Press Conference Transcript - Training Camp Practice 8/8


Head Coach John Harbaugh

On if the team was energized following yesterday's practice at M&T Bank Stadium: "I don't know if energized would be the word. It was workmanlike. They're a little sore and a little fatigued. The main thing today was mental, and they did a good job with that."

On if players have requested time off: "No. They got yesterday afternoon, last night and this morning off, so that's 24 hours."

On if CB Chris Carr's injury is short-term: "It looks like that, yeah. He was out doing some things today, so he should be fine."

On if LB Tavares Gooden sitting out was precautionary: "He should be back tomorrow, too. We'll see, but [it was] precautionary – just give him a day [off] here, so we'll see tomorrow."

On how beneficial yesterday's practice was for the rookies: "I think it really was a big deal, just because you could see them walking in the locker room, even. It was different, and then the atmosphere of being out there… It won't be new to them on Thursday. They'll have been there before, so it should help them."

On the importance of red zone production: "The game has moved toward that. Offenses are going to be able to move the ball a little bit more than they used to. The game is going to move into the red zone more and more – it has – so, it becomes more critical. So, it's a very important part of it, and it's an area we need to be really good at."

On whether the mental part of football is just as important as the physical aspect of the game:"Yeah, the mental part, it's every bit as important. You can't say it's more important; it goes hand in hand. But, you can't play this game if you can't think. And you've got to be able to think quickly on your feet under pressure, and we try to practice to train our guys to be able to do that. It's very important."

On whether there is any excitement with the game coming up this week:"Oh, yeah. Guys will always say, 'It's time to hit somebody else,' and there really is truth in that. That's why you practice – to play games. And we try to format practice so they're set up to be able to play well in game situations, and you want to try stuff out and see how it goes."

On how important it is to have S Dawan Landry as a constant force in the secondary:"Dawan is the guy that's probably been there the longest, maybe the most experienced guy back there now. I really feel good about our safeties. Our safeties as a group have done really well, the corners that have played have done well, but I think the safeties have anchored us so far in camp."

On people thinking of "The Blind Side" when they see T Michael Oher:"Well yeah, Michael has moved on from that. It's a part of who he is, and it's so much of what's made him what he is today for all the positive things. You guys know him. I know how you feel about him. But, for Michael, it's where he's going, and I think that's what he's interested in focusing on."

On his conversation with CB Cary Williams about being suspended for the first two games:"Well, there wasn't much need to have much conversation about it. He's got to pay a consequence for a mistake that he made, and that's the way it is in the world, and he understands that. It's going to be damaging to us and to him, but he's got to move on from it. So, I think he's matured quite a bit from even the time he's been here with us, so we'll see how it goes."

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