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Ravens-Bengals Post-Game Quotes (1/8)


(on the team's effort today despite resting some starters) "I thought the effort was outstanding. Our guys always fight, compete and get after it. We've got a bunch of fighters. We love our guys. We love the way they play and the way they compete. We're looking forward to the playoffs now. That's our next step, into the playoffs. That's what we've been preparing for and we're looking forward to our opportunity. Everybody is 0-0 going forward. We can't wait to get started Monday probably; Tuesday is our first workday and we'll be rolling." 

(on his ultimate rationale for resting the guys that he did)"What's best for our team and for our season." 

(on his thoughts on QB Anthony Brown in his first career start) "Yes, I mean he was out there fighting, made some plays [and] did a good job. Obviously, [there are] other things to learn from. He's a smart guy, he'll take those things and learn from them. Our guys appreciate him and know he's another battler out there. He made some outstanding throws. I liked it, I thought he did well." 

(on if he was happy that rookie TEs Charlie Kolar and Isaiah Likely were able to show what they can do as playmakers) "Yes, absolutely. That's a great point. I just thought those guys are big targets, and they'll tell you they want two catches back — each of them. [They] want a couple inside breaking catches back, so that's how competitive those guys are. Those guys are going to be really good players for many years to come, no question about it ... Just to add to this since you didn't ask, I thought our defense was outstanding. I thought our defense flew around led by a couple guys sitting right there [Roquan Smith], there's your young quarterback right there [Anthony Brown], but I thought they played a really good game. We'll be preparing for the next opponent. If it's these guys back here again, we'll be ready. If it's somebody somewhere else, we'll be ready." 

(on the Ravens officially playing the Bengals next week) "It's done? OK good, so that's what it is then." 

(on how he feels about playing the Bengals again) "I don't have any feelings about it; there are no feelings. There is just preparation and getting ready to go compete for the next game." 

(on how different it is to play the same team again) "I don't measure that. There's no gauge to that. Who cares? What difference does it make? I appreciate the question; I think it's a cool question, but I don't need to get involved in all that. It doesn't matter what my feelings are or how I gauge it. What matters is how we come out and prepare for the playoff Wild Card round. Our guys have earned that opportunity, and we're looking forward to it." 

(on if he treated this as a two-game plan since there was a strong possibility of playing the Bengals again next week) "That's correct." 


(on getting first-team reps this week and when he found out he was starting) "I found out today, but getting the first-team reps all week was good, because I just needed to get the speed of it, and get comfortable with the plays that I haven't ran all year, and just get the timing of it." 

(on what he learned from his first NFL start) "A lot to learn from, just can't turn the ball over three times. Don't turn the ball over three times, and we don't know what happens. Yeah, just learn from my mistakes, move on, and get better." 

(on what occurred on the play that resulted in his first interception) "Yeah, getting hit while I'm throwing doesn't really matter. Looking back at it, I could have just checked the ball to a running back — Gus (Edwards) was by himself. That's just that." 

(on it felt like he settled into the game nicely) "Yes it did, but still I'd like to start that way and not finish that way." 

(On if putting a photo on Instagram of Willie Beamen from Any Given Sunday was inspiration) "A little bit, but I won't get into that now."


(on how badly he wanted to play in this game after battling a knee injury) "Very much. Any opportunity you get to try to improve your seeding and try to just make the playoffs to better … Knowing that there's a chance that you might play them again twice, I just wanted to go in here and play some football, get a feel for what they're doing, just getting information. So, we'll see how it goes. They played a tough ball game. They made some plays. Their defense, wow, they made plays. It's going to be another matchup against them again. I was really proud of the way the guys fought. It is what it is. They won the ball game, and they played a great ball game, but I think we can hang our hat on our effort – which is where we start. Everything is with effort. We can crack, we can figure it out, [and] we can get better. But the effort was great." 

(on the feeling of playing the Bengals again next week in Cincinnati) "It's a division opponent that we know very well; they know us very well. There's a lot of just passion behind the ball game. That's what it's all about. It's win or go home. To me, no matter where we play at, we could play anywhere. Knowing we're coming back here again definitely played a role in just the mentality, establishing who we are, who we're going to be. The crowd was intense; they were wild. The crowd was talking a little trash and stuff, and it's just like, 'I love the environment.' It's all or nothing. We'll go out here, we'll prepare the best we can [and] come out here next week and try to win the ball game." 

