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Ravens OTA Transcripts (6/1)


Opening statement:"It's great to be back in front of you people. How are you all doing?"

The Ravens added some pieces at wide receiver. Being a part of this passing attack, how good can it be this year? (Jamison Hensley)"I think it's super exciting just to … From being out here the last two days, and, obviously, seeing Zay [Flowers] run some routes – he was running some incredible routes today and getting open – and then, obviously, 'OBJ' [Odell Beckham Jr.] and some of the other young guys that I'm excited about, I think it's going to be a dangerous offense. I've really loved what Coach [Todd] Monken has had to teach and the way he's teaching and his energy that he brings – very enthusiastic. So, I think the sky is the limit. I think for us, it's just about taking charge, taking control of this offense, making it ours and just keep on going, keep on working."

You just mentioned offensive coordinator Todd Monken. In your conversations with him, what has really stood out to you? (Luke Jones)"[Offensive coordinator Todd Monken is] just fiery. He's super enthusiastic about what he's teaching. He really believes in his stuff, and it makes us believe in it, too. So, his offense is definitely very player friendly, [and] he's very player friendly. I'm just excited to get around him, pick his brain and continue to grow as a player [and] as an offense and get this thing rolling."

Is there any concern that there aren't enough balls to go around in this offense, given all the additions in the pass game? (Nikhil Meta)"I don't really care. I'm not one of those guys who cares about that. But I know that if all of us are doing our jobs, all of us are playing well, we don't have to worry about that type of thing. We're all going to make plays, we're all going to be happy for each other, and that's what makes a team great – is the unselfishness."

Having all these weapons, do you believe that defenses will have trouble honing in on you and you might have more opportunities? (Tim Barbalace)"Maybe. In the last five years, it's been a lot of attention. I'm blessed to be able to be around these great players right now and have a lot of pieces to help me out, and I'm excited about that part [of] it. But at the end of the day, I'm going to go out and do what I do – win my one on ones, win my double teams – and just play ball."

The previous offense was very tight end-centric in the passing game. Are you seeing that same thing in this new offense? (Cordell Woodland)"It's very featured. He [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] features everybody, though, and I think that's the great part about it – is that we're going to be able to be extremely diversified in what we're doing. The outside receivers, the inside receivers, tight ends [will have] different reads. So, I'm really liking what I'm seeing. I'm still learning a bunch, but yes."

Do you think you'll get an end-around play like the Georgia tight ends? (Jonas Shaffer)"I hope so. (laughter) Show my wheels off a little bit, yes." (Reporter: "You're already good with the snaps.") "Right?" (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson said last week that he could be running less in this offense. How have you seen him evolve as a passer? (Jamison Hensley)"Well, first of all, I'm extremely happy. Just for everything that's gone down the last two years and all the scrutiny he [Lamar Jackson] has been under and how he's handled it, that's not an easy thing to do. It just shows you how strong he is. And just coming back here today and seeing him throw, seeing the way he's seeing the game, his balls are incredible, [and] he's putting the balls on the money. So, he looks incredible. And yes, I think him throwing the ball [more] is a good thing. Obviously, his legs are incredible and special – unlike anybody else – but so is his arm. So, I'm proud of him, and I know he's ready to work and grind and get together and make this team great."

This offseason, we saw the team really focus on the offensive side of the ball. As an offensive player, how do you feel coming into this season after seeing the team put more emphasis on that side of the ball? (Cordell Woodland)"It's big. That's big. There are a lot of great opportunities for guys to step up and make a name for themselves and make a spot for themselves and just be true. This is a great place to play. So, if you can step up [and] do your job the right way, you're going to find time."

At the end of last year, there were so many questions, particularly with QB Lamar Jackson. Having all that behind you, just how different are the vibes from where they were in January? (Pete Gilbert)"Just thank God, man. It's a lot of stress relief. Obviously, [I] have a ton of respect for 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] and Anthony [Brown] and the other guys that are here, but, obviously, I've been here with Lamar [Jackson] since Day One. There was a lot of uncertainty, [but] in my mind I never had a doubt, because that's my guy. I'm just happy, man. I'm happy he's here; I'm happy he's here for good. And like I always say, that's my quarterback."

