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Ravens-Browns Post-game Quotes (12/17)


(opening statement) "Good to see you guys here; [I] appreciate it. Obviously, [that was a] disappointing loss, a tough loss for us. [We] did not play well. [We] have to put up more points – bottom line. We have to do things better in terms of moving the ball through the air, making plays in the red zone, not turning the ball over. Those are all things that will cost you a game in December, and that's what happened. Every area can improve, and that's what we're going to go to work on. We have a big game, obviously, next Saturday against Atlanta at our place, and it's a game that we have to win. So, we'll be looking to do everything we can do to make sure we're at our best on Saturday [vs. Atlanta]. What questions do you have?" 

(on scoring two touchdowns in the past three games and what needs to change)"We just have to start scoring touchdowns. In terms of what really needs to change – to your question – but, we have to do things better. You can't turn the ball over; you have to run routes the right way to get between defenders and free the ball; you can't fumble the ball; you have to put the ball away when you're getting up field. That's winning football; our guys know that. It starts with that. We have to just have a better passing game, basically. It's not a good enough passing game right now across the board to do the things that we're hoping to do. So, that will be priority one. Every area can get better at something in certain things, but from an offensive standpoint, that's something that we have to go to work on, and we will." 

(on having almost 200 rushing yards today but not being able to capitalize on that)"Of course. That's the thing; it's about points. We have to score points." 

(on the decision to go for it on fourth down during the opening possession)"Yes, you're on the 15-yard line, it's fourth-and-1. I think we ought to be able to get a fourth-and-1, but we didn't. So, that's the disappointing thing, obviously. Looking back on it, if I didn't think we were going to get it, I'm kicking a field goal. I felt like we were going to get it. They got theirs, and it led to a touchdown. So, the bottom line is execution, but if we're not going to get them, we'll kick them." 

(on if the passing game will be freed up by getting QB Lamar Jackson back)"We'll see all that. We have a heck of a quarterback sitting right here [in Tyler Huntley]. This guy knows what he's doing. He plays with his heart. He's very much capable of doing all the things that we need to do in the passing game. It's not that; it's everything else. We just have to improve on all of those things." 

(on if there were any communication problems with the headsets) "Yes, there were some headset issues. The way they do their sound system here messes with the phones. It's just the way it works. So, we just have to deal with it. I don't know; I'm not on the play call deal." 

(on if there were headset issues prior to the delay of game penalty in the second quarter)"I don't remember that specifically." 

(on if he feels like RB J.K. Dobbins could have scored a touchdown on his 37-yard run if he was fully healthy) "I don't know. [I'm] really not thinking that way right now. I have to look at it. To me, it's just a big-picture thing. We have to find a way to put points up. All the things that you guys are talking about are things that we have to find a way to do better." 

(on if he has any injury updates on CB Marcus Peters and DE Calais Campbell)"We'll know more tomorrow." 

(on what he is hoping for from the receivers this week)"These guys are all pros. They're great players; they know how to play. They just have to put it together. We have to get it rolling. That's a week-to-week deal, and I'm confident in those guys; I believe in those guys, every single one of them. We'll go to work; we'll work, and we'll be ready to roll. We have to be, that's our responsibility, that's our job." 

(on his thoughts on winning one AFC North road game during this stretch without QB Lamar Jackson)"I haven't thought of it like that. We're in a real tight chase for our division. It's us and the Bengals trying to win the division. We want to win this division. So, we're going to put all of our focus and all of our energy into trying to find a way to do that." 


(on if the Ravens ran the ball as desired)"We were running the football well, but part of this is on me. I don't have my speed and I don't have the normal speed that I had, right now, and I am going to continue to work to get it. We would score touchdowns if I just score from deep. I am going to put that on me because that is what the team drafted me for is to make plays like that. We are going to continue to get better, the running game is going to continue to get better, and it is going to keep stacking." 

(on if he would have scored on the long run today, if fully healthy)"Yes, of course. It is definitely a touchdown, and I will get it back." 

(on if there was frustration when not getting the ball on fourth-and-1)"I always want to be the guy that they look to, but whatever the coaches call, we have to make it work. We have to join each other and be together. When they call something, we have to do it, and we have to convert. It is not on anyone except for us. We have to take a look in the mirror, and we will." 

(on Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh's comment about everything going wrong around Ravens QB Tyler Huntley)"We just have to make plays. Me, receivers, the playmakers and the playmakers we call playmakers, we need to make plays for our quarterback. We can't leave him back there without anybody to make a play. Even if somebody is tightly covered, we have to make a play. We are going to work on that, too. We are going to work on that. I know the guys in there and the receivers, they are going to work on that, and we are going to get it right." 