(on how close the defense is to putting it all together and playing their best football) "We have to give it our best shot, that's for sure. The talent is there, the effort is there, and I think the gameplan is incredible each and every week. We'll have to have a great gameplan this week, [and] we'll have to have great effort to prepare. There are always going to be new wrinkles on both sides, so we have to just go out there and find a way to make it tough on them. I think that with the guys that we have in this room, and the effort we play with and the coaching staff, I think that if we can put it together, and we can get to that position where we're playing our very best ball, that's where we want to be. That gives us the best chance to win." 

(on if the game today was particularly chippy) "It's playoff football. Against a division opponent, this is kind of like a preview of what it's going to be like next week. The chippiness – that's division games. I think it was there the last couple weeks, too. That's kind of how it goes. I respect them a lot; those guys are talented as can be, play with a lot of passion [and] play with a lot of heart everywhere. I think it's a respect factor – just going out there and competing. The chippiness is just a part of the game; that's emotion. They want it just as bad as we do; we want it as bad as you can want it. So, it's going to come down to who plays the best ball." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson's return is a talking point in the locker room) "Of course, Lamar [Jackson], if he's able to go, that gives us the best chance to win. I'm rooting for that and hoping it happens, but at the same time, it's football. It's no different. I think we have a little bit of confidence in ourselves seeing what Anthony Brown did today; he got into a rhythm. [He] started shaky early on, found a little bit of rhythm and played good football against a really good defense that we respect a lot. So, whoever we put out there, we're going to give it our best shot. I think this team, and what we're capable of doing ... At the end of the day, the best [53] that we have available, we're going to go out there, we're going to suit it up, and we're going to play some good football." 


(on not getting credited with a full sack) "Whatever it is, shall be. If it was God's will, I think it would have been done. I guess he has other plans for me. We will see." 

(on if he's proud of the way the defense performed) "Yeah, I'm proud of everyone. I felt like our entire team played hard. To come in here today and play the way we played, I think that is a good sign for us. This should be motivation for us going into next week." 

(on playing the Bengals again next week) "Let's get ready to go. We have no choice. We'll watch the film and learn some things from our mistakes, and then work to get better from it." 

(on the sideline encounter late in the game) "Yeah, it was just a football play. Their player had been on the sideline most of the game prior to that, and maybe took five reps in the entire game before it. He got in there on that second down and wanted it to look impressive for his guys. You know that kind of beef. He was just trying to make an impression. If he were out there the whole game, he definitely would not be doing that." 

(on the Ravens defense matching up against the Bengals offense) "I thought we played well. They are really talented. We are now headed into the playoffs, so this game is behind us and it really doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the game next week. We'll see what we can do next week." 

(on if he sensed that the Bengals limited their gameplan knowing that a rematch next week was a possibility) "I'll have to watch film to see. From what I saw, they were running their normal plays. It didn't seem like they were holding back any of their punches. If they were holding some of their playbook back, I'm sure we'll see those things next week." 

(on if it benefited the defense to play most of its starters) "Yes, I think that's what we're looking forward to. I think everyone is motivated by the way we finished, defensively. We will clean up our mistakes and move forward." 

(on if the intensity this week served as a preview of what could come next week) "I think that's what we like to do every week. Just play hard. Every guy that had an opportunity today, played hard. We have another opportunity. We have to appreciate that, and take advantage of the next opportunity when we have the chance."


(on playing the Bengals again next weekend in the Wild Card playoff) "I think obviously playing an opponent that we're kind of familiar with will be interesting for us, and obviously playing them twice – it will be three times now. [We're] 1-1, so obviously it's a playoff, so I'm sure that both teams are excited to match up again." 

(on if he has mixed feelings on not all the starters playing today) "Players, we knew we were playing, as far as the defense. The offense is another thing. There wasn't really ever discussion; we're all kind of ... I wanted to get a pick, Marcus [Williams] wanted to get one. Everyone on defense – Justin [Houston] wanted to get a sack, so we had guys that were pretty excited to actually play." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson will be able to play in the Wild Card playoff) "I have not. I've been seeing Lamar [Jackson] getting treatment. I know from the guys that have talked to him [that] he wants to get back. It just all depends on if he can get healthy or not. So, I know he hasn't been able to play obviously, but hopefully he has a big turnaround and his injury heals pretty quickly." 