You've been an All-Pro and a Pro Bowler, and we know how hard you work in the offseason. Do your goals change? At this point of your career, what are you focused on? (Jamison Hensley)"Obviously, there are things I want to do in my career that I haven't done, and, obviously, I want to win a Super Bowl – that's No. 1. I think this city, this place, this organization deserves that. We put a lot of work in. I think about the guys that were drafted in my 2018 draft class, and it feels like, kind of, what we started, what we built, and it's time; it's time for us to make that step. I'm extremely, extremely driven right now. I'm excited about that, so yes."

We've seen you lined up everywhere. Do you feel like your development as a player allows you to play wherever offensive coordinator Todd Monken needs you to and be effective in ways that other tight ends can't be? (Jonas Shaffer)"For sure. I've been doing this for a long, long time. Growing up, in high school, I was [an] outside receiver. I've been doing it. And there aren't a lot of tight ends that I feel like can do the certain things that I'm able to do. So, yes. There's a lot of doubt, but there's no doubt in my head."

What keeps you motivated out on the field? (Lena Jackson)"Just being driven. I told you before that there are a lot of things that we've done as a team, [that I've done] as a player, but the only thing I really want to do is win a championship."

Did you make any change in your offseason routine before coming out here, or has it been the same thing you've always done? At this stage of your career, do you take the same approach or look for ways to do things differently? (Cliff Brown)"Like I said, I've been extremely motivated. There are a lot of things that we've got to do [and that] I look forward to – getting my body strong, getting my legs strong, getting faster [and] all that. I feel like I'm in one of the best shapes of my life, so I'm excited to show it."

A lot has been made of the receiver additions, but the tight ends group is really strong. What are you expecting out of TEs Isaiah Likely and Charlie Kolar in Year Two? (Tim Barbalace)"Big [things]. Those guys [Isaiah Likely and Charlie Kolar] are going to continue to learn and grow. Those guys come to work every day, have fun, get better. They want to learn, and [they are] just joys to be around. I'm lucky to have two guys like that in the room."

We know WR Odell Beckham Jr. has made Arizona an offseason home. Have you guys been able to connect at all? (Jonas Shaffer)"Yes, I texted [Odell Beckham Jr.] just a little bit. I'm super excited to be able to kind of have him around the group and get him over here and start learning the offense and [have] him working with us. It's going to be a special [group], it's going to be a talented group, and I know he's going to just make it that much better."


What's your mindset going into this year? Obviously, Year Four for you – contract year – but you found a way to get better and better each year. What has kind of been the focus going into this year? (Cordell Woodland)"Just playing my style of football. I figured that out the last back half of the season last year, so I think at this point, it's just me going out there and playing football. There's no more building into it. There's no more, 'Can he take the leap?' It's just me playing my style of football."

What was your reaction when you found out the team wasn't picking up your fifth-year option? (Jamison Hensley)"It's a blessing in disguise, really. You see guys go both sides of it and get paid either way. At the end of the day, I'm just focused on being the best teammate I can be, being the best player that I can be and just going out there and proving myself. Going out there and playing the game that I love to play at a high level."

No one has to be here [during OTA's], but after that, especially with everything that happened, what makes you lean in and work harder versus distancing yourself from the team? (Morgan Adsit)"[I'm] just trying to get better. Obviously, Roquan [Smith] is here now, getting an offseason with us. So, [I'm] just trying to build that chemistry, trying to learn [defensive coordinator] Mike [Macdonald] more, trying to learn the defense more, trying to – you know, all of us getting on the same page. That's my main focus right now."

Was that hard to do mentally, after knowing – you see on social media and stuff, taking away the Ravens logos and whatnot. There's an emotional attachment to that right? But to be here and buy into it, what's that journey like? (Pete Gilbert)"I think that's anything in life. You go through emotions and at the end of the day, it may take some of us longer to get over. I just had many talks with many people and different outlooks on it. I just came to the realization that everything is not a bad thing. The front office, [I] talked to them a little bit. They kept me grounded and let me know what it really was and how they feel. At the end of the day, this is the place that I want to play. This is where I want to be. So, however the chips fall, I'm happy with it."

