Ravens Transcripts: Week 7 at Jets (Oct. 19)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody – appreciate it. We had a good tough practice – padded practice, very physical. I appreciated the way the guys responded. It was good. As far as the injury stuff goes, I know you're going to ask about that, so I'll just get out in front of a couple of them. Joe [Flacco] is probably the main one that you're going to ask about. Joe has a right shoulder issue from the game. He didn't feel it after the game, reported it Monday, had an MRI, and we're just going to see how the thing goes during the week. He has a chance to play. I don't know what the percentage is. He might have a better [idea]. No one gave me a percentage on it. I believe he has a legitimate chance to play, and we'll see where it goes during the week. 'Sizzle' [Terrell Suggs], I'm not so optimistic on 'Sizzle.' Last time he did it, he played the game after the first game, but if he comes up and says he can play, then we'll put him out there. He's not a long-term deal either. I think that's pretty much everybody that matters right now that the injury reports wouldn't tell you anything you don't need to know."

John, what would you have to see from QB Joe Flacco to get him in the game? Would he have to practice this week? (David Ginsburg) "No. Joe wouldn't have to practice this week. He's played a lot. He's in all of the meetings. He would not have to practice to play."

Against the Giants in the last seven seconds, the next-to-last play, you took a delay of game penalty. Do you know what happened there?* (Mike Preston) "I can't remember right now. What was the situation? Help me." *(Preston:"You had the ball at the 24-yard line. Joe got up to the line of scrimmage and time expired. Then they backed it up 5 [yards], and you went from there.") "I think we had a phone issue with [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg], as I recall. We just didn't get the play in on time. It didn't work out. We had a few of those. We had two of those after we had penalties, and we were trying to get a play in and trying to get personnel on the field. Some of that stuff happened, probably a result of the change in some of the plays and some of the things we were doing, I would say. But it's still not acceptable. That is, to me, a big emphasis. It's a huge emphasis right now for what we're doing. I don't know if you guys heard me at practice today. That absolutely has to get fixed. It's kind of mental toughness. It's intellectual toughness. It's just making sure it doesn't happen. These guys are pros. They know how to do that, and we're going to make darn sure that we get it fixed."

How much change can a new coordinator actually make in a week? (Mike Preston) "That's a good question. I don't really have a measuring stick on that, but enough to win is what you hope for. We were good enough to win in that game without backing ourselves up with the penalties. Enough to win this week is what we're planning on."

When QB Joe Flacco injured himself last week, were you able to identify when it happened? Did he play through the sore shoulder?* (Jerry Coleman)* "He played the whole game, so the answer is an obvious 'yes' on that. He doesn't even know when it happened."

How much do you think it affected his play? (Jerry Coleman) "I don't know. I don't have any idea."

G/T Alex Lewis has been pretty valuable as a rookie going to two different positions. He hasn't been perfect, but could you expect more from him? (David Ginsburg)"Alex has done great. I think it's a great point. He struggled a little bit the first week, two weeks ago, going to tackle with some of the bull rushes, and he got that cleaned up. There were a couple of things this week that he can do better, but the thing I like about Alex Lewis is he doesn't repeat mistakes and he improves. He's a smart guy and he works hard. The biggest issue that we had in the game with him was the one hold when Joe broke out of the pocket. You're right, he had a good game, and he's done well, really, at both positions."

In a situation like this, I know you're not sure if you're going to need him, but how much does it help with the number of reps you get QB Ryan Mallett? (Jeff Zrebiec)"It's probably a big plus. He had all of the reps in OTAs and all of that. Ryan [could be] a starter in this league. That will not be a problem if he plays. I'll feel very confident if Ryan Mallett is out there playing. I'm going to want Joe out there. Everybody knows that. Joe knows that. Joe will be out there if he can be. There's no tougher guy than Joe. To me, he will be out there. It's my belief he'll be out there. The way it heals is the way it heals. We'll see, but if Ryan plays, I'll be excited about the game."

It has been reported that the Jets are making a quarterback switch. How much does that change your preparation?* (Jeff Zrebiec)* "It won't change a ton, because I think the offense is going to remain, essentially, the same with what they do. It will nuance a little bit in certain directions. We didn't hear that until right at the end of practice out here, but we already put in some stuff that we thought would be more Geno Smith-oriented-type things. We practiced those plays already, so we were prepared for that."

