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Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 1

On how soon he would rest players in Oakland in the event of a big lead:"It's a valid question. I hope we have that situation. I'd say it'd be similar to what we've done in other games that you've already seen us in those situations before. But, we're going out there to win the game. I don't anticipate that being the case. If it is the case, then you always try to make wise decisions for whatever the situation might be."

On if S Ed Reed and T Jared Gaither had good weeks in recovering from their injuries:"I'd say they both had good weeks, for what they were. They both got better as the week went on; both got stronger as the week went on. We'll just have to see how it goes. There are no guarantees, but they both have a chance."

On how it looked like Gaither moved well in practice:"Yeah, Jared, he had a chance last week. It was close. He hadn't practiced. But this week he has practiced, and he looked good. You're right."

On if he feels like he doesn't have to worry about other games or scores:"I don't know if any of it matters, really. It's just us winning and getting in the playoffs. That's all we're concerned with; that's all that matters. But, within that, you have to concern yourself with all the things it's going to take to win the game, which is playing a really good game – executing, doing all those things right that give you a chance to win a football game."

On his thoughts to a possible Monday practice if the team wins in Oakland and ends up being slated for the Saturday playoff game:"We wouldn't have a Monday practice, probably. We might come back on Tuesday. We'd have to do that if we had the early game. I would think, you know, the league will try to do the best they can not to bring us back from the West Coast and make us play Saturday. But that's all… Doesn't mean much until after this game Sunday that we play."

On if there has been communication to the league about not playing Saturday:"I don't know. I'm not involved with any of that."

On if he's checked out the scenarios involving ties with 8-8 teams:"I'm not thinking that way right now. I'm thinking about going out there and winning the football game."

On how Oakland rotates its running backs:"I would say [Justin] Fargas is the top guy. He's the guy; he's the primary runner. He gets the ball a lot. In all their stuff, he's out there. He does everything well. [Darren] McFadden, he's out there for all their stuff, but obviously he's got great speed, so you'll have to get him in space. And then [Michael] Bush has been a tackle-to-tackle pounder-type guy. They've all got their unique skills, and they use them in those situations."

On if the Raiders sub their running backs by series or downs:"I'd say more by situation and by feel. Sometimes a guy might get hot; maybe they've got that kind of a feel. But, what we look at more is what each one of them does when they're in there. So, we're not trying to predict who's going to be in there when… It's when a guy comes in, what does he do? That's how you call your defenses."

On if ILB Tavares Gooden is getting better each day:"Yeah, he's getting better each day. He's further off than the other two guys, but we'll find out Sunday, really."

On if anything was different this week in regard to preparation or meetings:"It's the same basic week, structure-wise. Obviously, we're leaving early. It's a little bit of a different tempo sometimes. Later in the season we try to do everything we can, because we're beat up and banged up. Guys have really worked throughout the course of a long season, so we want to go in there as strong as we can on Sunday, too, and you've got to give them some recovery opportunity."

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