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Post-Game Quotes: Packers vs. Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "It's good to see everybody. A tough loss at home. Give the Packers credit for doing what they had to do to win the game. It was a hard-fought game, obviously a defensive struggle for the most part. The second half, it opened up a little bit. Give them credit for winning the game, and we're disappointed with a tough loss."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers' play) "Aaron made some really good plays out of the pocket in the second half. I thought he got a couple first downs there. We had a lot of pressure on him. He's patient in there. Early, he held it and took some sacks. Later, he held it and found some openings."

(on WR Jacoby Jones being active and his play today) "I don't really have an evaluation of anybody, individually, right now. He seemed like he played well. He looked good throughout the course of the week, and we just decided today that we were going to put him up."

(on the call to go for it on fourth-and-1) "You had fourth-and-1, you've got a high percentage opportunity to make that fourth-and-1. I like our chances there. If you don't make it, you've got them backed up on their own one [yard line] and feel really good about making them punt out of their own end zone, and you know, field position coming back the other way. They punted to the 50, they got a stop, and we punted it back inside the 10, again, so, I think that was a good decision there."

(on an improved run game in the second half) "I think a lot of things go into the run game. We did a better job executing, whether it's blocking, or running, or whatever it was. I think they get a little tired, too. That's what happens for both teams. In the second half, they were playing a lot of defense out there, but it was the same basic fronts and the same basic plays."

(on the decision to throw the ball with 12 seconds left in the first half) "I felt like we had a good chance with our kicker … We had a better chance to complete a pass [or] get an offensive pass interference than we did to have that happen. You've got confidence in your guys. You give your guys a chance to make plays in situations like that. They made a nice play, and it cost us three points."

(on what happened on the WR Jordy Nelson TD in the third quarter) "We had a coverage issue there. We'll go back and look at that and determine how we're going to cover that particular route in the future better."

(on if there were any patterns he picked up on that prevented success early on) "I think we just need to continue to get better. We've got the right people. We're doing the right things. The thing that we're not going to do is overreact. You don't go in there and make any kind of major adjustments when you know you're doing things well, and you've got the people to do it. We're a work in progress, no doubt about it. We would have loved to have won this game. We had a chance to do it in the end; we didn't get it done. They did, give them credit. It's going to be a long season, and we've got plenty of opportunities going forward to become the team we think we can be, and we're working towards that right now."

(on his attacking philosophy throughout the game) "I think the philosophy is basically to attack, yes. You try to do it within reason. We're never going to be reckless in what we do. If you look closely at the NFL percentages, those are not reckless decisions, by any stretch. Those are good decisions that, most of the time, are going to pay off for you. They didn't pay off, it's disappointing, but we should keep chasing that. We don't want to be the kind of team that's going to play nervous, not give our guys a chance, an opportunity, to do things and make plays. We just don't want to play it like that. We're going to be an attacking, aggressive type of group. It's been good to us up until this point, so let's build our team into that. We think we can get there. We've got the right guys to do it."

QB Joe Flacco

(on the offense's troubles) "We had a couple miscues today, but for the most part, the pass protection was pretty good. Besides the miscues, with the simple cross-dub up the middle, it was pretty good today. I had some time. I had time to move around, step up, move right, move left. It was just overall not good. We just couldn't get anything going, and you can't expect to play that badly for that long and win a game."

(on if he thought they could pull it out after the late TD) "No doubt about it. You get in the end zone there; you're down by two and you give yourself a chance. It was too little, too late. We've just got to find a way to get it going for all four quarters."

(on why the offense has had problems getting drives) "It's tough when you don't have any success on first and second down, and you're putting yourself in third-down situations and the only way you score touchdowns or kick a field goal is you convert four third downs to get there – and you get 12 yards at a time. Twelve yards, 12 yards, 12 yards. In order to sustain drives, you need to get first downs on first and second down, and you need to get a couple chunks in there, and we're not doing that. We're getting one big chunk, and then we're putting ourselves back in third-down-and-long situations and not getting it."

(on how to fix that) "Like I said, we've got to be better on first and second down. In the second half there, we had a little bit more mix. We got into a little bit more groove. A little bit of our quick game got going, and I think it opened up some holes in the run game. We've just got to continue to work and continue to have faith and go out there and play hard that we're going to get the drive done."

(on how he felt he played even though he had some good passing stats) "That's what happens when you're losing a football game. I try to tell you guys it's not about stats and throwing for a lot of yards and throwing for touchdowns. Usually when you're behind, you have to throw the ball a little bit, and something can happen like that. I think I've got to be better, and we all have to be better or we're not going to win football games."