When a secondary collectively struggles, how tough is it for those guys to bounce back the following week? (Jamison Hensley) "In my opinion, having not played corner in the National Football League, but having coached it – 33 years in this thing now – I don't think it's hard at all. I think you get back to your fundamentals and your technique. You get your eyes where they're supposed to be. You get your feet – your body position – where it's supposed to be, your hands where they're supposed to be, and you focus on doing things the right way. That's the toughest thing for that position, because you're on a razor's edge. It's not a mentally difficult position, as far as knowing assignments. It's a mentally challenging position, as far as that razor-edge focus that you have to have every play, because you are on an island. Literally, you're on a razor's edge out there. That's the thing that challenges you, as far as maintaining your attention to detail and technique every single play, because that play can be the play that determines the game."

One of the biggest questions we had going into training camp was who is playing next to ILB C.J Mosley. What have you seen from ILB Zachary Orr? (Joe Platania) "That's a really great point. I told him the other day he's making a name for himself in this league. Everybody is watching the tape, and they know who [No.] 54 is for the Ravens right now. That's what you hope for guys. He's really come through."

**With the possibility of OLB Terrell Suggs and OLB Elvis Dumervil not playing, there will be a lot of attention on OLB Matthew Judon, LB Kamalei Correa and OLB Za'Darius Smith. Have you seen the progress you need to see from those guys? *(Jeff Zrebiec) *"I would say the same thing about those guys as I said about [Ryan] Mallett. I'll be excited to see those guys play. I really am looking forward to it. I loved the way they practiced today, and that's why those guys are here."

Is S Matt Elam close to practicing? He can this week, right? (Jeff Zrebiec) "We would have to make the determination. I'm not sure. I think the time is about right. I don't think his knee is quite ready yet. He might be a couple weeks out, maybe. I'm not sure. I haven't asked that question, but that's my gut. There are other guys, too. Carl Davis is in that conversation. Maurice Canady and Sheldon Price, off the top of my head, are all in that conversation."

*John, you guys talk about creating more turnovers. That's one thing you have done extensively. What have you seen in that area? Does that give you encouragement that if you avoid penalties that maybe you can get things turned around? (Cliff Brown) *"I see your bigger picture point there. It's good. We have to keep doing it. We have to continue to stop the run. We have to get pressure on the quarterback. We don't want to let up in any area that we're doing well, while we improve the areas that we're not doing well. Really, that's the whole key: build on the positive, correct and fix the things that aren't good – the negative – and play winning football."

QB Joe Flacco

On if he thinks he will play this week: "Yes. I have a little shoulder soreness. I just thought it was best to take the day off and come back and see how it feels tomorrow."

On if he felt shoulder pain during the game: "I did not feel it during the game. I came in the locker room afterwards and felt a little something."

On if the MRI showed that there was nothing wrong structurally with his shoulder: "John [Harbaugh] will talk more about that, if you want to ask John about it. But yes, it is nothing to worry about."

On if he has to change his routine this week: "It is really just about getting to the point to where I feel like I can go out there and sufficiently throw the ball. Like I said, I think a little bit of rest right now is probably the best thing."

On if he has any nervousness about not playing:"I am not nervous. It is just a matter of how I'm going to feel. I think this [taking practice off] today and just staying in there and doing some rehab and trying to get warmed up a little bit was probably the best thing."

On if he has to be pain free in order to play on Sunday: "It is not about being pain free. You can deal with a little pain. It is just about making sure you can throw the ball good enough to go out there and help your team."

On what he thinks he needs to improve on to help the offense play better:"There are always things. There are times where I think I can be more accurate in some of the short passing game. There are probably some shots downfield where maybe they have been there and we haven't hit on them – just consistency overall. I think we have to find a way to get more yards per completion, more yards per attempt. That starts with me and all the receivers working together and just being more precise and being more consistent through the 60-minute game."

