Credential FAQ

​Who can apply for credentials?

Only league-accredited members of the media who cover the Ravens and the NFL on a regular basis may apply for credentials. The Ravens do not credential free lancers, colleges, cable outlets or websites (except for national sites like

​Should I apply for season credentials or apply on a game-by-game basis?

The Ravens' policy is to grant season credentials to media with whom we have a year-round relationship. Therefore, season media credentials for the 2018 season have already been assigned. Season credentials are granted based on the following criteria:

  • Amount of coverage given to the Ravens throughout the season
  • Intention/ability to cover every Ravens home game, including the preseason
  • Coverage of some Ravens road games
  • Distribution of publication: free, subscription, on sale at newsstands, etc.
  • Radio or TV station program format and size of audience
  • Attendance at Ravens In-Season press sessions, especially Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Attendance at Ravens training camp
  • Local coverage of the Ravens before, during and after the NFL Draft

If you do not meet the criteria for a season credential, you may apply for a credential on a game-by-game basis.

​How do I get the password needed to apply for credentials?

​Is there a deadline for game-by-game credentials?

Game-by-game credentials must be applied for at least 10 days prior to game day.

​Can I request credentials for more than one game at a time?

Yes. Once you enter the site you have the ability to request credentials for as many games as you plan to cover. However, if a credential is not picked up and/or used on game day, future credential requests may not be granted (unless the Ravens are notified of the cancellation in advance via email).

​Do I have to have a name for every credential I request?

Yes. We require names for each credential for several reasons: 1) to increase security and information of who has access to the stadium; 2) to eliminate last minute requests as much as possible; 3) to create a manifest to track everyone with stadium access for security purposes; and, 4) to create a database for tracking and ordering purposes.

What if I don't have the names for the credentials in time to order the credential on the DEADLINE date indicated?

You MUST have the names in order to complete the application - incomplete applications will not be processed. Credentials are non-transferable. If there are any changes from your original request you must contact us via email in advance of game day to change a credential. We have installed these policies for security purposes.

​What happens when I order credentials online?

You will receive an email that acknowledges receipt of your request. It is your responsibility to contact us 72 hours prior to kickoff to determine if you are, in fact, credentialed.

What about when I work an away game?

Credentials should be ordered for both home and away games. Again, it is your responsibility to contact Tom Valente at to determine if you are, in fact, credentialed. Generally, away game passes are available for pickup at Owings Mills on Wednesday prior to the game.

Where do I pick up my credential for home games?

Media must pick up their credentials in person at Media Will Call (located on the south side of the stadium between Gates C and D) on game day. Media Will Call opens four (4) hours before kickoff (9:00 AM for a 1:00 PM game). You must show a current government issued ID, have all bags inspected and be subjected to a brief pat down.

Do I need a vest to shoot pictures during the game?

Photographers and videographers must wear the appropriate vest for field access during the game. Vests must be picked up and returned to Media Will Call. You will be required to leave a current government issued photo I.D. at Media Will Call while you are working at the game.

​What about parking?

Parking is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. Tom Valente will issue your parking from a limited allotment. Email 72 hours before kickoff to confirm parking status.

​What about hotel?

You will need to email Hotel reservations may be requested by any media person who covers Ravens games on the road and will be granted based on room availability. Please be sure to include your name, media outlet, phone number, check in date, check out date and room type.

​What if I have additional questions?

Contact or call (410) 701-4158.