(on if the players are rooting for QB Lamar Jackson to come back as much as the fans are) "Weirdly, we haven't really been waiting on ... Obviously, we want him back, but we've kind of been – as far as defense – we've been, 'Whoever plays.' I know 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] is a good quarterback, I know 'AB' [Anthony Brown] is a good quarterback. Obviously, Lamar Jackson is one of one, so if we could have him back, that would be great. If not, we'll go with who we have. I think we can win with this football team, the quarterbacks that we have on our roster. So, I'm really excited about whoever's going out there. We're all riding behind them, and we plan on winning the game." 

(on the feeling of knowing they are playing the Bengals again next week) "It's kind of exciting. We kind of just studied them, so as Chuck [Clark] said, 'We just had a scrimmage.' It was a scrimmage we wish we would have won, obviously, but to play them again, they're pretty familiar with us, [and] we're pretty familiar with them. So, it's just going to be who's a better team. I think when you play a team three times, the better team should usually show." 

(on if the game between these two teams was extra chippy today) "As Roquan [Smith] said, 'We said it's all business. So, I think on the business side, they kind of had their day, but we'll see them again next week and kind of let the chips fall."


(on if this performance was motivation heading into next week)"For sure. I feel like we proved a big point to them to show them that next week it's not going to be the same outcome, definitely." 

(on what makes him confident the result will be different next week)"Just from the standpoint of not giving up and not fighting. Just knowing even when the clock was going to zero, we were still trying to put the ball in the end zone. So, you're never just going to break us." 

(on if he gained any confidence by his performance today)"Definitely, it just put my confidence back higher than what it was, just showing that I am who I am, at the end of the day." 

(on focusing on the task at hand preparing against the team who was involved in that game)"Lamar [Jackson] is always going to be family. Whichever 11 is out on the field is who we're going to ride with. We're going to take care of business until he gets back." 

(on how he thinks the entirety of his rookie season will sit with him)"For sure ups and downs. I definitely dropped the ball a lot more than I'm used to. So, that's definitely something I'm going to attack in the offseason. Really just becoming that reliable option for the quarterback. Because at the end of the day, I'm making Mark [Andrews'] job easier if I'm doing my part, and vice versa, and with the receivers. And then that opens up the run game, and now, you're talking about an offense that's unstoppable and putting up 20-25 points plus in a game." 

(on if this rookie class is prime to make some noise in the playoffs)"One hundred percent. In the preseason, I told y'all that we had the best rookie class drafted. I still stand on that point, even with everything going on. It just shows that when you put us in those moments, we're going to make those plays." 

(on if this game was a confidence boost knowing a lot of starters were inactive)"One hundred percent. That's what we preach. We kept it short and sweet [with the] words, because we know at the end of the day we're going to be right back here. And I hope they're ready."


(on playing the Bengals again next weekend in the Wild Card playoff) "Obviously, [this was] a tough loss, so we'll be excited to get back here. Obviously on offense, [we have] a lot of stuff to clean up. Defense helped us out a lot, but going in to next week, [we have] a lot of things to clean up, but the good thing is we can play a lot better than we did. So, [I am] looking forward to it." 

(on if he was more chippy out there today) "It was just the nature of the game. Both teams [were] playing hard, so it was nothing personal, but we'll be ready to go next week, and so will they." 

(on if he's glad to be playing the Bengals again) "I'm glad that we get another opportunity in the playoffs. [My] first year, I know it's hard to get into the playoffs, and so we have an opportunity [against] a team that we've faced twice already. So, we're 1-1 against each other, and now this next game is what's going to matter the most." 

(on if he's ever faced a team in back-to-back weeks) "Never. No, this will be my first time, but [I'm] looking forward to it, and I know they are, too." 

(on if it was a confidence boost to keep it a close game today) "Yes, it still stings just because of the stuff that we let happen to us because we know that we're such a better team than that. Going into next week, we're going to have to play better, and I think we're looking forward to the challenge." 

(on moving the ball against the Bengals defense without G Kevin Zeitler and if they will build on that) "Yes, we'll see. [I'm] just looking forward to another opportunity. Obviously, having 'Zeit' [Kevin Zeitler] back, 'Zeit' is such a great player. He will definitely help. [D.J.] Reader is a tremendous player, but every time the ball's snapped, you know he's going to bring it. So, it makes us better. We'll be looking forward to the opportunity, and I know he will, too."


