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Ravens Sunday Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Thanks for coming. We had a really good day – very physical practice, very competitive practice – and I'm pleased with what we saw on both sides of the ball. The offense took some major strides today; the passing game was really precise. So, that's where we're at."

With everything that's happened at the cornerback position, how valuable has CB Asa Jackson been? (Joe Platania)"Asa has done a really good job. He's really dedicated himself to all the little things it takes to play that position. He's playing really good technique and his body ... He's strong, he's fast and he's in great shape. He's been very durable. He's doing a good job."

Tomorrow night is the last full practice you guys will have before the preseason game Thursday night. What are you hoping to get out of it? (Michele Gordon)"[We're hoping] just to tie things up. We're going to be a few days removed from having the opportunity to play the 49ers, but we'll want to see assignments, be sharp, want to see the footwork be good, communication be crisp. You [want] to tie things together in a practice like that. It's not going to be the most physical practice that we're going to have, but we'd like it to be our sharpest practice."

Coach, WR Marlon Brown seemed to struggle a little in some of the minicamps with catching the ball, he admitted. What strides have you seen him make? He seems to be more mature and more precise the last couple of weeks. (Jeff Zrebiec)"That's what I was going to say. [The media has] been watching practice, so you know he's made great strides. He made some great catches today. Marlon made some circus catches today and had a couple catch-and-runs on crossing routes. When you can use that big body, it's hard for … He has a [big] catch radius. So, it's hard for a linebacker to get a hand on the ball – especially [with] the way Joe [Flacco] and Tyrod [Taylor] were placing it. He's done a good job."

With TE Dennis Pitta and OLB Elvis Dumervil on their days off, is there a process where you're going to go through that throughout training camp – a couple of veterans each day or maybe a couple each month to save their legs? (Jerry Coleman) "We've been in training camp now for two weeks and we've been doing that process. That's what we've been doing. We do exactly what you just said."

**Will that continue just through training camp? I guess that was the genesis of my question. *(Jerry Coleman) *"Through training [camp]? It won't happen in the regular season, no. Am I not understanding your question?"

I mean once you break camp. (Jerry Coleman) "We don't break camp until the end of the preseason. It's all considered training camp. Is there another way you want to phrase that?" *(laughter)

What have you seen from LB C.J. Mosley in terms of things he's doing really well? (Aaron Wilson)"It's really all been documented. He's a really sharp guy. He really understands football. One of the things that we think is really important here, and we try with our scouts … Our scouts do a good job of trying to [figure] out his football I.Q., and what is that exactly? [It is] guys who really understand the game and pick things up quickly, and C.J. is one of those guys. You don't have to tell him [something] more than once, and he makes corrections really quickly. The next step for C.J. is like all of them – it's going to be to get on the field and play an NFL game against another NFL team [to] get that experience."

Is the facility getting 49er-ready pretty much? (Jamison Hensley)"As far as I know. I'm not involved with that too much, but we have an army of folks here doing a great job, led by [Ravens vice president of operations] Bob Eller. [Ravens president] Dick Cass has really spared no expense to try to do this right, and we want to be good hosts. [The 49ers are] coming all the way across the country, and we want to be good hosts and make the most of it. You know what they're going to do in [the indoor field] with the locker room and everything, so it'll be interesting to see how … I'll be looking forward to seeing what they do."

And you'll probably hear about it if something goes wrong. (Jamison Hensley)"I might. I might hear about it, yes." *(laughter)

John, are you looking forward to being able to spend some time with your family a little bit? (Aaron Wilson)"My mom and dad are here – they got in town today. The 'Niners are coming in Tuesday night, so we'll see them Wednesday a little bit. It'll be a great chance to get together, but [it's all] football. So, I guess it'll be exactly what it's supposed to be with our family."

Coach, can you talk a little bit more about that competitiveness? Has this been the most competitive camp you've had since you first got here? I know they've all been, but it just seems the players are amped up a little more. (Keith Mills)"It's really hard to say. It's fair to make that question because the intensity level has been excellent. Now we've had camp … The first couple of camps we had out there at McDaniel [College] were two-a-days in pads, and we've had some real tough training camps. It's not quite the same kind of camp. But I think what we've also done is we've taken the time we have and we've packed a lot of competitiveness into it. It's been very sharp. And from a roster standpoint, it's one of the most competitive camps we've had. Every year it's different positions, but certain positions this year are really being hotly contested. [As offensive coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] said to [the media] the other day, we really have no idea in some of these spots who's going to win."