On how frustrating it is for the team to commit so many penalties: "It is tough. We are stopping ourselves so much. We are getting inside the 50-yard line, inside the 40-yard line, and then a lot of drives, we are moving backwards. We get down to the 10-yard line, and we go backwards. Instead of having goal-to-go, you give yourselves goal-to-go from the 15-yard line. It just makes it a lot tougher to go out there and be successful and put points on the board. By that, I mean touchdowns, not field goals. There are times where we have probably been able to get field goals. We are turning touchdowns into field goals, and we are turning field goals – at least – into no points. That is tough to go out there and win on a consistent basis when you are leaving right around 10 points a game out there. You are turning a 30-point game into a 20-point game, and that makes a world of difference. We have to work on that, and as long as we can correct those things, I think we are going to give ourselves more opportunities to score. We are just taking so many opportunities away from ourselves to throw the ball into the end zone [and] to run the ball into the end zone. Over the course of the game, it adds up."

On if the team appreciates the aggressiveness of head coach John  Harbaugh, particularly when they decided to go for it on fourth down on the goal line:"It is not about appreciating it or not. This is what we do as players. We do what we are told, and we expect to go in there and score. We don't have to wait until fourth down. We don't want to put ourselves – we don't want to put John – in the situation where we have to make that call on fourth down. We want to score on one of the first three and make it easy for ourselves. Having said that, we know that his mindset is, that we are going to go for it – not only down there, but in the middle of the field. We are going to go for it on fourth downs, and we are going to try to get as many points as we can. I think he also believes that if we do get stopped in that situation, that our defense is going to hold them down in there, and we are going to get the ball right back inside the 50-yard line. Hopefully, in cases like that, when we do get stopped, that is what happens. It didn't necessarily work out that way, and yes, you can say that we may have needed three points at the end. But you never know how the game is going to work out after something like that. The whole series of events change, and you can never really look back afterwards. It is that kind of game. You make decisions on the fly, and you are aggressive. I think a lot of the time being aggressive pays off for you. To go back and look and try to rethink some of those things is just very tough in this game. You have to act on impulse and trust your decision-making on the fly."

On if head coach John Harbaugh's aggressive mindset gives them more options on the first three downs:"I think so. But that is also not necessarily between the players on the field and John. You hope that John and the coordinators have good communication on first down that we may go for it on fourth down. [They might say], 'Hey you have four downs here.' I would assume that is the conversation that they have, as opposed to all of a sudden on fourth down making that call. It may change things on the first three downs if you do have that information. I think they do that."

On when he will know if he can play and if it could potentially be something he decides on Sunday morning: "I sure hope not. I really don't know, to be honest with you. I hope I come in here and start feeling pretty good."

ILB Zachary Orr

On how he has played in the first half of the season:"I think it's going pretty well. I was able to come in and do my job. That's all I've been doing so far, doing what the coaches and the organization has expected me to do. The exciting this is I can get a whole lot better. Just watching the film and talking to [linebackers] coach [Don] 'Wink' [Martindale] and everything, there are a lot of areas I can improve on, and I'm just striving for that each and every day."

On head coach John Harbaugh's comments that he is making a name for himself:"I definitely feel like whenever you get a chance to start, and you're playing the amount of plays that I've been able to play, and you're able to make some plays, people around the league start taking notice. I have great players around me that have allowed me to flourish in this system. It's probably the best situation I could be in. Coach does a great job of preparing us, coach 'Wink,' with the linebackers. I go into the games each and every week confident that everything is going to be fine."

On how challenging it is to adjust to teammates leaving mid-game due to injury: "It's definitely challenging, especially when you're missing the starters and some of your best playmakers. Everybody has a job to do. You wouldn't be on this roster if you weren't capable of getting the job done. Each and every day we talk about being one play away. It's coming true. Guys have to be ready, and guys have to step in. We have the men that can do that."

On the work he has put in to get to this point in his career: "This is something that I've always envisioned – my family has always envisioned.  It's just really neat to see everything coming together. All of the hard work pays off. You hear people say all the time, 'Hard work pays off,' and it sounds cliché, but it really is true. When you put in the work and you have people around you that support you like family, friends, teammates and coaches, it allows you to get the job done. It's definitely really nice, and I'm glad, and just have to keep it going."