(on playing the Bengals again next weekend in the Wild Card playoff)"This will be round three for us, so the opportunity is that we're in the playoffs. So, it doesn't really matter who we face; we have the opportunity to play. A lot of teams are going home; they don't have a game after this week, so that's what's in front of us – the opportunity to play in the playoffs. Obviously, I wasn't here last year, and I wasn't able to do that, and so we're back at it again. So, like I said, we start from now, everybody's 0-0. It's an opportunity to come out here and get a win."  

(on if the team cared this week about who they could potentially face in the playoffs) "It doesn't matter at all. Like I said, the opportunity to play in the playoffs is a good one. I know for myself, I've only been to the playoffs twice. So, to be able to know that you're in the playoffs a couple of weeks ago, it's a great deal. The expectation is to come out here, play our [butts] off and get a win." 

(on if preparation for the Bengals this week will be easier after preparing for them last week) "I mean, preparation always changes. I'm pretty sure that they'll have a wrinkle in there they'll throw at us that's different. Obviously, they're a great team; they have a great offense, a great defense. So, we look forward to coming back. We'll be right back here, and we'll look to make a change." 

(on if he understood the decision to hold out some of the starters today) "It doesn't matter who we have up; I have faith in every football player we have in this locker room, whether it's Anthony Brown at quarterback, whoever it is. We've proven that we can win with anybody. So, the expectation is for the next man to step up, to come in and be ready to play. I think that guys are ready to do that, so whoever's up next week, we'll roll with them." 

(on the Bengals' offensive line having a few players missing and how important that is) "It's football; you look around the league, everybody's missing people. That's the name of the game, but like they say, the healthiest team that gets in the playoffs usually makes the run. So, for us, it's just to buckle down, pay attention to the details, get back to work next week and come back in here and get a win." 

(on if he thinks that QB Lamar Jackson will come back this week) "I try not to worry about it. Obviously, he's a hell of a player, and obviously, he's a game changer, but no matter what – who's behind quarterback – we have 100 percent faith in that guy, and it's our job as the offensive line to block for him and open up holes on Sunday or Monday or whatever day we play."


(on the level of intensity out there) "It was very high. We came up short, but I'm looking forward to next week, seeing these guys again. I think it'll be even sweeter then. All the marbles." 

(on the thought process of having to play a team back-to-back, especially going into the playoffs) "Honestly, my thought process each and every game is just go out, give everything I've got, study my opponent just like I study any opponent. I don't look at it any differently, and I'm excited to get back out here next week, back here, and do what we have to do to make sure we're victorious." 

(on if he saw Bengals RB Joe Mixon's coin flip celebration after his touchdown) "No, I didn't see it." 

(on how to balance not showing an opponent everything when you might face them again and if that even concerns him) "Honestly, no, because when you're out there, it's a war. It's an all-out war and those guys know that when we come back next week, we'll be here. I'm excited and I think it's going to be a great opportunity for us to show the world exactly what we're going to do." 

(on if he thinks the Bengals showed their full hand) "Honestly, they did a lot of things they've done all season. I think they were running their offense at the end of the day. It was great. We'll get back, we'll bounce back and we'll do what it takes to make sure we're victorious next week." 

(on if he has any feelings on the decision to sit some starters today) "Honestly, I don't get much consumed by thoughts. I don't really think about that too much. I just focus on what I need to focus on, and that's me going out, being the best version of myself and trying to lead my teammates to be the best version of themselves as well each and every week." 

(on contributions from rookies like S Kyle Hamilton and OLB David Ojabo and if that is a confidence boost heading into next week) "Absolutely. It gives those guys confidence, a lot of those guys showed up and made some plays, so I've got a great deal of respect for those guys and the way those guys work each and every day. They're students of the game, so I'm excited for those guys to keep going and it's going to be special. I'm excited." 

(on if he thinks the defense is ready to play their best football next week) "I don't think there will be a better time to do it than next week, whenever the game is. I heard someone say it's official that we're playing back here, so that's exciting. I'm excited to get back and take another shot at these guys." 

(on if he can remember ever having to play the same team back-to-back) "Not really, but at the end of the day it's nameless, faceless opponents." 

(on if he knew about OLB Justin Houston's contract incentive to get a sack today) "Honestly, I don't even pretend. I don't really worry about others' contracts or anything like that. That's their job." 

(on if the fact that the Bengals are familiar division opponents negates any of the factors of playing them back-to-back) "I think at the end of the day, honestly, it's just an opponent. Like I said earlier, nameless, faceless opponents. We'll know these guys inside and out, so it's just going to be about coming out, doing what we have to do to make sure that we're victorious at the end of the day or night, whatever the case might be."

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