(on everything that the team wants in the 2022 season still being in front of it and how they take that mindset moving forward)"Everything we want is still in front of us. We are going to keep stacking. We are going to take it game by game. We can't look ahead. We can't look to the next opponent that we are not playing [yet]. We are going to stack it, we are going to get ready for Atlanta, and we are going to do everything we can to win that game. Then, we are going to do everything we can to win the next game, win the next play and win the next second. I have faith in our guys because that is how we are in the locker room." 

(on if the Ravens' offense feels frustrated)"We are frustrated for sure. It is on us, though. It is not on the coach, and it is not on any of the coaches. It is on us. We have to score. Like I said, we have to make plays. We are not making the plays. We are not scoring touchdowns, and somebody has to score them. I take ownership in that, too, because I am not scoring the long ones whenever they are there. I have to do that. It is on me. I have to do that, and I have to be a sparkplug." 

(on finishing against the Steelers last week but not getting a win today)"Yes, it is definitely disappointing. They are a talented team. They have guys on the defense that are good, Pro Bowl guys. Any given Sunday, you know that is what it is. It is not a cakewalk in the NFL. Any team can beat any team. They beat us today. We were not the better team today. We are going to get back to the drawing board, and we are going to fix it. When we get to the playoffs, we will address that, and we will be ready." 


(on the state of the Ravens following tonight's loss with three games to play)"You know, weirdly we are in a good spot I think. Everything is kind of still in front of us. I felt we had a strong week of preparation coming into this game. I think we all felt like we left one out there. Someone just said in the locker room that you can't let this one beat you twice. Even though we are in a good spot right now, it just feels like we are like a wounded dog. I think [we should] let 24 hours go by, come back to reality and then come back to whatever day we are in this week and get back to work on Atlanta." 

(on whether the whole team feels the frustration when the offense is unable to score a TD)"I think in years past when we haven't been able to like six years ago early on, maybe I felt the team was frustrated at times. The thing about this team is that it doesn't faze us really, which really is a compliment to the defense. We just go out there and try to do our job. Sometimes I get excited when we have a turnover, and we have to go out there because I want to get a three-and-out right there. We feel like we are a resilient team, but you would be surprised at how much energy we have when we go turn it over on downs, have a pick or have a fumble. Obviously, we have to lead offensively, and points have to be scored, but to answer your question, does it feel frustrating? No, it doesn't." 

(on the potential for the Ravens QBs and WRs after seeing them in practice)"I think it seemed like we moved the ball very easy on the Browns. I'm not sure what went down. We were getting in the red zone a couple times and here and there, but I think the Browns did a good job of bowing up. In practice, it's very competitive practices. The guys we have – 'D-Rob' [Demarcus Robinson], 'D-Jack' [DeSean Jackson], 'Pro' [James Proche II], [Devin] Duvernay – we really have guys. To get in the red zone and not be able to capitalize was frustrating for those guys, but we will keep working. Everything is still in front of us like I said, so that really gives us a lot of excitement." 

(on what the team says to K Justin Tucker when he misses one)"He just tried to say in the locker room that game was on him, and I think everybody in the locker room was like, 'Don't ever say that again.' He has won us too many games. He is the best for a reason. There is never a time when Justin Tucker loses us a game. He is great. That is the last person I think anyone is worried about at all. We don't even let those words… If he even thinks that for a second, we are here to pick him up. He has picked us up many times and bailed us out so many times. Justin Tucker, he is just great – a great character guy and A great leader on this team. He will continue to not have many days like this." 


(on the frustration of not being able to score a touchdown tonight)"[It's] very frustrating. You have to score to win, so I'm very mad that we didn't." 

(on head coach John Harbaugh saying the parts around him in the offense need to be fixed) "We just have to be on the same page, and we just have to make plays at the right time. We just had some key downs where we didn't make a play, and it was fourth down, and we had to punt. Definitely, we have to make plays at the right time." 

(on the delay of game penalty in the second half and if he was having headset issues) "Yes, the headsets were in and out. I couldn't hear the play call well enough. [I] just couldn't get everyone lined up in time." 

(on not being able to push the ball downfield tonight)"They just played soft coverage, and they have edge rushers. So, I tried to get the ball out, and the times I held it, it was time-wise. Cleveland did a good job with the gameplan they had." 

(on if the headset issues extended to his helmet as well) "Yes, I only heard the end of the play. I didn't hear the formation or anything. [I] tried to get them to repeat it, but by the end, the clock was down. Once you get to [15] seconds, your headphones go off." 