WR Breshad Perriman

* *

On what the offense is like without QB Joe Flacco on the field: "It is definitely different, but at the same time, it is kind of a 'next man up' type of thing. You just have to do your best with what is out there."

On how much time in advance the offense needs to know who is going to start at QB: "You need a couple days, at least, to know who it will be. But at the same time, we have had balls thrown to us from all types of different quarterbacks. You have to adjust on the run."

On if it helps that QB Ryan Mallett and QB Joe Flacco have similar styles: "Yes, definitely. Just in the offseason, especially with Joe being hurt, we all had passes from [Ryan] Mallett before. That helped. We will basically just play the cards we are dealt."

On how much of a challenge it is for the receiving corps to step up while they aren't at 100 percent: "It is big. Steve [Smith Sr.] is down, and I don't know what his status is. You just have to step in and try to do your best to fill a role. We are just going to go out there and play how we know how to play and try to make plays."

On if there is some relief ahead knowing that the bye week is coming up, because the team has piled up so many injuries: "Honestly, I haven't really thought about it. I try not to think about it. I try to deal with it when it comes, but I'm sure some of the players will not mind a bye week. For now, we are just focusing on the Jets."

OLB Za'Darius Smith

On if it feels like he is getting close to getting his first sack: "It is, but at the same time, I get a lot of pressure. Like coach said, my time is going to come, and my sacks are going to come. I'm going to just take it one day at a time and keep improving as a pass rusher." 

On what advice OLB Terrell Suggs has given him with Suggs injured: "A whole lot. [He tells me], 'It is your shot. It is your chance to do what you do. Coach brought you here for a reason.' When he goes down, we really have to show up and make a name for ourselves."

On if he is being played differently by any offensive tackles this year: "No. I can say that every tackle that I have gone up against has played their best, and I have played my best. I have gone up against a lot of great tackles. But at the same time, I'm been supposed to make a lot of plays and have been in the position to make a lot of big plays; I just have to finish."

On if his ankle has hindered him at all: "A little bit. But I won't blame it on my ankle. I'm a tough guy. At the same time, I just have to get better as a pass rusher."

On if he sees progress from LB Kamalei Correa and OLB Matthew Judon: "Yes, I think so. They are getting better each and every day. At practice and even in the film room, those guys are growing. I tell Judon just to joke with him, 'You have to end the season with 5.5 [sacks] like I did last year." (laughter)

WR Mike Wallace

On if there is a concern without QB Joe Flacco at practice: "I feel like he is still Joe. He is still our guy. If he can go, he will go. I trust that he will be able to go. But missing one day at practice won't hurt him, even though we need all the practice we can get right now."

On if QB Joe Flacco not practicing doesn't mean as much, considering he is a veteran: "Definitely. He knows the playbook in and out. It is all about the feel for the game, and he has that."

On what positives he can take from Sunday's game: "Just moving the ball. We moved the ball pretty well, and we got downfield a lot. We got some big penalties – Breshad [Perriman] got one and I got one myself. We had over 100 yards in penalties. We both caught deep passes. Kamar [Aiken] caught a nice bit of passes. Everybody was doing a good job last week. [Offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] has done a great job, and I think the second week will be better."

On if it will be odd to go to New York twice in a row: "It is different. I never did anything like that before. Going there, coming back, and going right back – I've never done that before. I think it will be better for us the second time, because we know exactly what to expect, we know exactly how it is going to go. It wasn't a bad trip at all. We went on the train, and it was about two hours. It wasn't bad, and I think by us doing it last week, everyone knows the routine."

On if them going deep sends a message that teams can't press at the line of scrimmage: "I hope it doesn't, so they can do it a couple more times. (laughter) Yes, most definitely. If you go up top, they have to put people back there, and they have to respect it with the guys that we have and the speed that we have. They have to respect the deep ball, and it will open up some underneath things and the run game."

DB/RS Lardarius Webb

On the Jets starting QB Geno Smith this Sunday:"I think he has the talent. I know he has the talent. He has Brandon Marshall and a couple of guys that catch the ball. He has the guys around him. When you have Matt Forte in the backfield, you can take some of the pressure off of him and just run the ball a lot. I think they believe in Geno. We just have to worry about this one game. We have to get a win, and we have to get back on the right track."

