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Press Conference Transcript - Ravens OTA Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

On whether they got everything accomplished that they wanted to during OTAs:"I think we got as much done as we possibly could have. And we'll always say that more guys could have been here, or we could've been more correct on certain defenses, or run certain routes better, or made certain throws better, but that's part of the process. You're never going to be perfect, but we're always chasing that. And I think as a team, we worked really hard. Not just during the OTAs, but from March 15th until today and I'm proud of the way they worked. I think we maxed out our offseason, and now it's time to get away a little bit. We'll have the rookies here next week and the rookies will get a lot of good work in, but now it's time… And the way we're set up is we try to condense the workload. So, we do passing camps, we give them time away, we do passing camps, we get them away, we do our offseason program, now we give them a block of time to get off on their own, work hard on their own, kind of get themselves mentally and physically prepared for a really long season. And that's their obligation now at this point."

On how the tryout players performed this week:"You know, that's a good question. I would say that they all three did very well. They all three look like they can play in this league. [They're] veteran corners [and a] veteran safety that have a lot left in the tank. Whether they'll have a chance [to make the team], I don't know. We'll have to talk to Ozzie [Newsome] about that this afternoon and see where we're at."* *

On whether he wants the players to get away from football all-together for now, or if he wants them to still be thinking about it a little bit:"Good question. Well, it's away from the facility all-together next week. Then after that, we'll have an offseason program [for] guys that are in town. You know, Anquan Boldin was asking me about working out, [so] those guys will be here working out with [conditioning coaches] Bob [Rogucki] and [John Dunn]. We have a program that's all laid out for them as far as the conditioning part of it, the lifting part of it [and] certain skill work. I know for instance the quarterbacks and the receivers and tight ends will all get together numerous times. But it won't be under the guise of the program; it'll be a chance for them to kind of get themselves ready on their own. But I'm sure they'll be working hard."* *

On both of the kickers showing off their leg strength at the end of practice today:"You noticed that? (laughter) Yeah, we kind of put a little pressure on them, too. You guys were all out here and the team was all on them, and we went back to 60 [yard attempts]. You know, both those guys are great guys, they're solid guys [and] they've been through some ups and downs. They've had a lot of success, but they've had some failures too, which I think that's what maturing is all about. So, pretty impressive today with both of those guys."

On whether he was OK with defensive coordinator Greg Mattison trying to freeze the kicker:"Yeah, yeah. It was interesting, normally you have the choice; do you freeze the kicker on a hurry up field goal with the clock running? But I think Greg – he explained to me – he said he felt like there was plenty of time that they were going to be able to get it off, so he wanted to throw them off their rhythm a little bit. That was pretty neat, and they handled it."

On if he liked the enthusiasm during the kicking competition:"Yeah, I thought the enthusiasm was great really the whole practice. You talk about the red zone period we had, and the blitz period we had; they were really competing, having some fun. Then it kind of topped it off with the kicking contest, so it was fun to be out here today."

On the rapport QB Joe Flacco has built with WRs Anquan Boldin and Donte' Stallworth:"I'd say they're in the process of doing that. I don't think the rapport is complete by any stretch, but now they've had a good offseason. Those guys… Donte's been at everything from March 15th on. Anquan's been here, really with the exception of one week when he moved his family, he's been here for everything since he signed. So, they've had a chance to get a lot of work together. But, they still need a lot of work together, through the summer, and then through training camp. I know they're really excited to do that."

On what LB Terrell Suggs' training regimen is like:"That's not something… We're not with him, so I can't vouch for anything he's doing or not doing. I think Terrell has got a good heart. I think he's a hard worker. I think he's very motivated to have a great season. Him not being here through the OTAs… We'll just have to see. We'll just have to see how he comes back during training camp, and how he does, but I would expect a very motivated Terrell Suggs in training camp."

On what the rookies have learned throughout the OTAs:"Well, you take a bunch of guys that are from different programs all over the place, have never met each other [and] never probably even seen an NFL practice. Most of them haven't seen an NFL game other than on TV. You kind of throw them in there, and their heads are spinning, and now you feel like you've got a group of guys that are Ravens, and that have a chance to compete for jobs in training camp. They're ready to compete for jobs. We'll get three more days with them next week, and iron some things out as well, and then they'll get some time to get themselves ready."

On what the addition of new receivers means for the guys returning:"Well, I think everybody is kind of on their own track as far as career. Demetrius [Williams], Derrick [Mason] and Mark [Clayton], guys who have been here before; we really like those guys. They're guys who have contributed to a lot of victories here in different ways. They have their situation, contract-wise, and they're trying to be the best football players they can be. The more they can do, I think benefits them. The more they can do, benefits us, and there's competition for roles, and catches and opportunities to get out there and block people. That's all up in the air right now, so I think all that stuff will kind of define itself through training camp. Guys can always rise. They can always earn themselves more opportunities."