You touched on it, but the opportunity to go through a full preseason and a full season with ILB Roquan Smith … Both of you guys seemed to bring the best out of each other last year. How much are you looking forward to having a full year with him? (Luke Jones)"I can't wait. It's just us two guys – I actually put us as the best linebacker duo, no discussion about it. If you turn on the tape, you will see it. At the end of the day, we get a full offseason to go with each other now, full training camp, full whole season, so now we just have to build that chemistry."

What's your ideal playing weight this year? What are you at right now? (Kyle Barber) "I think this year I should stay around 230 [pounds]. Last year I was in between 240 [pounds] and 245 [pounds]. I think this year, 230 [pounds], I'll be in a lot better shape. [I'll] be able to finish games a lot better than I did last year."

Is that just because you're not playing in the same position anymore? (Jonas Shaffer)"I think it's just whatever you're comfortable with. They're not too, too strict on weight here. Whatever you could play at and you're good at and you're in shape, that's what they'll let you roll with. I feel like what's best for me is just being slimmer, being able to still fly around at the end of the game, still being me."

Going into the contract year, do you ever think about – do you feel like you still have a future here in Baltimore? (Jamison Hensley)"Yes. But like I said, at the end of the day, I am not focusing on the future. I'm just focused on right now. I think if I take care of my business and do what I'm supposed to do, all of that will fall into place."

Last season, I know you really wanted to emphasis you can be a three-down linebacker. As the year went on, you were able to show that. What's your focus going into this year? What's the next thing you want to add to your game? (Cordell Woodland)"Just staying consistent and going up. Always just getting better. Never taking a step back. The biggest thing for me was being consistent over the years. So, I think now it's just the point of me just playing my game, playing it at a high level and playing it consistently."

Do you feel like a young player still? (Jonas Shaffer)(laughter) "I hear rookies coming in at 25, 26 [years old]. I'm like, 'Y'all are old.' (laughter)Four years in and [it] still feels like I'm just getting here. I'm blessed to be this young and going into Year Four. I just thank my parents for having me when they did." (laughter)

Seeing how good the defense was last year and then with the quarterback coming back … Then you see what you're doing offensively, with QB Lamar Jackson locked up. Where is your expectation for this team? Is it a Super Bowl or bust kind of thing? (Pete Gilbert)"Everybody around the locker room is saying Super Bowl. I don't think it's Super Bowl or bust. I think it's just Super Bowl, because you don't want a bust mindset. Any year you come in, your mindset is to get to the Super Bowl. With the pieces we have, with the defense we have, the offense we have, the new coordinator, everything, [with the] special teams we have, head coach, the whole organization, everything, we have what we need right here. We don't need anything else."

You talk about living in the now and I see the Nike slides. How big is comfort when you're dressing yourself when it comes to an outfit? (Lena Jackson)"I'm not a big outfit guy. I'm super country. Long sleeve shirt, some shorts or sweats and some sandals and I'm good."

We just talked to TE Mark Andrews. You've played against him on the practice field for a couple years now. How valuable is it having a receiver like that who can go get you a first down basically whenever? (Jonas Shaffer)"Mark [Andrews], he's just deceptively fast. You look at him on film and you don't think he's that fast. But when you get into him in person, Mark can roll. His routes, [he has the] best routes out of the tight end group. He's everything that you want in a tight end. He's reliable, great hands, can run routes, big guy. He can go up and get the ball. He does it all. When you have a guy like that, that's why he got paid what he got.

Have you seen the air-conditioned helmets down at LSU? (Nikhil Mehta) _(laughter)_"I've seen that. I don't think I need that. At the end of the day, we've been fine without them. If that helps, go for it. If not, then I'm good without it. I don't need it."


What's it like to be the new quarterback coach and what was your mindset going into it? What was the one impact you wanted to make on the quarterback room? (Cordell Woodland)"First of all, it's just great being back at my natural position. [It's] a position I grew up playing throughout my career. I started [in coaching] coaching quarterbacks, so it's like riding a bike. [I'm] just getting back on it, and the game has changed. You're coaching a quarterback [Lamar Jackson] who's different than a lot of different other quarterbacks. [It's] very similar to how I played, but way better. The drills have been enhanced. The things that we're doing with coach [offensive coordinator Todd] Monken's system is a little different than what we have done here in the past, and so we just adjust. Everything was built around Lamar [Jackson]. I went back and [changed] a lot of the things I had done with players I had worked with in the past at the quarterback position. He's so different and so unique that I just went back and revamped all the drills towards Lamar [Jackson]'s movement skills and things that we can do to improve him and continue what he has already built since he's been here as a rookie – since his rookie year – to getting him to the next level, to the player he wants to be. That's what it's all about, improving his already great skill set."

