Ravens-Jaguars Post-game Quotes (11/27)


(opening statement)"OK, appreciate you being here. Hats off to the Jaguars; they played a good game, made plays when they needed to make them and found a way to win a tough football game. I thought it was going to be that kind of game; it was and they won it. We're disappointed, but we're moving on. We have to get ready for the next one. We have the Broncos coming in Sunday at our place, and we're going to get ready for that."

(on if the last Jaguars touchdown looked like it was in to him)"They reviewed it. I'm not sure what they said. No one explained it to me – why they didn't say the shoe was out – but I didn't get any explanation on that."

(on the decision to try a 67-yard field goal attempt instead of a Hail Mary at the end of the game)"Yes, I think the kick has a better chance than a Hail Mary."

(on the Jaguars moving the ball effectively in the fourth quarter and what adjustments they made that gave the defense trouble)"Generally, they completed some big passes on us, so that's what it boils down to. When they had to, they had some chunk passes and got down the field. That's why I say hats off to them; they did a good job."

(on the offense struggling to score touchdowns in the red zone today)"Yes, we got stopped. You try to call your best plays. Sometimes you think you can run it in – you run it in [and] it doesn't work – sometimes you try to pass it in. We just didn't do a good job in the red zone is the bottom line. You go down there and kick – what – four field goals? That's tough. Those are big trips down there, and obviously touchdowns are what you're looking for. It's something we have to improve on going forward. That's really important for us."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey exiting the game briefly with an injury)"That was just a twisted ankle it looks like. It should be OK."


(on if this loss feels like the other fourth-quarter losses this season)"Yes, it does. [It] feels like those early games this year."

(on what the team can do to stop the trend of losing games late) "[We] just have to score more points, try to score more points early, if anything. Try not to miss the opportunities. We missed a few opportunities out there. That's it."  

(on why he thinks the offense is struggling in the red zone) "I don't know. [We] look good in practice. In the game, like I said, we have opportunities. Sometimes we just didn't hit it. You know, we hit one late in the game [and] went up. But still, I feel like [if] we score early, [the] game looks different. The team will have confidence. They've got confidence. And shout out to Trevor Lawrence, because he played his butt off. He went off, and it's just what it was. 

(on if he remembers the last time he played at TIAA Bank Field)"Yes, they told me college. I lost a game, so…" 

(on what emotions he feels looking back on his last game at TIAA Bank Field while at Louisville) "How would you feel if you lose? Exactly. That's what I'm feeling. I don't like losing. Nobody likes losing. But it is what it is. [We] just have to move on and get ready for next week – that's all. [We] can't do anything about it, though.  

(on trusting the defense to close out the game while facing a fourth-and-7) "I really didn't want to [leave] that much time on the clock, but like you said, I have faith in our defense. It was just their day; they made plays. It's an NFL team. They should have made plays. They made plays and came out with a W. 

(on his long completion to WR DeSean Jackson) "They went Tampa 2. I was just trying to hold that back side safety down with 'D-Rob' [Demarcus Robinson], and 'D-Jack' [DeSean Jackson] just did the rest. 

(on if it is frustrating to see potential touchdowns and big plays dropped) "Yes, it happens. You know, it wasn't just the offense. We are going to get back in the lab and regroup, and we are going to be where we want to be at. It happens.  

(on if he thought the team would receive a harsh reality like this loss) "Say that again. What team?"  

(Reporter: "Just the way you've kind of struggled, do you think that this was kind of coming, overdue?") "No. Like I said, in practice everything looks good. We look crisp in practice. [We] just missed opportunities [today]. When we're playing in the game like this – a tough environment – you can't miss those. We need those – everything, catches, throws. We need everything. We need to put points on the board [and] help our defense."  

(on the offense uncharacteristically struggling in the red zone, unlike in past years) "I don't know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell you. You see it, I'm seeing it, but I'm out there trying to make it happen. [We're] just not clicking in the red zone. That's just that." 

(on if the team can rely on lessons they've learned from moving on from previous losses) "[We're] really not trying to brush off anything anymore; [we're] really not trying to lose at all. We don't want to have close games. We need to do what we do."


(on losing in this fashion after winning four games in a row) "It stings, you know. To have the game in our hands as a defense, we expect to win that every time. We didn't get it done. We knew they were talented. They have a lot of playmakers, and they fought hard to make the plays to win the game. We've got to go back and watch the tape and figure out how we can improve, but this one definitely stings.