On if whole-part-whole also applies to the veterans:"Well, I think it applies to the veterans in the sense that it's the process of doing it. The veterans went through the football schools, which are more part. So, they're kind of in a cycle. Then we throw it all on them in mini-camp, and then we back it back out through the OTAs. So, it's kind of a cycle for those guys."* *

On what his parting advice will be for the rookies:"I would say, first of all, take care of yourself. Be smart, take care of your body, make sure you do things that make your family proud, and your team proud. Represent the organization well; that's probably No. 1. I think we've got the kind of guys that'll do that. Come back in the best shape of your life, because you don't want to be worried about a cramp in your side when you're trying to win a spot for the team. And then, just be ready to get in there and play, and cut it loose. You may not know everything, but play fast, be physical, play hard and then don't count numbers. We tell our guys all the time, don't look and say, 'OK, this many guys are going to make the team.' Just concern yourself with how you play, and make it impossible not to keep you on the team."

On if WR David Reed dropped any passes during the OTAs:"Well, I don't know. We'll have to go back and chart that. He's had a couple, but he's got very good hands. David's done a real nice job. I think he's a good example of a guy that's going to… We'll have to see in training camp how much he's going to express himself and earn some playing time."

QB Joe Flacco

On the benefit of having QBs coach Jim Zorn:"Jim's been great. He's a great guy, down to earth, real relaxed. He's been a great coach so far. I love every part of him being my coach, and I think the other guys are really liking him a lot, too. He has a lot to teach, and it's just going really well right now. We obviously will grow as the season goes on."

On what Zorn has discussed with him:"A lot about mobility and making sure you can stay in a position to move. Making sure you stay in a position to be compact with the ball, and get place-to-place and do it with as little movement as possible, and be explosive. And I think it will help us all out a lot."

On if he will do anything with his receivers during their upcoming break:"There's going to be a few guys around here, and I'm going to be back in New Jersey, but obviously I'm not far away. I'm going to call Anquan [Boldin] to see what he's doing, and Donte' [Stallworth] is going to be here for a little bit, so I'm going to make plans to come down here a couple times a week and support those guys."

On if they'll meet around Baltimore or elsewhere:"I'll do it around here. When I come down, we'll just get together with Anquan and whoever, and throw around here."* *

On if the team's offseason goals were accomplished:"I think we worked hard. We worked hard and we did a good job. We're going to come into training camp ready to go, as long as people go home and they know what to do. We've got a great team, so everybody is going to come back in shape and we'll hit the ground running. That's what our goal is; to hit the ground running and make sure we can improve before game one."

On what areas the team has improved during the OTAs:"We've got a lot of new guys so we've got to get on the same page. We've got to make sure they know where to line up, how to run the routes, and I think we're making big strides doing that. Me getting comfortable with where they're going to be on certain routes, certain situations, and just trying to come back after the plays and talking with each other; 'What'd you see here?' I saw this.' I think we're making big strides just because it's really not been very long that we've been together. So, we're still going to have a lot of those moments in camp."

On the goal of getting to the Super Bowl:"Two teams get there each year. It's a tough road, and everything has to come together at the right time. We believe that we have the team to do it. We've believed that the last couple years. The first thing you've got to do is play a great regular season and get yourself in the playoffs. It's a grind from there. You have to be ready for it. We expect to be there and we're going to have to bring our best to get there."

On how the new receivers have helped out:"These guys are doing such a great job right now. They're bringing some things they've learned in the past with other teams. They're just trying to help us out, and help us be as successful as we can. When you bring that from other teams, you're not going to do anything but grow as an offense, and I think that's where we are right now."* *

K Shayne Graham

On both he and K Billy Cundiff finishing practice today by making a 60-yard field goal:"I think that's a good feeling for both of us to walk off the field with. You know, not being able to be here for a while until [training] camp and kind of being a lasting impression on the coaches and the rest of the guys on the team, I think that kind of confidence is something that everybody feeds off of – not just us as the competitors – but our teammates and people that we'll potentially be playing with in the season. So, it's a good feeling to walk out of here with."

On how he felt after he kicked the 60-yarder and whether he thought it'd be good:"Well, I think both of us know that that's a kick we can make. You know, it's a low percentage kick, but knowing that I had the leg strength to hit that kind of kick is something that… You just want to make sure you hit the ball nice and smooth. And that's where hitting it smooth and your timing and all that – not being anxious and trying to over kick it – is when you're able to keep it between those 18-feet."

On whether it felt good as soon as it came off of his foot:"Yes, yes. I usually don't pick my head up for a good second or so after I kick it, and I felt like when I hit that, that I made it. So, it felt good."

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