John, is G Will Rackley starting to feel better? Are his symptoms starting to subside a little bit? (Aaron Wilson)"I don't know. That'd be a better question for the trainer. For me, it's just, is he ready to go or not? Because with those concussion symptoms, they say he's getting better [and] then the next day he's worse again."

Is there any thought of NT Terrence Cody over the next two weeks? Is there a possibility of him coming back? (Jamison Hensley)"I'd say no. He's just rehabbing the hips for a while."

Linebackers Coach Ted Monachino

Opening statement: "Good afternoon, everyone. Just to start off with a couple quick words about my group, specifically: I've got seven really good football players to coach. The thing that's special about them is they all are good at a lot of things, but I've got [seven] guys with dominant traits, and that's rare in our league, and it's rare in a single room. The things that our guys do exhibit a lot of courage, and I've got the utmost respect for the whole bunch of them. Our veteran guys are practicing and preparing like veterans; our young guys are learning at the rate young guys should learn, and our guys that are … The ones we count on the most in the most critical downs are performing in those situations the best. So I'm glad to be here today. If there's any questions, I'd be happy to take them."

What have you see from C.J. [Mosley] so far as he kind of gets acclimated to the NFL?* (Aaron Wilson)* "C.J. [Mosley] is one of those rare, young players that has a great deal of exposure to a lot of good defense. So the transition for him mentally hasn't been very difficult at all. We've gone through that situation – same situation with Courtney [Upshaw] two years ago. The transition, physically, is one that he's got to catch up. He's got a little bit of a curve there, but has made a huge jump just in the first 10 days of practice. So, we're thrilled where he is right now."

Have you seen some improvements from Arthur [Brown]? It seems he did some things to bulk up, retain his speed. (Aaron Wilson) "Absolutely. Arthur [Brown is] playing … He's playing better now than at any point last year. As a cover linebacker, [he] still can be dominant down-in and down-out, but as a run game linebacker, he's playing very well. I think that Arthur … What you see out of him is the result of a lot of great preparation in the offseason."

With C.J., you said he's got work to do physically. What is it physically you want to see him improve on? (Ryan Mink) "They all need to get stronger and they all need to get faster. When we're talking about that curve, that learning curve, that difference between college football and the National Football League, [it] is [that] everybody is stronger and faster. The speed of the game happens mentally more than it does physically at this level, and [C.J. Mosley] is right in the wheelhouse with that. But the stronger he gets, the better inside linebacker he'll become."

You talk about the speed of the game, the trouble that young players have adjusting. Does it kind of test your patience?* (Joe Platania)* "There is no patience at this level; we don't have much of it because there's no time. The thing that I will tell you though is guys make strides every day to catch up to that speed. I think what is so important for everyone to know is that the mental speed of this game, at this level, is light years faster than a lot of things they've been exposed to, especially those that played at smaller programs or played in leagues that don't have the tempo that a lot of NFL teams do. I am not disappointed at all with anybody's improvement in that area. As a matter of fact, I'm really encouraged by it on both inside and outside."

Coach, you know Terrell [Suggs] as well as anybody here. How impressed are you with his form so far this training camp? (Jeff Zrebiec)"I think that after a year like we had as a defense a year ago, I think it didn't take long for him to get started working towards this year. And personally, I can't tell he's getting any older. That's the great thing about Terrell is he comes in unbelievable shape after a great offseason. We know what a pro Terrell is. We don't worry about him in the offseason, because we know when he shows back up he's going to be in the right frame of mind, No. 1, and he's going to be in shape physically to dominate people. And that's how he [has] come back as this time. [We're] just thrilled with where he is mentally, where he is from a leadership standpoint, where he is in a lot of different aspects in his life, and he's playing like that."


WR Marlon Brown

On what he's focusing on most heading into his second NFL season:"Honestly, I'm still young, so I'm trying to improve everything in my game. I just go back and watch the film. I see the things that I'm doing right and I see the things that I'm doing wrong, and I'm going hard on all my weaknesses. So, it's like my feet, even catching the ball more, the deep ball – everything."

On how the atmosphere in the NFL has affected him:"Not really, because at the end of the day, I'm just thinking about playing ball. I'm just thinking about football at the end of the day. I'm thinking about doing my job. I'm not thinking about the crowd [and] all the other noise. I'm just thinking about doing my job."

On if doing things right or wrong boils down to just being consistent:"I want to be a guy who's consistent, who's reliable, who you can count on every day. Not just on certain days – I want to keep being consistent every day."