(on what it was like to be back in Jacksonville) "Yes, it would've felt a lot better if we won the ballgame. At the end of the day, I had a lot of success here and had a lot of fun here, but, I mean, I'm trying to stay in the moment, stay present. This will always be part of my history, but this team, where we are right now as the Baltimore Ravens, we felt like we let one off the hook. [We've] just got to find a way to win these tough ball games. The big thing is 24-hour rule; find a way to improve and get better. Good teams don't lose two in a row. So, it's football. It's on the road against a team that's scrappy and never going to be easy. We felt like we had a chance but didn't get it done. To me, all that matters is figuring out how are we're going to improve and bounce back and get the win next week."

(on his strip sack late in the game and if he's proud of being able to step up for his team in moments like that)"If it would've won the ballgame, but I didn't get it done. I didn't get it done. There are a lot of plays after that where I had opportunities and I didn't [step up]. I let my team down. I didn't get it done. That's football. To me, you're only as good as the next play, and Trevor Lawrence got up and made the plays to win the ballgame. Hats off to him. He played a very, extremely well ballgame today, extremely well. So, you've got to give him his respect. [It] definitely stings, because we felt like we had plays to get off the field and we didn't get it done."

(on what gave the defense trouble on the final drive) "I've got to watch the tape. I really don't know. I know we had opportunities and we didn't get them done. We've got to watch the tape. [It's] hard to say in the moment. I just know that up front we've got to find a way to get our hands up on balls, make them uncomfortable and get off the field. Third-and-17 or whatever it was, we've got to find a way to win that. If we want to go to where we think we're capable of going, that is something that has to get done."

(on if he was surprised the Jaguars went for a two-point conversion to win the game)"No, no. Doug Pederson is a great coach and Super Bowl-winning coach and he's aggressive. You see it on tape all the time. They go for it on fourth down. They're not going to risk overtime, especially with our firepower. Go out there and give it your best shot. I know as a competitor we've got to find a way to make that play. Everything that happened, happened. Coming off a timeout, we've got a good feel for what they're doing. We've just got to get our hand up and try to bat that ball down and find a way to make them uncomfortable. That's a heck of a play. Good throw and catch. Zay Jones, he beat us last year when he was in Las Vegas. So, they've got great players, [and he] made a play."

(on if he thought the Jaguars last touchdown was good or should have been overturned) "I did not, but, I mean, I'm not a referee. I was pretty sure that wasn't a catch, but I think whatever they called on the field, it was so close that it was going to stand. I guess they say a shin counts as two feet or whatever. You know, I thought that for sure wasn't a catch. [We've] got just show up and play football. Whatever they call, you've got to live with it. We can't control the circumstances. Just continue playing football. After they got that, you've got to find a way to get a stop and win the ballgame."

(on the Jacksonville fans and his time here)"I'll say this: They've got a really talented, good, young team. I think they're trending the right direction and they are going to start winning some ball games, which is exciting for the fan base. As long as it doesn't affect us, I root for them, just because of the blessing they gave me allowed me to play here. We are in the same conference, so a lot of games affect us, so it's a little different. I've got a lot of guys that I have strong admiration for in that locker room that I'm rooting for, and the fan base, I think they're in for a treat. I think you saw what Trevor Lawrence can be today if he continues to get better and continues to improve. With these weapons, they can win some ball games.  

(on the mood in the locker room after a loss like this) "Man, we're competitors. Everybody in that locker room is a competitor. It stings. You're upset you lost. Our head is going to be high. We are going to go out there with purpose this week try to find a way to win next week's game against a scrappy team that's very similar – great defense [and] weapons all over the field. So, 24-hour rule. [We'll] watch the tape, make our corrections and then it's on to Denver. But I know we've got some dogs in there. [We have] a lot of guys who play football at a high level, and so good teams don't let these games beat you twice. I know we're a good team; we just didn't get it done today. Going forward, I've got all the confidence in my guys, and I know the same feelings are all the way through the locker room. We know who we are."


(on the kind of problems did the defense faced down the stretch of the game)"We got lackadaisical out there. [There was a] lack of communication. The little things – I think that's what you've got to do to play a complete game. You've got to do it for four quarters, not three, and we didn't do it for four quarters."

