Ravens Rookie Camp Transcripts

CB Maurice Canady

On his first impression of the Under Armour Performance Center: "It's a very beautiful facility. I never noticed how such a big facility can be ducked off like this. I had no idea, because you go into a small-town neighborhood, you turn the corner, and there you see this big facility that the Ravens own. That was interesting."

On if it was exciting being drafted by the Ravens with the available spots at CB: "I actually looked at the depth chart, and I saw that there is possibility I can make this team as a corner. Versatility is my best suit, playing defense or special teams."

On his draft weekend: "It was very hectic, because going into it, I thought I was going a little earlier. It just didn't fall that way. God has a plan, so I couldn't worry too much about it."

On if not being selected earlier in the draft motivates him: "Yes, sir, it does. I have a huge chip on my shoulder right now."

On CBs he looked up to growing up: "[Seahawks CB] Richard Sherman, of course. He's a top guy, a long lanky guy like myself. We have similar attributes."

On what he has to prove: "Just prove myself like I proved myself since high school. I was a two-star [recruit], and I started my first day at Virginia. Proving myself is just another task to check off my list."

On if he has been overlooked throughout his career: "Most definitely. It's all going to show. My hard work, my competitiveness, and my toughness – it's just going to show."

On if that is another reason he looks up to Richard Sherman, who was selected in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL Draft: "Exactly, and [Redskins CB] Josh Norman [fifth round, 2012]. It's a lot of guys that went later or undrafted. That just adds fuel to the fire."

On why he is underrated given his size as a CB: "That's for them to decide. I'm not a scout or anything like that."


OLB Kamalei Correa

On how excited he is to have signed his contract and get on the practice field: "First off, those taxes on that contract, that hurt.* (laughter)* But on a serious note, it was very fun to get back out there and actually play some football again. I'm just so happy to be a part of the Baltimore Ravens. It's just so surreal. I still can't believe that I'm here. I'm just trying to soak in every moment, because I could be gone tomorrow."

On how he plays: "I'm a see-ball, get-ball kind of guy. I love to hit. I love to get the ball. That's just about it; I like to play physical. If I'm lined up on the ball or off the ball, I'm just going to come down and hit somebody."

On if the Ravens are the ideal team for him given the team's reputation of playing physical defense: "Yes. I, first off, would have never thought I would end up in Baltimore. To play where guys like Ray Lewis, Elvis Dumervil, Terrell Suggs and all of these guys play is just so surreal. I'm going to soak up everything I can from those guys, because they've been playing for a while, and I'm just excited to learn from them."

On if the pre-draft process led him to believe he wouldn't be with the Ravens: "I honestly had no clue. I only met with the Ravens at the Combine for like 10 minutes. I was like, 'These guys aren't interested in me,' but I got picked and I'm blessed."

On if he was aware the Ravens' first three draft picks are Polynesian: "I was aware. That's kind of cool, because it's just going to be like family. That's how we're raised back home, and I'm excited to be a part of a new family."

On his expectations for himself in this defense: "My only expectation for myself is just to play hard every snap and just to give it all I've got, because there's nothing else that I can ask for myself, or somebody can ask of me. I just have to give it all I've got."

On if he feels pressure to contribute right away as a second-round draft pick: "They're paying me, so on Sundays I better show up and play."

On learning from OLBs Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil: "Those guys have been playing for a while. Once again, I'm going to soak up everything I can from those guys. I know they have a lot of knowledge, and I'm just excited to learn from them. I just – I can't even explain how happy I am to be here."

On practicing with Titans QB Marcus Mariota in high school: "Man, he's fast. He would score almost every time he got the football. We just knew we were going to win every single game, because he's just a good person, he's a good player, and nobody could stop him. That's it."


WR/RS Keenan Reynolds

On if there was a culture shock coming from the Naval Academy to the Ravens: "I don't think it was a culture shock. The culture of the Ravens is high intensity, run to the ball – just a lot of the things I've been hearing over the last four years. It's just getting used to being in a different roll – not calling the plays, but listening to the plays. It's been fun. I've enjoyed it so far."

On how challenging it is to transition from calling plays to listening to plays: "It's different. It's something you have to get used to, but again, it's a challenge and I love challenges. I love overcoming challenges. I'm just looking forward to learning and continuing to grow as a receiver."

On if he has an update on his situation with the Navy: "I know as much as you do. (laughter) I'm just going along with it as I'm told."

On if he was encouraged by Naval Secretary Ray Mabus' comments that he is confident the Navy could find a way for Keenan to play and serve:"Yes, it was great to hear that. But like I said, I just do what I do. [I will] do my job and worry about what I can control."

On who facilitates the discussions with the Navy: "That's going through me. That's my request, but like I said, I submit it and I just wait."

On if he was able to submit suggestions for how he can make both commitments work: "No, it doesn't work like that. I can't really disclose exactly what the details are, but I don't really get much say. I just, again, do what I'm told."