(on if he thought the offense was too predictable on first down) "I always feel like we can mix it up a little bit more on first and second down just to get everybody going. It's tough to say when we're just not running the ball up to the ability that we think we should run it. If we were running the ball better, we wouldn't be saying it. We wouldn't be talking about it. We're just not getting the yardage and the creases that we need right now in that part, and we're kind of unsuccessful at a lot of other things we do just because of that. We're getting put in bad situations and like kind of fighting an uphill battle every single drive, and when you do that, like I said, everything slows down. You don't get up to the line fast. You start making mistakes. We got a couple of penalties today, too, with guys to the face and then in the start of the second half just false starts that killed us."

(on the Packers' coverage of WR Torrey Smith) "We called some plays in the first half looking for them to kind of rotate the single high and drop a guy down and they do. They kept their safeties wide. They stayed in cloud coverage, and if anything, they might have done that a couple more times than we anticipated."

(on if the quick game, which didn't get going, wasn't in the first half game plan) "I think it was just something that we looked at coming out of the first half. Obviously, we came out and hit one or two, and we kind of were able to continue going with that. Marlon [Brown] made a great catch-and-run to really get a spark under us in that third quarter there. That's what's crazy, too. We get down in the red zone there, [and] we just can't score a touchdown. We couldn't score a touchdown. We had four downs, couldn't score a touchdown in the first half. Things like that; we usually get down in the red zone, we usually score. We might not get down there a ton of times in the past, but when we do, we score, and we just weren't able to do that today."

(on if he was surprised they went for it on fourth down rather than trying a FG) "No. I'm a player. I'm doing what we're told to do. I want to score six. We've just got to do it. We've just got to score and not leave room to talk about this stuff."

(on his thoughts on what's not going right with the running game) "Most of the time, I'm running away from it. We're running a lot of stretch plays and stuff like that. I'm running away from it and can't really see. We'll go back and look at films, just like we do every week, and continue to find ways to get better and better."

(on if he'd like to see more go into the offense besides things like stretch plays) "That's what we do. We have some other stuff, obviously, in there and we ran them. We've just got to make sure that we get more out of everything when we do it."

LB Daryl Smith

(on Green Bay's final drive) "We had a chance, as a defense, to win and get the offense back the ball, and we weren't able to do it. We'll make corrections and get back to what we need to do."

(on Green Bay's running game) "As a defense, we've just got to come out and start fast. On our first drive, we gave up a couple of big plays. We've just got to come out faster and play better team defense."

(on if Terrell Suggs and the defense was feeling fatigued during Green Bay's last scoring drive) "When you play a game, long drives happen, whether [in] the first part of the game or the fourth quarter. Sometimes, you get a little winded, but I don't know if I'd say he was tired or had an injury or whatever it was. Every time we go out there, we've got to go out there and play ball and be ready to give our offense back the ball, create a turnover, [or] do something. We've just got to do a better job on our end."

(on if it's frustrating that the offense isn't clicking) "If we do our job better, and we get the ball back to the offense, they have more time, and they'll run more plays. They'll get better, so we just have to hone in our technique, come out [and] play faster and be ready to play when they call us."

(on if he was sitting back in zone on the pass that he almost intercepted) "Yes. We had a little simulated pressure, but [it was] a missed opportunity there. We got a little zone, and [he] tried to get it in there."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on his interception) "It was a simple fade route – something that [we saw] in the Miami game the week before. It could have been a back shoulder [pass], but I still looked for the throw to be a fade, and it ended up being a fade, and I just went up and got it."

(On if he thought about going 109 yards the other way) "I knew I was down. Just in case they didn't call it down, I could have took off maybe and got some yardage out of it."* *

RB Ray Rice

(on the offense's struggles) "We just have to execute. We've got to execute at a high level. We don't ever plan on going out there and [struggling]. It's a problem that we have to get fixed, and we've got Pittsburgh [Steelers] next week. That team, Green Bay, played a good game, and the defense played a heck of a game for us. We would have loved to have helped those guys out, but things didn't go our way. As crazy as it sounds, we still have a shot at our division. We've got to go to Pittsburgh next week, and that's the most important thing right now."

(on the lack of rushing yards affecting the whole offense) "We've just got to execute at a high level. We would love to run the ball better. It's not something that you plan on – going out there and messing up. The run game has to get better. We'll just keep sawing at it and get ready for next week."

(on whether the lack of execution is surprising) "We practiced very hard. What you saw out there is not what we put out in practice – we practiced so hard. I guess I'd use the words 'a little frustrated.' You can't take our hard work away. We work so hard. This is obviously one of the hardest working teams in the NFL, I believe. I don't know what other teams do. I know for a fact that what we get in, between weight lifting, practice and everything we do, what we put out there is a little frustrating."

