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PSL Wait List Sold Out; Marketplace Expanded


Anyone hoping to become a Ravens season ticker or PSL owner is likely to have a longer wait than they expected. After a continued strong demand, the Baltimore Ravens PSL Wait List, otherwise known as The List, has sold out.

"It is very exciting that so many people in our community want to make the commitment to the Ravens through the purchase of PSLs and season tickets," said Baker Koppelman, Vice President of Ticket Sales & Operations. "The List provides a great opportunity for fans to become part of an exclusive group who is first in line to purchase available PSLs directly from the Ravens.

Ravens Permanent Seat Licenses reached sold-out status four years ago, but as more fans inquired about purchasing season tickets, the Ravens created The List to give those interested the opportunity to buy PSLs directly from the Ravens as they became available. The List's* cap was announced two years ago as 3,000 members, all of whom pay an initial and annual deposit that is applied toward the eventual purchase of the desired PSLs or season tickets. Koppelman said he always expected *The List to be sold out, he just wasn't sure when.

Koppelman said The List was capped to create value, but more importantly, it was created to give more people the chance to get tickets. Many waiting lists for season tickets for other teams can include up to 50,000 people, which can discourages people from applying, believing they don't have the chance to get tickets in their lifetime.

The Ravens have continued their pursuit to make tickets available to as many fans through the Ravens PSL Marketplace, which was created through the team's partnership with LLC. The PSL Marketplace has now been expanded to allow Ravens fans from other avenues to purchase sold out PSLs from other fans. It is believed to be the first official online marketplace for wait list positions. Over $4 million worth of Ravens PSLs have been sold through this safe and easy environment.

This option will now give Ravens fans new ways to become PSL owners:

Joining The List – Although The List is currently full, fans are still able to apply to become a member. As wait list members at the top of the list purchase PSLs from the Ravens, positions will then be made available. Yearly, applicants will be randomly selected from the pool of applicants to join The List and become one of its 3,000 members.


Purchasing a position on The List from another list member on the PSL Marketplace – With the addition of wait list positions on the PSL Marketplace, interested parties can purchase a high and seemingly valuable spot on The List from a current member who is looking to sell his/her position.


Purchasing PSLs from a current Ravens PSL owner on the PSL Marketplace – For fans who would rather not wait, the option exists to go directly to the PSL Marketplace and make an offer on the PSL location of your choice. This system also offers current PSL owners an opportunity to upgrade their current seats and a safe and secure place to sell a PSL.

"We are lucky to have such strong demand and want to do what we can to help Ravens fans get the tickets they want, whether they get them directly from the Ravens or from other Ravens fans," Koppelman added. "Our PSL owners are our top priority, and we are committed to providing an enjoyable experience with the Ravens."

Although The List may be sold out, fans should not fret. Koppelman said that they may consider adding more members at a later date. Fans should certainly check out the Ravens PSL Marketplace, check out or contact the Ticket Office at 410-261-RAVE.

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