Do you think it helps him knowing where you were once, what you did at Tennessee, and the way you played? There's a level of credibility when you played the position. (Pete Gilbert)"Right, you said it. That's what it does. Having someone that played the position that kind of sees the game very similarly, in terms of when you decide to do things like pass or run or decide to do something athletically that is hard to explain unless you have done it. I think there's a comfort level with that, and when I say something to him or suggest something, it goes a little bit further. The comfort level is there, and the trust is there. [I'm] just looking forward to continuing to work."

When you say taking QB Lamar Jackson to the next level, is there a part of the game that you're focusing on and trying to help him just a little bit? _(Jamison Hensley) _"The first thing is the new system and the way we do things in the new system – the drop footwork, the play action footwork, where our eyes go, progressions, reads, the type of accuracy we have to have, anticipation, ball location, things of that nature. It's not just one thing that we're trying to pick out, first of all, it's the grasp of the system, and it's how we want to play the position through the system that we're playing in now. Taking those things right now in OTA's, in this time period, and the month that we're going to have away, coming back with a better plan in training camp, from, 'This is what we did in OTAs. This is how far we got it. This is where we want to get it before we start the season to go out and have the best season that we can have from the quarterback position.'"

Based on how QB Lamar Jackson talked about the position last week, it seems like there's going to be more things that he has to learn, more challenges, but that's also going to give him more opportunities to manage, control the offense before the snap. Is that a fair characterization? (Jonas Shaffer)"That's true. Coach's [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] system is very quarterback friendly in the sense of you have the opportunity to change routes when need be. You do a lot of operation – what I like to say doctoring at the line of scrimmage – in terms of protections. You see them blitzing one way, you can slide the line a different way. All of these types of things, not that we didn't do it in the past, we're just going to be doing more of it and we're going to be more vocal about it. You'll see him operating at the line of scrimmage a lot more. You'll see him communicating with receivers, running backs, [and] tight ends a lot more than what you may have seen in the past. There's an element of working at the line of scrimmage where we're doing all the talking. That's where the growth is, and with that growth and with that responsibility becomes an added responsibility of the film work you have to put in and the extra work you have to put in on the field to where you're right most of the time. We're not going to fool the defense every time. We're not going to beat them every time, but we want to be right most of the time, putting ourselves in great plays and great positions to move the ball down the field."

I know it's early, but how has QB Lamar Jackson handled the "at the line" adjustments so far? (Cordell Woodland) "He's been great. Lamar [Jackson], if you look back to last year – I just thought last year, the Miami Dolphins game, first game I can think of – where we pretty much worked from the line of scrimmage. They had a pressure package that we didn't want to be in the huddle because the year before that we tried it the huddle way. Last year we decided to do it from the line of scrimmage, and he was very, very comfortable. He was very vocal, signaling out and I just saw the expression on his face when he came off the field. He was in a good place. With that being said, fast forward to now where you're doing it all the time, I think he's in a great place. Today we had a drill where he operated from the line of scrimmage a lot today and was very, very comfortable. [He] got us in some really good pass situations and moved the ball down the field and did really well. As we go, he's getting more and more comfortable. It's still really early. That's positive, so I just look forward to him continuing to grow there."

Talking about QB Lamar Jackson, a lot of people are sometimes critical about him throwing outside the numbers. Then you'll hear people go, "He needs people outside the numbers." Where do you think his effectiveness has been throwing outside the numbers? (Jamison Hensley)"I don't really know where that came from, because since I've been here, being the former receivers coach, I don't think that's true. We got open outside the numbers, he would throw it and we would catch it. I don't know where that came from, all I know is he can throw the ball to all areas of the field. He has touch for the shorter passes, and he has elite arm strength to throw the ball down the field. His deep ball accuracy has improved over the years. I can't answer [as] to where that came from. All I can say is that since I've been here, I haven't witnessed that. I've seen him make all the throws to all areas of the field, and we'll continue to improve in those areas."