On his thoughts on WR Brandon Marshall:"He is a great receiver. He has the size, he can make any catch, and he is a great route runner. He is just a No. 1 guy. He is that type of guy to where you can throw the ball up and expect for him to come down with the ball. Every team needs one of those guys, and New York definitely has one with him."

On how it felt to get CB Jimmy Smith back to practice: "It was very encouraging. We need our No. 1 corner. You see how things turned around when he went out in the game against the Giants. He is a big part of this defense. With a lockdown corner like he is, you can do a lot of different things with the defense. You can blitz, you can play coverage, and you can do a lot of different things. But you need that one corner that can cover guys like Brandon Marshall or whoever comes over to his side. [Jimmy Smith] is a tough guy. He is not trying to milk it or sit out. He wants to be here for his team, and that is the kind of guy that we want in this locker room."

On the secondary still missing players due to injury: "I think it is kind of tough, especially with the game that we just had. We gave up a lot of yardage. It was on us. We kind of gave it up … The secondary … This week is just testing everyone – testing their character and seeing how they are going to come back and fight. My young boy, Tavon [Young], came back and had a great practice. He came back prepared and ready to go again. Those are the type of guys that we want in the locker room – the guys that are going to fight for his teammate, fight for the guy that is next to him. We are finding them. We are finding those guys that want to be here, who want to play and who want to be a starter in case Jimmy goes down again. We are going to need them."

On what he saw on the last touchdown Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. scored: "I saw him coming at me, and I saw open field. I was trying to decide which way I was going to make him go. I was trying to get him turned around. He did turn around, but he hit on the jets. It was just … [Eric] Weddle and Tavon [Young] bumped into each other. I think if Tavon didn't knock the ball down, he would have at least made that tackle. It was just one of those things that happened; [Beckham Jr.] made a great play."

RB Terrance West

On the decision to go for it on fourth down from the 1-yard line against NYG:"I like going for it on fourth down."

On if he would have been happy kicking on fourth down: "No, I think [head coach John Harbaugh] made the right decision going for it. If we got in, everybody would be happy. It's fourth-and-one – goal line. It was a good call. We just didn't get it in."

On if that is the attitude of the team: "I think most of the teams in the NFL probably would have went for it on fourth-and-one. The way the game was going, I think we needed those points."

On what he means by "the way the game was going":"I'm not sure what the score was at the time." (Reporter: "You were down by 4 – 17-13, with 14 minutes left.") "We're trying to put up a lot of points on offense. Three points would have been good, but seven is better."

On the changes in play-calling with new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg: "It was well-balanced. I felt more comfortable. I felt comfortable before, but I felt like we threw the ball at the right times and ran the ball at the right times. We ran the ball a lot, and I like that."

On the possibility of QB Joe Flacco not playing this Sunday: "This league is all about the next man up. Everybody is behind [Ryan] Mallett. Everybody wants [Joe] Flacco to play, but if he doesn't, it's about the next man up. That's how the league goes. Everybody is going to be behind Mallett."

On if he is getting closer to the desired rhythm in the run game: "It's definitely going in the right direction, the run game."


Head Coach Todd Bowles

Can you talk about what went into the decision to go with QB Geno Smith over QB Ryan Fitzpatrick?"I think we needed a change on offense. Ultimately, it's all of the coaches' and players' that are playing responsibility, but we have two evenly good quarterbacks, and Ryan wasn't playing as well, so we decided to make the change and go with Geno."

What does QB Geno Smith bring to the table? "Obviously, he's a talented guy, but I think he has matured over the past couple of years. Hopefully he gives us a spark, controls the offense, doesn't turn the ball over and gives us something to cheer about."

How different is QB Geno Smith from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick? "He's not much different. I think he's different in the sense that he is probably a little more athletic in that regard, but they both can make all of the throws."

You probably know that QB Joe Flacco didn't practice today. Are you anticipating that he will be out there on Sunday? "Joe is tough and he's a warrior. I think if he can be out there, he will be out there. We're preparing for him to be out there. If not, they have an equally good quarterback in Ryan Mallett. Ryan has a strong arm, and he can make all of the throws as well."

