Ravens Friday Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh, OLB Terrell Suggs & S Eric Weddle

Head Coach John Harbaugh

How do you prepare for super cold temperatures, like what they're predicting for Sunday? (Ryan Mink)"I try to store fat – as much fat between now and the game time as possible. *(laughter) *I try to layer up – looking forward to it! It's going to be a great, great night for football – all around the National Football League. It's going to, obviously, be exciting. I think that the fans … If you like football, and you like the NFL, that's going to be a three-and-a-half-hour drama, and we're a big part of it. We're looking forward to it. We have to take care of our business, focus on our game, and we'll be alright."

**I'm going to ask you this even though you probably won't answer it. You start off 4-5 [and] have dealt with a lot of injuries. How much do you think the coaching staff has played a part in trying to get where you are right now? *(Jamison Hensley) *"You're probably right. I'm probably not going to answer it, because it's not time for reflection. It's time for action. We need to go win the game. Coaches, players … I mean, I'm pleased with everybody; I really admire everybody. I love the job that our players and our coaches have done. I tell them that regularly. They keep coming through every day with great effort every single day. That goes without saying right now. All eyes [are] on Sunday.

Do you like the fact that you're closing the season against Cincinnati in Baltimore rather than in Cincinnati? (Luke Jones)"Well, yes, that's nice. We're really excited to be home. We're really excited for our fans. They have an opportunity to see this meaningful game, to be the last game of the season. It's going to be fun. Hey, it's New Year's Eve, man! Come celebrate, then go have fun! Have fun for three-and-a-half hours in M&T Bank Stadium. We're excited about it."

QB Joe Flacco said earlier this week that the offense has struggled in the red zone for the past couple of games. From your perspective, what's the key to being effective in the red zone? (Ed Lee) "We have a whole red zone list. Some day we can sit down and talk about what our goals are in the red zone, how we game-plan in the red zone, what you try to accomplish in the red zone. One thing is, everything moves faster. You have to execute quicker. That is the first thing that is probably on the list. That goes for both sides of the ball. The whole point, really, is … Overall, for the season we have had a good season in the red zone. We are highly ranked in the red zone. But the last couple of games we did not finish those drives off for touchdowns. That is the difference in separating. It is one thing to move the ball. It is important to get three, but seven is better. We just need to finish, and that is something that has been a point of emphasis the last few weeks."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On being named 2017 "Team MVP" by local beat reporters:"Ravens MVP?! I thought it was 'Media Good Guy.' *(laughter) *Wow. Seriously?! I didn't know. I swear to god I thought it was 'Media Good Guy.' Damn, that is flattering! You can't take away from the season that C.J. [Mosley] is having and Eric [Weddle]. Probably after this week, hopefully, [Weddle] can lead the league in picks. Brandon Williams … This is a team-won award. I am very flattered, because I swear to god I thought it was 'Media Good Guy.' I won 'Media Good Guy' [before], so that is why I did not know what you were referring to [about having never won team MVP]. That is crazy. That is crazy. This is flattering. I am speechless. I did not know this was this award. This is awesome. It would be a sour note if we do not win on Sunday, so that is pretty much my big focus right now. This is great among the achievements that we all have achieved this year, but we want to be having a football game next week. Thank you, guys, and I am honored. I am going to live it up to it on Sunday."

S Eric Weddle

On being named 2017 "Media Good Guy" by the local beat reporters:"Awesome! This is a sweet honor. The media out here is great. It's always an obligation for us and for myself. I've always said that I will always be honest and upfront – good, bad or indifferent. I'm a man of my word and respect everyone's jobs. It's pretty sweet that you guys think that highly of me. I appreciate it. Shoot, let's keep it rolling, for many years to come!" (Reporter: "Will you celebrate this award with ice cream?") "I will not. (laughter) I will not, even though it's a great honor. Once Sunday night comes, it's going to go down – if everything goes accordingly, which we hope it will."

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