Raiders vs. Ravens Postgame Notes and Quotes

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, good to see everybody here. Disappointing loss. Hats off to the Raiders for making those plays. They did a nice job. Questions you have?"

Q: John, that last touchdown, did you have to blitz to get them out of field goal range? It seemed like they caught you in blitzes a good amount of times.
Coach Harbaugh: "We had to try to knock them out of field goal range."

Q: Is it too early to know the Tyre Phillips situation?
Coach Harbaugh: "Yeah, I don't have anything on that. I haven't talked to the trainer about that yet."

Q: Can you just touch on Lamar's effort tonight. It seemed like he had some big plays, well rounded amongst the offense, but he hoisted the team on its shoulder when needed?
Coach Harbaugh: "Lamar's effort is always like that. The whole team, I was very, very happy with the team's effort. The toughness, the resiliency, fighting back. Even there at the end, the example is the goal line stand, those are the kind of things that make us who we are as a team. We just didn't close the game out when we had the opportunity to do it, three or four times. You know, that is what you need to do. When you have an opportunity to win, you got to go win it, and we just didn't do it tonight."

Q: When you went up so big early, was it maybe too soon, so much out the gate?
Coach Harbaugh: "I don't really look at it like that, from a psychological standpoint."

Q: Obviously much was made during the week about the running back situation and guys getting injured. How do you think they performed?
Coach Harbaugh: "I think they did OK. You know, we'll see on the tape. Take a look at it a little closer when we study it."

Q: Your thoughts on the Raiders defense?
Coach Harbaugh: "I don't really have any thoughts on that. I don't think too much about that."

Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson

Q: How difficult was it to lose that game when you were up 14 nothing and you had a chance to put it away?

Jackson: "Any loss you have is going to be tough. We've been working so hard in the off season to prepare for a team and then it comes down to overtime and we lose. My team played great. We just have to keep building, keep stacking and keep getting better every day. We'll be fine. That loss hurts, definitely."

Q: You start the game off in control it seems like you are up by 14 but then from there the momentum swings. Can you talk about that?

Jackson: "It's Week 1. Stuff like that is going to happen in Week 1. The game could have gone any way tonight. We started off 14-0. We battled up. They battled up, came back. We battled, had a chance to win it. It happens sometimes, but I can remain focused though. I'm good."

Q: A lot of things happened, you had two fumbles which were a little unusual. How much of a factor do you think that played?

Jackson: "That ticked me off. I hate fumbles. I hate any type of turnover. The first one didn't ticked me off because we had them. It was right down there, they left points on. They could have scored right there. That ticked me off. Then the last one, just two hands on the ball, trying to have two hands on the ball. I could have taken a sack if anything, but it happens in football."

Q: As a leader and captain of this franchise do you feel an extra sense of responsibility knowing that you're down several key players on offense and defense?

Jackson: "No, I just go out there and play my game. We have grown men in the locker room and those guys stepped up and did a great job tonight. Stuff like that happens in football. Guys go down and it's the next man up. It's all good."

Q: How difficult did the Raiders guys make you, especially Maxx Crosby, seemed like he was in your face quite a bit?

Jackson: "Maxx, he did a great job. I know he wanted to get a sack on me because me and him have mutual friends. They told me about it. I can't let him get me, but he finally got me. He did a great job. Yannick [Ngakoue] did a great job as well."

Q: How difficult was it to go through the progressions with pressure?

Jackson: "I mean, you know when you're a quarterback, you're trying to go through your progressions and guys in your face trying to get them a sack, it's going to be like that. Sometimes you can't go through your reads, you got to make something happen. That's what I tried doing on that last one. I saw it breaking down, try to push a lineman, try to get out of the pocket and he hit me while I'm doing it. So, I'll try and hold onto the ball next time though."

Q: When he hit you did you know the ball came out?

Jackson: "I tried to bring it in but he…it happens in football."

Q: Was there any underestimation of what the Raiders were capable of?

Jackson: "Not at all. We're not underestimating any of our opponents. This is the NFL. That's not no youth football or anything like that where you can just go, thinking you can go into a game and win. We're at their home, home field advantage for these guys. Grown men wanting to feed their families, so we know they're going to come out here and play their heart out. And that's what they did. So did my guys too. You know it just happened, they won. Hopefully we see them in playoffs or something, but it's all good they got that 'W'.

Q: What's the mindset with the quick turnaround?

Jackson: "Just gameplan for those guys. Prepare well and just get ready for a great team, you know. We play Sunday night. We're going to be at the Bank, we haven't been there in a minute, and we got to make something happen."

Q: How much did the lack of familiarity with running backs this week effect things with running plays and how you were able to execute them?

Jackson: "Ty'Son [Williams], Latavius [Murray] and [Trenton] Cannon, those guys stepped up tremendously for us. Ty'Son, he did a great job out there. And Latavius, he scored. Ty'Son scored. Those guys were doing great. I felt like they came out and helped us out a lot. They stepped up when they were supposed to, and it was on short term notice. They did great."

Q: How difficult is it to move passed an emotional game like this?

Jackson: "It's regular season. For any game we got to move on quick. Everybody hates losing. The whole team hates losing. The coaching staff hates losing. Our cafeteria guys hate losing. Manny and Shredder, those guys hate losing as well. They're part of the team. But it's going to be a quick turnaround though. You know, we got the Chiefs Sunday. We just played Monday Night, so we got to get ready."