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Ravens Friday Transcripts: Week 13 vs. Denver Broncos (12/2)


Opening statement:"Good seeing you guys here, everybody. [We] had a good practice, a good week, and we're really looking forward to Sunday afternoon. What questions do you have?"

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman said there were some technical difficulties in Jacksonville with your headset communications. Does that still happen a lot these days? _(Jamison Hensley) _"It does happen. I don't know why. I can't fix anything at home anyway, but it happens. You just deal with it. Lamar [Jackson] has the freedom [and] he knows based on the personnel group he has freedom to make some calls, and he did a couple times. It was that, and it was a lot of things. We just have to be better at it. We talked about that. Lamar [and] I think [offensive coordinator] Greg [Roman] said the same thing, basically. Every little thing could have been a little bit faster there in terms of what we do, and we cleaned it up in the second half. We need to be much more efficient than we were in the first half with getting in and out of the huddle."

You had a number of guys listed on the injury report this week with an illness. Are you hoping you're kind of past that at this point? _(Luke Jones) _"Yes, I hope so. It is what it is; guys are sick, and they're coming back, so hopefully no more guys get added to the rolls of that."

The altitude in Denver is always a topic when teams play the Broncos in Denver. What is it like to be hosting them in Baltimore this time? (David Andrade) _"We had them out there last year. I can't remember the last time we had them here. It was a few years back. _(Reporter: "2018.")'18, was it? Denver always has a lot of talent, a lot of tradition. This year's team – and that's kind of the thing that we're focused on – is this year's team. That's a team that we understand the strengths of their team, and we have to nullify those in one way or another and focus on how we play in this game. That's what we're going to try to do."

CB Marcus Peters came back to practice today. Is there a reason he got two days of rest this week? _(Jamison Hensley) _"That's just all part of the process. Different guys … Everybody's in a different place. We try to manage everybody. It's not a one size fits all; we've never really operated that way. Whatever we can do to get each player back to Sunday playing his best football, that's really what we try to do."

Is it safe to say that S Marcus Williams is a no-go for this weekend? (Jonas Shaffer) _"Marcus Williams? He's a no-go for this weekend, correct. _(Reporter: "Same with J.K. Dobbins?")J.K. [Dobbins] also. This was kind of a ramp up week a little more."

So far do you like what RB J.K. Dobbins has done? Did you like what you saw from him in practice? _(Bo Smolka) _"Yes, I did. I did, definitely. He looked good, and I'm looking forward to seeing him next week. I think next week we'll be having a conversation with both those guys [J.K. Dobbins and Marcus Williams] in terms of whether they can play or not."

With former Ravens G Marshal Yanda being inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor this weekend, how much does that mean? _(Melissa Kim) _"It means a lot. It's a big deal. Being in the Ring of Honor in this organization is a career accomplishment. It's something that I think many guys cherish, and all the guys that play here – or coach here – look at those guys in kind of a high degree of respect. Marshal [Yanda] is one of those guys. He's at the top of the list. Just to have the chance to coach him for 13 years, to be with him every day for 13 years was a high honor. So, it's great seeing him. He had great words for the team, and it'll be a great moment for him, and for his family, and for all the fans on Sunday."


On having RBs J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards back on the field:"It's amazing. We finally have that after a whole year of ups and downs. It's amazing having them back; I can't wait until they're on the field together."

On dabbing up RB J.K. Dobbins when he returned to the field this week and how much enthusiasm he brings:"That's my little dog. That's what I call him. He calls me, 'Big dog,' and I call him, 'Little dog.' So, it's good. [It's] positive energy. J.K. [Dobbins] is just being himself, and [he's] a great athlete, a great running back. We love to see it, and I'm glad to have him back."

On what led to his tweet on Sunday night and if he has any comment on it:"I was mad. I was mad after the game, and when I got onto social media, that was the first thing I saw. I just busted my behind, my whole team did – coaches did. That's what I saw, and I just reacted to it. My bad; my bad."

On if he was concerned about the response to his tweet and how it would reflect on him and the organization:"No, not really. Like I said, I was just reacting at the time. I was mad; I wasn't thinking about actions. It was like bitter; I was bitter. I feel like you should be bitter after a loss though, like no smiles. I feel like the fans should be mad that we lost too, but not mad at us. We tried, but it happened. I apologize if I hurt feelings out there."

On why he ultimately decided to delete the tweet:"My girlfriend was like, 'I think you should delete it.' I'm like, 'Alright,' because I didn't know if I hurt someone's feelings. So, I did. That's just what it was. That's why I deleted it."

On if he reached out to the fan at all about the tweet:"I didn't. I didn't reach out to him. He told me he loved me; I saw that. So, I love him, too. I do. I'm not mad at him. I have to love. God told us to love everybody, so I love everybody."

On what he will take away from this experience and how he will approach similar situations in the future:"What I take from this experience is don't say anything on Twitter, or don't say what I said, because there are kids watching. I don't need the kids saying that, but just watch what you say. Try to stay off Twitter if anything if something like that happens again. Hopefully, we're not losing anymore."

On being listed on the injury report Wednesday with a quad injury and if that was a new injury:"No, I actually got kneed in my quad during the game. So, new. It was new. I'm good now though."

On how much he enjoyed playing alongside G Marshal Yanda:"I enjoyed my two years playing with Marshal [Yanda]. That right side, I had 'Drip,' [Orlando Brown Jr.] too, as my tackle, but I had that Hall of Famer right there at guard – a dog, a true legend. There are so many words you can describe him [as], especially out there on that field when it [was] game time, practice … I feel like he prepared [in] practice just like it was a game, and that's just what helped us out, especially with the line [who] were so joined in with him. Ronnie [Stanley], those guys, were just all dialed in. And just having him back to be in the Ring of Honor, that's amazing, because his 13 great years he played here were tremendous to watch."

On this week's red zone preparation:"I feel pretty good. It looks pretty good. It looks great, actually, but we're going to have to see when the game starts. Anything can look good in practice, but when everyone is flying around and people are trying to get after it, some things might not look good. So, we're going to have to see."

On why the ball hasn't been snapped earlier in the play clock:"That play clock was just going down. We were calling the plays, guys run on the field … We've just got to speed our process up. [If] we speed our process up, I feel we'll be fine [and] we won't be having to(claps hands) rush the snap and stuff like that."

On how much the play is affected by having to rush the snap:"Sometimes it can help the play, because the defense might not be ready. They might think we might get a delay of game or something like that. So, sometimes it helps, but sometimes our guys might get out of whack or something like that. [It's] bittersweet, bittersweet – I'll say."

On if he has a reaction to the report that Stanford is interested in offensive coordinator Greg Roman for their head coaching vacancy:"No. I was trying to stay off Twitter in that time, probably." (laughter)

On there being a player named Lamar Jackson on Denver:"Yes, I saw that. I've actually seen it [before], when he was playing for the Jets and stuff like that. I've actually seen it, so then I saw it was Denver, and then they put my picture up. I don't know why [they put my picture up], but I guess because we're playing them this week."

On if anyone reached out to him thinking he was the Lamar Jackson who joined Denver:"Yes, they did. Yes, people did. People were crying (laughter), whining in my DMs. It was like, 'That's not me.'(laughter) It is what it is, though. I'm here; he's there. I'm good."

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