(on the goal-line stand) "They made good plays. They created piles. They did what good goal-line defenses do. I never had a fair one-on-one shot with a guy. There was always two or three [defenders] in the hole. That's a good job by them."* *

WR/RS Jacoby Jones

(on how he feels physically) "I played didn't I? If I can play, I can go – I'm fine. As long as I'm not on the sidelines watching, I'm good."

(on his touchdown catch) "We had a nice play call. The safety didn't get off the hash [mark], the corner just set, and Joe [Flacco] threw a great ball. I did what I do best – catch the ball."

(on who he flipped the ball to after his touchdown) "I think that's my mom. She's famous for dancing and everything; everybody knows now."

(on sharing that moment with his mom) "Yes, and also my aunt, who was sitting there. She's [his aunt] has been through breast cancer. So, that ball was really going to her."

(on the challenges that lie ahead) "That's what we do for a living. We take our air, go back to work tomorrow, learn from our mistakes, and get on to Pittsburgh."

(on whether he knew in advance he would be playing this week) "Yeah, I knew. I knew when I was playing; the coaches knew. I'm not going to tell you [the media] and get in trouble with John Harbaugh – that would be my behind."

(on his feeling on how the team played today) "I'd feel better if we got the win. Health-wise, I was good. If I can go, I'm playing. "

(on what the issue was with the offensive struggles) "We were just killing ourselves with crazy penalties and mishaps on offense. That's why, in the second half, we fixed our mistakes. We made some plays and scored the ball."

(on whether the Green Bay defense is underrated) "We don't worry about anybody else. It's all about ourselves. If we play "Raven football," execute, and do what we have to do, we'll be alright."

(on whether he's back 100 percent) "Once training camp starts, you're never 100 percent. It is what it is, but I can go. I'm not going to put it [injury] off to the side and act like I'm hurt. If I can go, I'm going to go."

(on getting back into rhythm on the field) "I wouldn't say rust, but you do need to get back a feel for the game. It is fast. It's not like practice."

(on his first kick return) "I was so anxious. I hadn't played in a month. They just gave me the opportunity to return it, and I wasn't holding back."

TE Dallas Clark

(on his first-half reception) "My guy got picked. That's what you try for most of the time, but usually it doesn't work that well. Joe [Flacco] was able to find me, and I just turned it up field."

(on his TD catch) "It was just a regular seam route. They were in cover one. Joe [Flacco] made a hell of a throw, and we got the protection that we needed. And I just made the play. Unfortunately, it's all for nothing."

(on feeling comfortable with the passing game) "I think it's coming. You just want to see results. We have to figure out a way to bring it into the game. Right now, we're just falling short with that."* *

OLB Elvis Dumervil

(on his strip sack) "Give credit to the coverage. I was just pushing inside, and our guys were winning the one-on-ones. I was just happy to help our team make a play."

(on defending Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers) "He can do everything. We knew coming in, studying him, he could throw, and he could run. He basically just made one more play than we did. We did some good things on defense, but give him credit. They were the better team today."

(on the narrow loss) "We were coming, and we fought through our issues. We just have to keep complementing each other as a team. We have to go back to the drawing board and having a good week of practice. Get ready for Pittsburgh."

(on Green Bay RB Eddie Lacy) "He made some good plays. I thought we did a good job of stopping him a few times as well. He creased us a couple times. Our guys have to do our job and make a better play."

(on whether QB Aaron Rodgers makes RB Eddie Lacy better) "He has a lot to do with it. When you have a former league MVP, I think you definitely need to work harder."* *

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on losing at home) "You always want to defend your home. It's the NFL, and you have to take care of your home games. Hopefully you can win all your home games and split on the road. That's a good formula for success. We just have to come back and get over it quickly and get ready for Pittsburgh."

(on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers) "He's a good quarterback. No, he's a phenomenal quarterback. We knew that going in. We wanted to limit the plays he could make. 'Doom' [OLB Elivs Dumervil] made some great plays out there, but Rodgers did a good job identifying where to go with the football. I tip my hat to him. He played one hell of a game."

(on Green Bay TE Jermichael Finley's 52-yard reception) "We thought we had the call that we wanted. They went to the tight end and won the one-on-one match-up. You can't let a quarterback like that [Aaron Rodgers] make a play like that. He made a good play, and that helped them win the game."

(on the Ravens' struggle to run the ball) "We have one of the best running back tandems in the NFL. We usually have good success when we use them. We saw that last week. I think there are things we have to work at as an offense, as a defense, and as a special teams. No one side of the ball hurt us today. They [Green Bay] just made more plays down the stretch. We have a tremendous amount of work to do."