How does it help adding a guy like QB Josh Johnson, because even QB Lamar Jackson is still young as a quarterback? (Luke Jones)"No question. Josh [Johnson] is just a veteran, not only for Lamar [Jackson], but even for us as coaches. He's seen so much. He's been exposed to so many different systems that he can just suggest something that we may not have been thinking about, or [he's] just looking at it from a different angle that leads us to an answer. Just having that veteran presence in our room is great and that's something that we haven't had. We've had capable backups and guys that do a good job. He's been here before, like a few weeks, but to have him here early to where he is a part of what we do on a day-to-day basis, leading us into games, is even more valuable to us."

This goes back to the pre-snap stuff, but why do you think more up-tempo is advantageous for QB Lamar Jackson and this offense? (Jonas Shaffer) "I just think the quicker you can get to the line of scrimmage, the quicker you can see things and operate. Sometimes you have to change plays. Sometimes the play that you're in may be good. Now, it's just a matter of getting to the right read and completing the pass or getting us to the right run. In the past, we were a huddle team. We kind of got to the line of scrimmage, the plays were already called, and we ran what was called. Now, he has the opportunity to be at the line of scrimmage, [say], 'OK, coach. I like that. I like this a little bit better. Let me do that.' 'OK, why did you do that?' And we can talk about it. When I say quarterback friendly, it's the quarterback having more freedom to do what he feels he needs to do to have success on that particular play. As coaches, [we ask], 'Why did you do it? What is the feedback and how do we adjust to him when he's in control?' There are times where coach 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] says, 'I'm the coordinator. I call the plays. You like it. Keep it running.' When you change that play, you became the coordinator, right? And we want it to work. With that being said, the film study, the time invested to where when Lamar [Jackson] does take over, and he is the coordinator during that time, but he's doing a good job and getting us in the right plays and operating the offense."


What made Baltimore a good fit for you, and how have you enjoyed your time here so far? (Luke Jones)"What made it [Baltimore] a good fit is just being around Coach [John] Harbaugh in Philadelphia and just knowing how he operates and the expectation that he has for the organization and the team that he's in front of. It was exciting to get back and be a part of something like that. And Baltimore has been fantastic thus far for me. I haven't gotten out that much, but 'The Castle' [Under Armour Performance Center] is sweet, so I've seen that pretty much every day. But I've heard about Baltimore. My aunt is from Baltimore, so I know a little bit about it, and I'm going to get around and see the city and see what it has."

What have been your first impressions of WR Zay Flowers out there? (Jamison Hensley)"Zay [Flowers] has been fantastic. He's an eager player, eager learner. [He] wants to be great – wants to be great at everything he does – and it's been fantastic to see him out here getting the opportunity to make some plays. His quickness and explosion show up daily, and how he catches the ball – the [focus] he takes with the ball … It's been fantastic to get him out here and get him going."

How much do you go back and watch the receivers from before? Or do you just watch them now and see where they are? How do you balance that? (Pete Gilbert)"Me, personally, obviously, I've seen them play from previous teams and whatnot, but I want to give them all a clean slate and see what I see and evaluate from that standpoint and then work with what we've got and continue to help each guy get better each and every day. So, it's not a big, 'Oh, I've heard about this,' or, 'I've heard about that.' I'm not really into that. I'll watch it, because that's just being a pro at my job and doing my due diligence, but it's a clean slate for everybody, and what you do moving forward is what's going to affect you as a player."

Before you were even hired, executive vice president & general manager Eric DeCosta and head coach John Harbaugh talked about wanting to revamp the wide receivers room. Since you've been hired, they've brought in WR Odell Beckham Jr., added WR Nelson Agholor and drafted WR Zay Flowers. As a position coach, when you see that kind of talent added to what was already here, how exciting is that? (Luke Jones)"Well, they [Odell Beckham Jr., Nelson Agholor and Zay Flowers] weren't here when I got here, like you said, and I was excited to get here and work with the guys that were here. And then you always want to add great players, and [executive vice president & general manager] Eric [DeCosta] and his staff do a great job with that. I'm excited to get to work with all the guys – when they get in here – and give them everything I've got. So, it's been a blessing, it's been exciting, but it's no different. I wanted to be here because I wanted to be a part of what they had already, and adding new pieces is just a bonus."