On if he has spoken to any other players who have attempted to play and serve: "I've talked to [Patriots LS] Joe Cardona this whole time. I've been blowing his phone up this whole process. I was blowing him up on draft day. He has really helped, and his experience, obviously, being able to serve and play, has been really helpful."

On when he realized he may have to change his position to play in the NFL and if that was a difficult realization: "I think it was from the beginning. When I got invited to the [East-West] Shrine game, I saw that I wasn't a quarterback anymore, and I was like, 'Well, this is fun.' *(laughter) *I was like, 'This is an opportunity to pursue the dream at the next level,' and I'm embracing it with everything I can. It's been several guys that have come before me that have been able to make the transition successfully, so I've been trying to model my game after them, talk to them, and just hear what they have to say."

On who he has spoken to about making this transition: "Brian Mitchell, I talked to him a lot. I had the opportunity to talk to Hines Ward. I know that's like a cardinal sin in this building. *(laughter) *We got to talk before the draft, to ease anybody's mind. *(laughter) *I talked to him, because in his college experience, he did play wide receiver but he also played quarterback [and] running back. He was all over the place, so he had to adjust to the new role of being a permanent wide receiver. He gave me some tips and tricks and things to work on to perfect my craft."

On when he realized he wouldn't be a quarterback in the East-West Shrine game: "I accepted the invitation, and then somebody tagged me in an article. Then I looked at the article and went to the quarterbacks, and my name wasn't there. I kept going and got to the running backs, and it said 'Keenan Reynolds.' I was like, 'Alright, I guess I'm playing running back.' Then my dad called me, and he was like, 'Hey, do you see you're a running back?' I was like, 'Yeah.' He was a little upset, but I was like, 'Hey, it's just an opportunity to play.'"

On if he has a preference between WR and RB: "Whatever I can do to get the ball in space, because that's where I succeed and excel. Whatever positions the team sees me able to do that and be successful, then I will accept that role."

On if the offensive scheme at Navy makes the transition easier as a return specialist: "I think there are some similar traits that you have to have on that level as a punt returner. You have to be able to make quick decisions; you have to be quick in tight spaces, make a move and make somebody miss. Every day in practice, anytime we ran an inside run as a quarterback, we were making the safety miss, making the safety miss. That was something that coach always engrained in the quarterback's head. Making that first guy miss and trying to make a play is what I was doing for the last four years. Obviously, we're working on technique and learning the role and the position and everything that goes in at the position. I think I can make strides at that position as well."

On if his first day of rookie camp is similar to his first game against Air Force: "I think you can compare it to that. [This was] my first NFL practice; it's pretty cool. It's the stuff you dream about. To be able to put that Ravens helmet on and be a part of the team is pretty awesome."

On if he caught a pass in the Military Bowl: "Yeah."

On if it was fitting to catch a pass in the Military Bowl before transitioning to WR in the NFL: "I got a lot of heat from that from [Navy FB] Noah Copeland. He was the one who threw it the year before. He bothered me like, 'Wow, you can't catch my pass.' (laughter) It was a great end. That whole game – that whole experience as a senior class was an awesome way to go out."

On the biggest challenge in his transition from QB to WR: "Just the technique. Every position has a technique that you have to perfect. Guys have spent years – 10-, 15-years-plus – perfecting these techniques, and I'm a newborn in this position. I just have to work extremely hard – twice as hard as the next man, to get used to the position [and] get better at the technique."


CB Tavon Young

On how the rookie experience has been so far: "It's very fun. Coming up you always want to live the dream, and we're living it. Competing out there has been great so far."

On his draft day experience: "During the call, I was on the phone and they said, 'We're having the Flock Festival right now. Where are you located?' Because they knew I was a local guy. I said, 'I'm in [Washington] D.C.; I'll come right now.' As soon as we hung up, we started driving down there."

On how long it took him to get to Flock Festival: "I'd say about 40 minutes – 45 minutes."

On the number of people he brought with him to Flock Festival: "We came in like four cars. It was like 15 of us."  (laughter)

On if he knew the Ravens would draft him: "There were other teams talking to me, but you never know who is going to pick you. My friend last year, he didn't talk to who drafted him, so coming in I was like, 'Whoever drafts me, drafts me.'"

On what position he will play: "Nickelback and special teams."

On if he has ever played nickelback: "Yes, I did. I played nickel last year a little bit. It depended on what teams and what receivers we played against."

On if he has studied the Ravens' schemes: "Yes, sir."

On what he thinks of the Ravens' schemes and where he fits in: "It's just physical, tough, and they play hard. That's what we did at Temple, and I feel like it's the same thing and I fit right in."

On how prepared he is to make the transition to the NFL: "I feel like I'm ready. They always talk about size or, 'You're a young guy.' I feel like if you can play ball, you can play ball. If you can compete, you can take somebody's spot or you can rotate in. It's just dependent on what you do."

On if he is in a good situation with the roster spots available at his position: "It's good. You came here for opportunity. They bring everybody in to bring opportunities for everybody to compete, and that's what I came here to do."

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