(on Green Bay passing with under two minutes to play) "We knew [Aaron Rodgers] was capable of making a play like that. They put it on his shoulders to make a play to win the game. And he made the play. We just have to be better there. It's not just one player- it's the whole 11."

(on Green Bay RB Eddie Lacy) "He popped one early. We've been trying to get the defense to start fast. But he popped one early, and they stayed with it. In the NFL, you stay with your running game, especially on the road. If you have a good running game on the road, you have a good chance to win."

DE Arthur Jones

(on his sack and the defense's effort today) "Yeah, I was just trying to get it up for my team and I just bull rushed the center and I got home, but that's that. Hard loss today and we've just got to get back to the basics – fundamentals and technique – and we'll be ready for Pittsburgh."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers being a unique challenge with a strong arm and the ability to run) "Absolutely. He's a quarterback that hurts you with the pass and the run. We just have to do a good job containing him, and obviously it wasn't good enough, and they got the win. Hats off to them."

(on still having everything they want in front of them) "Absolutely. Right now our focus is on the AFC and Pittsburgh, and we're going to take care of business this week and get rested and get healthy, and we'll be ready to go."* *

S James Ihedigbo

(on being good at short yardage defense and his third-and-1 stop) "It's just really preparation and film study [on] things that they like to do. I just saw it, and just went and made the play; instincts kicked in."

(on QB Aaron Rodgers being effective with the pass and running himself) "Yeah, that's a top quarterback in this league, that's a top offense in this league. We fought tooth-and-nail. It was one of those games. He has the ability to beat you with his arms and beat you with his legs; he's very athletic. A couple of times he got out of the pocket there, but defensively and as a team, whenever one side struggles the other side has to play that much better, and at the end there as a defense, we put it on ourselves. We want to be great. We have to either come up with a turnover or shut them out right there and get the ball back to the offense. That's the standards that we have here in Baltimore."

(on how RB Eddie Lacy was so effective today) "Just the mix up between that run and pass game. The pass game is such a threat [with] the draws and quick runs that they have with Lacy, and not to mention he's a phenomenal player. He's a hard runner, he's tough. I hit him a couple of times and he barely moved. He's definitely a physical player."* *

WR Tandon Doss

(on his big fourth-down conversion that kept the game alive, and if the defender settled on him) "Yeah, I'm not sure what the safety was doing, or the nickelback. They both kind of came up during that play, and Joe [Flacco] with the perfect ball, I just kept running for it and I made the play."
(on if he was surprised he was able to get behind the defense in that situation) "They were trying to play in the sticks a little bit, but the safety probably should have been back there. But it was a good play."

(on if he's starting to feel better about himself and his situation being back with the Ravens) "I never had doubts. I've got to make the most of my opportunity. It's only a few plays here and there, I've still got a long season to go. There are many more plays to be made, and I've got to make them."

(on not taking anything for granted and his success has been a confidence boost) "Oh, yeah, anytime you make plays you're going to build your confidence up. You're going to be more comfortable. It's the speed of the game, and just me and Joe [Flacco] clicking on the same page, but anytime you make plays that's going to happen and hopefully I'll keep making them."

T Eugene Monroe

(on how he felt like he played in his first game) "I felt solid. I'll definitely check the film tonight and I'll access it a little more. But I think I did a good job."

(on if he felt comfortable with all the calls) "Yeah, I felt comfortable, and the communication with 'K.O.' [Kelechi Osemele] right next to me was good. We were on the same page, so, yeah."

(on tough sledding in the running game and what was so good about Green Bay's front) "Credit to Green Bay for doing a good job, playing solid defense, stopping the run. We've got to start faster. We've got to all be on the same page and execute. Our run game will go; we have everyone that will give us the ability to run it well, we've just got to show up on game day and execute."* *

G Marshal Yanda

(on if there is anything in particular that he sees the offensive line needs to improve on) "No, we just need to get better. We need to keep working hard and just keep getting better. We've got to start faster, obviously. It seems like every time we go in at half[time], we're not happy at all. So, we need to get going faster. We kind of got it going late, but we definitely need to get going a lot faster – earlier in the game than that."

(on how much it can snowball when you have a slow start) "It's tough. It's a play here, a play there. A penalty here, a penalty there. It's tough to get in a rhythm."

(on how they can correct the offensive line penalties) "They're just discipline; keying in on the cadence, making sure everybody is on the same page. Communication. Those hands to the face ones – I got one today – those are tough; just because you shoot your hands and the refs are making more of an emphasis of that. You shoot your hands and they accidently catch his mask, and they're just throwing the flag. It's tough for us. They're coming at you 100 miles per hour and you throw your hands, and I got my hand off late, but they're making that an emphasis this year. That's tough, just because … It's just tough." 

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