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Ravens Transcripts: M&T Bank Stadium Practice

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement:"Man, this is unbelievable. I feel like some big event happened here. It was really great. It was really fun. Obviously, we played a fourth-quarter situation at the end. We split the team up, we played 12 minutes of football, and you can't get any better situational football than letting them play out. And that last play at the end of the game was something you couldn't make up. So, [it was] pretty exciting for the fans. [There was] tremendous support from the fans … How many were here? *(Reporter: 20-25 [thousand]) *They were just enthusiastic. They were thrilled to be here. People came in and picked their 50-yard line seats – I think it was first come, first served. So, it was just great all the way around. Players got a lot out of it. We had two great days of practice. I really like where we're at, and we'll move on from here. A couple of things before you start asking questions: On an injury front, Deonte Thompson is one you're probably interested in, right? Deonte sprained his foot. It's not serious. We're going to hold him out of this game and re-evaluate him on Friday [to] see where he's at. I would expect him back for the Carolina game. I can't think of anybody else. *(Reporter: [Bernard] Pierce?) *[Bernard] Pierce – you guys reported that already. It's a bruise, so it's not serious."

CB Chykie Brown came up a little lame on that last play. (James Searls) *"I don't have any information on anything that happened during practice. I didn't get any report on anything serious, and that was just so late, so I don't know about that one." *

So, RB Bernard Pierce could play Thursday? (Jeff Zrebiec)"Pierce could play Thursday."

Announcement on TE Dallas Clark: "One other thing – I have an announcement. [general manager and executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome] has an agreement in principle with Dallas Clark as of today. So, he'll be in tomorrow to get a physical. Obviously, all of that is going to have to pan out for us to finalize it, but Dallas Clark is on his way to Baltimore right now."

**What are your thoughts on getting TE Dallas Clark and having that veteran presence that he provides? *(Aaron Wilson) *"That's the thing – same thing with Brandon [Stokley] and Dallas – they're both veterans. They're both really accomplished players. We're excited to have them. By no means though is anything guaranteed, and they understand that. They want an opportunity to compete for a job. They'll be in competition for a job with our guys that are here, and we'll see how that plays out. That's how we like it."

**How much does it help that those players have a relationship with [offensive coordinator] Jim Caldwell, and he knew them from the days back with Indy? *(Matt Vensel) *"The previous relationships are always positive with players. It gives you a good insight into what kind of a guy you're getting. You can see how that played out with Daryl Smith and [linebackers coach] Ted Monachino, so it's always a plus."

**As far as getting WR Brandon Stokley and just the experience a guy like that brings to the table – what does that give this offense? *(Aaron Wilson) *"Well, it gives us experience. It gives us a guy who can catch balls in the slot, and he's done that over a number of years. He's done a great job with that, so it's an asset for us."

**Was it more of a situation where you guys were eyeing a veteran receiver all along, or did something in the last week accelerate that? *(Jeff Zrebiec) *"I think, more than anything, it's a need potentially in a certain area. But we still have guys who are in the process of stepping up there. Tandon Doss – we're going to put him more in the slot in the next week or two. David Reed will get healthy. There's going to be a real strong competition in that third down, move-the-chains-type underneath position. And it's going to be really fun to see how it plays out."

**As far as TE Dallas Clark – he's a guy who has been in the league for a long time. What do you feel like he adds to that tight end competition? *(Matt Zenitz) *"Well, it's the same thing – that's really his role. He can play in early downs, obviously. He's a great seam and seven-route runner, but he's also a great stop-option, crossing-route guy. That's the type of routes that move the chains. He's got a great catch radius. Those are the things that Dennis [Pitta] excels at, so those are the things that he excels at."

Statement on Ravens coaching staff: "One other thing – I just want to mention our coaches, just for the record. Our coaches have done a phenomenal job. We have the best coaching staff in the National Football League. I could name them, I could go through every single guy, but the job they've done with this young team so far has just been tremendous. And I'm really glad the fans got a chance to see our guys work out here tonight."

WR Brandon Stokley

On coming back to Baltimore: "[I have] a lot of old, good memories. [It's] a great organization, great fans, just an all-around great place."* *

On filling a need at wide receiver for the Ravens: "I'm just trying to come in here and work hard and do my best—hopefully help out in any way that I can."* *

On being patient as a free agent: "Yes, just waiting. I hadn't really heard anything and I was just trying to stay in shape. I've been in this situation before and I know how it works. Nothing really surprises me."* *

On the memories he has from Baltimore: "This is where I started. I was thinking when I flew in last night that about 14 years ago I made the same trip as a rookie. It definitely brings back a lot of memories."* *

On why he wanted to come back to Baltimore: "From playing here before and knowing what kind of organization it is from the top – from [owner] Mr. Bisciotti – all the way down. There's not a better organization in the league. To have that opportunity to come back and play here again – you can't pass that up."* *

On the difficulty of entering training camp midway through: "It's very difficult. You've just got to study really hard and get yourself up to speed and do the best that you can. But it is [difficult], because the guys are a lot further along than you, because they had the whole offseason and the training camp so far. But I'm just going to do the best that I can."* *

On digesting the playbook in a shorter amount of time: "Well it is hard to do, but it's part of my job. I've got to try to do the best I can, study really hard, and work hard at it. That's just part of my job."* *

On being with a respected organization: "It's awesome, it's a great feeling. Knowing what type of organization it is here … The fans are unbelievable, best in the NFL . [The] organization is great. To be able to have another opportunity to play here is special."* *

On his familiarity with the current team: "It definitely helps a lot to be familiar with some of the coaches. I know a few of them and some of the players. "* *

On joining forces with TE Dallas Clark again: "I just heard that. He's a great guy. He's a great player and I think he can add a lot to this team."* *

On QB Joe Flacco's ability: "He's unbelievable. You saw what he did last year in the playoffs. That run that they went on was awesome. It takes a special quarterback to do that."* *

On how much having a good quarterback helps his production:"It helps, but you've got to run routes to get open. In this league, I think everybody realizes you've got to have a good quarterback to win, and they have that here. "* *

On if it's tough to be patient as a free agent: "Not really. I've been in this situation before so I figured something would pop up. I just kept working and this came up. "* *

On if he can still play effectively at the age of 37:"I feel like I can move the chains. I feel like I can help them plug in the end zone, keep the offense on the field, and be successful. "* *

On being a fan favorite in Baltimore: "Yes, it feels great.  Like I said, I think they are the best [fans] in the NFL. I loved it when I was here and I definitely appreciate all their support. "* *

On if he will practice tomorrow:  "Yes, ready to go tomorrow."* *

On if he'll where No. 80 like he had before:"Yes, I did get 80."* *

On the importance of being with a playoff contender:"Yes, it's very important. There are not many teams that you can say have a chance to get to the Super Bowl. I definitely think that this is one of those teams. It's always important to [players] and a lot more fun when you're on one of those teams."

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