggest issue. He doesn’t trust his hands, leading to way too many balls bouncing off his body and onto the turf. After the catch, he reminds me of [Mike Williams]( with his long stride and power to break tackles. Overall, Johnston has ideal size and speed, but he needs to become a more reliable finisher with his hands.

2022 stats: 13 games, 60 catches, 1,069 yards, 6 touchdowns

Nick Baumgardner, The Athletic

"The Ravens need a few things here, and the length of that list is going to depend on what happens with Lamar Jackson. The good news, though, is that Baltimore should have options in the 20s. Offensive lineman O'Cyrus Torrence would fit, as would (Nolan) Smith, (Deonte) Banks or defensive tackle Siaki Ika. Of course, Quentin Johnston also would work, with or without Lamar."

WR Jordan Addison, USC

**WR Jordan Addison, USC**

Addison has average height and a narrow frame for the position. He lines up outside and in the slot. He is a very smooth, polished route runner, routinely changing tempo and efficiently getting in/out of the break point. He has excellent play speed and can find another gear when the ball is in the air. He has natural hands and doesn't need to gather himself before catching the ball on crossers. He can high point the ball when working back to the QB, but has to get stronger on 50/50 balls. After the catch, he has excellent burst and wiggle. Overall, Addison should become a high-volume pass catcher very early in his pro career.

2022 stats: 11 games, 59 catches, 875 yards, 4 touchdowns

"Whoever is playing quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens next season deserves to have more options at receiver. Jordan Addison has been highly productive with two different programs, showcasing exciting vertical skills, yards-after-catch ability, route-running ability, and explosiveness that would pair wonderfully with Rashod Bateman."

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