(on his red zone interception) "[No.] 21 [Denzel Ward] just made a great play. [No.] 21 made a great play." 

(on if he feels like they were close to being in this game until the end) "Yes, there were so many plays out in this game that could have changed the whole [outcome] of the game. Those are some key points, for sure." 

(on if he felt like his limited week of practice had any bearing on his performance today) "No, Cleveland just had a great plan for us, and they played a great game." 


(on the Ravens' defense's performance on a night when the offense was struggling)"I would say not good enough when you just look from a standpoint of if they don't score, they don't win. I think a lot of guys in the locker room have that same type of mindset so that is what we have to do. There are plays personally I wish I could get back out there. I'm sure everyone on the defensive side has plays they wish they could get back, as well. That is all we need to really focus on – just us and how we can get better." 

(on Ravens OLB Justin Houston having a sack taken away on a facemask penalty and Cleveland taking the ball down the field for a TD)"I would just say a lot of that was just self-inflicted wounds. I had a play on that drive that I wish I could get back. I'm sure 'J-Hou' [Justin Houston] wishes he could have brought his hand down, but it is not one play. It was a variety of plays throughout. I know all of the guys are going to hone in on that this week and try to get better and not let those plays beat us twice this coming week." 

(on if it is tough to move past a game like today's and still remain focused on the big picture)"Not at all. It is tough that we lost because you want to win each and every game you suit up for. That is why you play the game, and anyone who says they don't, I don't know why you are playing. It sucks, but we just have to get better from this game. We can't let this game beat us twice. Hats off to those guys. They played a better game than us collectively. We just have to get better this week and shift our focus to Atlanta, let this one sting because it does and get better from it." 


(on what he said to the team in the locker room postgame)"I just made it a point to let a number of my teammates know that I felt like this one was on me. As someone who feels like I am a leader in this locker room, I think that is the example that needs to be set. Anytime any one of us feels like we fall short, we do acknowledge it. We need to be accountable so that we can learn from our mistakes and move on and do everything that we can in our power to be 1-0 next week when Atlanta comes to Baltimore." 

(on his philosophy on not comparing separate misses)"Every kick is unique in and of itself. Approaching any kick with the mindset of where you are thinking about another one, whether it is a potential game-winner or a kick that you missed earlier in the game. For me, approaching any kick with any mindset other than, 'This is the kick that I need to make in this moment of time,' that is just doing myself and my teammates a disservice. Did I happen to miss a couple today in a row? Yes, I definitely did. When we go out, and we put points on the board, we make the kick, and today, I missed two, and they happen to be back-to-back in a tough environment with tough conditions. But the only thing that we can do as professionals is try to learn from what happened on the previous kick, and then treat the next one as its own unique entity and make it for what it is worth in that moment." 

(on having the support of his teammates)"That is part of being on a team; that is part of being on this team; that is part of playing for the Baltimore Ravens; that is something that we take great pride in. Every single one of us can point to ourselves and will point to ourselves first and foremost and say, 'What could I have done to be better today to help us win the game?' And if there is anything there, we are going to do to identify it. We are going to work through it, and we are going to do it together with the support of our teammates. When I say that, I expect my teammates to say, 'I got your back,' because I said the exact same thing to 'Snoop [Tyler Huntley], 'I got your back.' We all have each other's back, and that is why this is a special team and why we are not going to bat an eye at this one. We are going to do everything that we can in our power to just go back to work and make the most of our next opportunity when Atlanta comes to town." 


(on the mindset of the Ravens offense)"I will say this, we did the things that we do well, well, once again. Classic Ravens football. But some of the things that have been biting us came back to bite us once again. The inability to score. Shoutout to our defense. Any time they only give up 13 points, there should be no team that should beat us. Big shoutout to the Browns for playing extremely well. We knew they play really well at home. They have that home-field advantage. We did not get it done tonight. Instead of celebrating, we have to sit down and get this figured out. We cannot let this happen, because it has been the same in all five [losses] in some way or another. We have a group of guys here who are going to work hard and get it done and get back to work real quick." 

(on if it was frustrating not being able to score despite running for close to 200 yards)"Always. Some days you are able to get a ton of offense, and you cannot score. The ball just did not roll our way today. Obviously, it is on us. You should not rush for 200 yards and have three points." 

(on if the Ravens' offense will automatically improve when Ravens QB Lamar Jackson returns)"Lamar is a heck of a player. He can do things that no one else can do. He is definitely part of the puzzle, but, as I think we have all said here, we believe in Tyler [Huntley]. Last year, we were able to score a bunch with him back there, too. Everyone has a role somewhere somehow. We did some things well, but we were not able to put it all together. We have to get it figured out."

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