What's the potential that you see for this group? (Shawn Stepner)"I'm not a big potential guy or read into the stars or whatever that stuff is called. We come to work every day – and that's what I do, that's what I've done – and then we let the chips fall where they may. Guys are going to come to work, I'm going to come to work, and we're going to go out here and get better each day. And then when we show up on Sundays or Thursdays or Tuesdays or whatever day, we're going to see what we've got."

What about the versatility that you see with the pieces in the room? (Shawn Stepner)"Everybody has a different skillset at each position, and some guys do some stuff differently than other guys. 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] has done a great job of implementing the offense and then trying to fit pieces [together] and do different things. You always want to get guys in positions [to] do what they do well and then continue to accentuate and work on the things that they're not as good at. But it's been fun, and it's going to be exciting, I believe."

I know it's early days out here, but what are your impressions of your group as a whole, and has anything stood out to you yet? (Brian Wacker)"It's a tight-knit group. They care about one another, they want to see each other do well, and that's been a positive. That's what I've been a part of a lot of the times as a player and as a coach in the NFL – is position groups are very tight, and they care about one another, and that's what you want to see. You want to see guys helping each other. At the end of the day, we know we're all not going to be here, but the 15th guy is getting helped by the first guy, or the second guy is getting helped by the 14th guy, or it could be vice versa. And you love that with guys at this level – to help each other get better – because iron sharpens iron, and we want to be the best we can be."

I know WR Odell Beckham Jr. is not here, but what has stood out in your conversations with him? (Jamison Hensley)"Well, the conversations we've had I would rather keep between me and him, from that standpoint, but when he [Odell Beckham Jr.] is here, he's been positive, [and] when he's not here, he's been positive from that perspective, too. But what we've talked about I'm going to keep between me and him."

What's it been like to work with assistant wide receivers coach Keith Williams, and are your coaching styles balancing out? (Cordell Woodland)"It's been awesome to get an opportunity to work with [assistant wide receivers coach] Keith [Williams]. I had known about him from my days in Kansas City. He worked with a couple guys previously, before he was here, and I heard great things about him. And then actually getting an opportunity to be in the room with him, I've learned a tremendous amount from him. He sees it from a different angle than I see it at times, and that's a positive, because you grow together. I say stuff, and he learns stuff, and then he says stuff, and I learn stuff, and that's helping our group get better. So, I'm enjoying every second that I get an opportunity to work with him, and hopefully, he feels the same way about me." (laughter)

WR Devin Duvernay is a guy coming off an injury. I know it's early, but what have you seen from him? (Cliff Brown)"[Devin Duvernay is] a true pro. [He's] just coming out to work every day, getting opportunities and making the most of the opportunities that he's getting. But the big thing that stood out was just his professionalism in the meetings, on the practice field [and] whenever needed. He's been a true pro, and I love that about him. And then, obviously, at the end of the day, we all want guys who are going to make plays, and you saw it today. He's getting an opportunity, and he's making some plays out there, and that's always a positive, because that's what we're going to be graded on at the end of the day."

How is WR Rashod Bateman feeling? (Brian Wacker)"I'm not a trainer, so I couldn't tell you. [Head certified athletic trainer] Adrian [Dixon] or some of those dudes could talk more about, physically, where people are."

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken is a former NFL wide receivers coach himself. Do you feel like you two see the game the same way? And in your communication with him, what do you think he would like to see from the wide receivers room? (Jonas Shaffer)"As far as seeing stuff the same way, I'm not a big guy that wants to see stuff the same way as somebody else. You want some – for lack of a better word – conflict, [and] you want disagreements so you can grow as a coach. And I may see it one way; Coach 'Monk' [offensive coordinator Todd Monken] may see it another way. At the end of the day, [it's about] the best way to get this done and what he wants to get done, and that's what we're going to roll with. It's been a positive communication between him and the entire staff, as well as with myself. So, I'm excited about what we're doing. Obviously, [there hasn't been] a game yet, so we haven't seen it, but what we're doing on the field each and every day has been positive."

Are there things that you guys emphasize at the wide receiver position? (Jonas Shaffer)"Just playing fast. Playing fast and knowing what to do and how to do it is the big thing, because if you don't know what to do, and you don't know how to do it, then we're not going to have a chance. So, that's been the emphasis for us."

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