On improving in limiting his number of dropped passes during training camp:"[During] minicamp, I had a couple drops. I was big on not dropping the ball anymore – just practicing on catching it with the hands, everything."

On what he enjoys most about practices away from the Ravens' training facility:"[I enjoy] seeing the fans. It's like a game day, but it's not like a game day. [When] the fans are out there, you definitely want to be at your best."

On the level of competition among all wide receivers:"It raises the level for everybody. Even from the starters to the guys who were drafted to the guys who weren't drafted. If a guy is playing up here (raises hand), you have to play up here. (raises hand higher) We're stacking days and we're all getting better."

On if there was any kind of awkward moment between him and offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak when Kubiak joined Baltimore's coaching staff:"No, it wasn't awkward. It was more of a, 'Oh, what's up, Coach 'Kubs?' How you doin'?' (laughter) And he said, 'How you doin', Marlon? You had a great year. Let's just keep improving.' And that's how it was. (laughter) No hard feelings [on choosing Baltimore over Houston as a rookie free agent]."

On how much of a difference it is for the wide receivers transitioning into the new offense:"It's just a playbook. You have to go in there and you have to know your stuff and you have to study. Just like it was last year for me; I had to know my stuff and study, so I'm doing the same thing this year."

On what he's been able to take from WR Steve Smith, Sr. as a veteran receiver:"Steve is a great guy. He's awesome. I sit next to him in the meeting rooms so I can learn as much as I can, and even things on the field and off the field. I'm just trying to learn everything." 

CB Asa Jackson

On how he feels about the competition for the third cornerback spot: "I'm definitely competing, and that's all I'm trying to do. I'm not really worried about the depth chart. I just want to come out here and compete and try to get better every day."

On what he's working on most:"Just showing the coaches that I'm someone that can hold up on the outside; that's my main thing. So I'm working on my press technique mainly and then also my off [technique] and trying to, like you said before, keep competing and showing that I'm someone that can be valuable on the defense."

On the difference being playing nickel and on the outside: "It's definitely like two different positions. On the outside, you [have] got the sidelines; you can use that as your friend and it kind of cuts down some of the route tree, which is nice. On the inside, guys have a two-way go, and those guys are usually a little smaller and a little bit more shifty, making them a little bit harder to cover some of the time. So your focus goes from being a little bit more physical, at least for me, on the outside to on the inside trying to use my quickness and acceleration and my leverage. But it's something I'm adjusting to and I think I'm [going to] keep competing and try to do the best thing that I can."

On making the adjustment from nickel to outside slot: "I would say it was more of a challenge my first two years, trying to balance it and getting into the rhythm of the game and figuring the game out. It's still a challenge now, but I think right now I'm handling it pretty well and I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing, keep working hard and keep competing."

On whether or not he is playing more aggressively: "I think I'm playing smarter. I'm always going to be an aggressive player. I like jumping around some; I like trying to make plays. But I think I'm playing smarter. I know the defense. It's my third year in this defense.  I know kind of the ins and outs of it a little bit more, which is allowing me to know when I can take my chances to know when I can be aggressive, and that's what I'm trying to do."

On if the competition level for a job rises during preseason games: "You can't worry about that. If I'm worried about that, I'm not worried about the receiver that's right in front of me. That's my focus every day when I come out here – playing the play, not worrying about the last play and not worrying about the play ahead of it or any kind of competition. Obviously, I'm here to compete, but that's not what I'm worried about when I'm out there practicing. I'm just trying to get better."

On how much trash talk WR Steve Smith, Sr. partakes in during practice:"It's friendly though. I like Steve [Smith, Sr.], because he keeps a edge on between the defensive backs and the receivers. I think that's really important for us right now. There's no time for being complacent out here, and with a competitor like that, every single day bringing it every single day – whether it's talking, whether it's being physical, whether it's running great routes – that only raises our level. So, I think it's great and I love it and I think we're going to keep battling all season. It's going to be awesome."

On giving an example of something WR Steve Smith, Sr. has said to him during practice: "Oh no, that's not for TV. We're going to keep that between us. But Steve is a great guy. A lot of [the trash talk] is in jest, and a lot of it is to try to get us going and to try to be the best players that we can, and I love that about him. He's a great guy on and off the field and a great teammate."

On how much he enjoys being a returner: "I love it. It [has] been a big part of my game since high school and college, and I've looked to keep that aspect of my game active and hopefully be a contributor there, too. Hopefully this preseason I can go three for three on the punts and try to take another one back. That's definitely a goal of mine. We'll see starting Thursday, but I'm excited about it."

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