(on overcoming hurdles in the fourth quarter of games they've lost)"You just learn from it. I don't think you get down. It should be motivation to keep moving forward. That's all that matters. We get in the dance [playoffs], we're going to shake something. We're good. Like I said, it's growing pains. We're still learning, we're still figuring stuff out. They had a good, long time to prepare for us. They had a good two weeks. We knew that we were going to get their best shot. They did a good job of attacking our weaknesses, so we get to see where we can get strong at. If a team had two weeks to prepare for us, we know how they're going to attack us. Now we can learn from it, fix those mistakes and move forward."

(on if he was surprised they went for a two-point conversation late in the fourth quarter)"No, I'm not surprised. I don't think they had anything to lose, so they were just putting everything on the line. Like I said, they had nothing to lose."


(on his touchdown reception) "Yes, it was a shallow [route]. I chipped out and it was man [coverage]. It looked like the man lost me. [I] came open and I was able to score."

(on why the offense is struggling in the red zone)"We just have to execute. [It] starts with me, starts with everybody. [We] just have to execute.  

(on if in the fourth quarter, the goal was to just score a touchdown and not worry as much about how much time was left on the clock for the Jaguars)"Yes, I think we were thinking, 'Score first, get up and the cards [will] fall where they do.'"

(on if he thought he would be more involved as a pass catcher today with TE Isaiah Likely inactive) "It was a normal week. [I] didn't really … It was a big game for me coming back to Jacksonville, obviously, but there is no say whether I was going to get the ball more or not. [It] just happened that way."

(on the team being set back after going on a four-game win streak)"Yes, it's a tough one. We're going to learn from it and get better."

(on if it is bittersweet to have the kind of game he did against the team that drafted him but come out with a loss)"Yes, I mean, [it's] definitely tough. It's a blessing to be back out on the field. I have to thank God. Coming back here healthy is a huge thing for me, but it's also tough. It's a loss."


(on what the defense could have done better on the last drive of the game)"We just have to show up [and] finish the game, including myself. We're going to get back, look at the film, make the corrections needed and move forward."

(on if he just has to tip his cap to the receiver on the two-point conversion)"That's a play I have to make. He (Zay Jones) made a play; I didn't. So, that's all I'm going to say on that."

(on another tough fourth-quarter loss and how the team will rebound)"Like I said, we just have to watch the film and come back ready to go. You can't let these games beat you twice, so just watch the film, attack practice, attack the meetings and get ready for Denver."

(on the lessons learned in games like this)"You never know how many plays you're going to get, so you have to make the most of each play. Down the stretch in the fourth quarter, they made the plays and we didn't. So, we just have to get better and close out games."


(on the unsuccessful 67-yard field goal attempt to win the game)"The fact that we had a chance and I didn't deliver, it's heartbreaking to me at this point, especially when it's a kick that I know I have the ability to make. Nick [Moore] and Jordan [Stout] did an excellent job throughout the day. They did a great job on that kick, too. It just kind of wasn't in the cards for us, and the only thing that we can do is just keep working, move on and try to beat a good Denver opponent when they come to visit us in Baltimore next week."

(on struggling to make long kicks during pregame warmups and if the weather factored in at all today)"There's always something going on, whether it's the field conditions, the wind. [I was] just trying to get a feel for it in pregame warmups. It's become a fun thing on social media to see, 'Oh, how far back is the kicker going to go today in pregame warmups?' At the end of the day, none of that matters. What matters is what happens within the 60 minutes that we're playing the football game. Throughout pregame warmups, I was struggling to really just get the ball to go in either direction from the logo and beyond. But at the same time, we're not necessarily expecting to have to go out with high level of frequency and kick the ball from the logo, but if we have to do it, at least we have [it]. The reason behind going out there in pregame warmups and just launching it from deep is in case we do get into a situation just like we did today, we have kind of an idea of where we need to get it to. So, Lamar [Jackson], Josh [Oliver], all those guys did an excellent job of getting us into a position where we realistically had a chance, and I just didn't get everything I wanted to behind the ball. I'm sure everyone in here – because this is the character of our team – [and] anyone in here that had a shortcoming today would say the same thing that I'm going to say: 'This one's on me,' because I know I have the ability to contribute in a bigger way than I was able to today."

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