Do you have to adjust your defensive strategy if you see QB Ryan Mallett instead of QB Joe Flacco? "Not sure. They both have strong arms, so I'm sure Mallett can run the offense just like Flacco can. He had some good games last year when he came in. We just have to play off what we see and adjust during the game."

CB Jimmy Smith was knocked out of the game against the Giants. Can you talk about what you see from the secondary without Jimmy? "I don't know if he's going to play or not play. They're tough defensively as a secondary, linebackers and D-Line. They're going to give us problems no matter what. We just have to make sure we cover our bases and be fundamentally sound and try to make some plays."

If you can go against a secondary without CB Jimmy Smith, is that something WR Brandon Williams can take advantage of? "I don't think so. I think their defense is more than just Jimmy Smith. They have 10 other guys over there that have to play, and 11 if Jimmy doesn't play. You just have to prepare to play a tough defense and don't worry about who is playing and who is not playing."

What do you see from the Ravens' young pass rushers, like OLB Za'Darius Smith and OLB Matthew Judon? "They're both hard workers. They can get there. They're strong. They're grinders. They can get around the corner. They can play tough on the edge. They give you problems. They give you problems."

Over the weekend, there were some controversial pass interference penalties, and there's some talk about making those penalties reviewable. What's your reaction to that? "I think that's a great idea if we can make the pass interference calls reviewable. Some of them are obvious, but I think some of them need to be reviewed."

Have the Jets been burned by pass interference calls this season? "I don't know if we've been burned, but there are some questionable ones, yeah."

Do you think if they are reviewable, it would make games longer and frustrate fans?"I don't think so. I think if a flag is thrown, it's reviewable. If it's not thrown, I don't think it's reviewable. It doesn't take any more time than any other replay."

WR Brandon Marshall

Can you talk about the change to quarterback going from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to QB Geno Smith? How much of an adjustment is that for you? "It is not a big adjustment. Honestly, none at all. Geno was our starter all [offseason], so we had the offseason to prepare with him. We had most of [training] camp this year. He had the ball all offseason while Ryan was going through the negotiation. Not only myself and guys that were here last year are comfortable with Geno, but also the younger guys, because they were able to work with him for months."

Todd Bowles said that the offense needed a spark. Do you agree?"Yes. The whole team needs a spark; it is not just an offensive thing. We all need to get going and make plays, whether that is defense, special teams or offense."

Do you think QB Geno Smith can provide that spark? "He is just one part of it. It is a team game. We all have to make plays. I only had three catches last week. I can do a better job of getting open and making the tough plays. Running backs – although there have not been many holes the last game or so – they can do a better job. The offensive line can make the holes better and hold up a little longer. Coaches can call better calls at times. Our grounds crew can do a better job of making sure that they go from being 98 percent to 100 percent, because they are the best in the business. I say all that because it is all of us. It is not just the quarterback. It is not all Ryan's fault, although he got benched. We all have to step up our game."

When you see another wide receiver the week before gain over 200 receiving yards against a team's secondary you are about to play, what does that do for a receiver going into this game?"Absolutely nothing. This is the National Football League. Teams adjust on a week-by-week basis. One of those plays [was] 71 yards; he had a slant and two guys ran into each other. That is just timing. You do not expect things like that to happen every single week. Those guys actually played a solid game. You take away three plays, [and] they did a tremendous job of keeping those guys in check. We have our work cut out for us. We do know that the secondary is a little banged up. But the thing that I love about this defense – and it has been this way for years – although you guys have had stars there before, it has never been about the stars; it has been about the scheme and the defense. Those guys do a tremendous job of coaching them up and everybody doing their job."

You mention the secondary being banged up. One of those guys is CB Jimmy Smith. You saw the Giants take advantage of Jimmy's absence. If he can't play this Sunday, would that lend you to believe that you could take advantage as well? "No. I mean, again, it is tough. It is not as easy as you think. Jimmy is a hell of a player, so I would love to get that opportunity to play against him. He is one of the most underrated corners in the business. He is so strong and so smart. He has really good ball skills. So, I'm looking forward to him getting out there and being healthy, so it is going to be a tough match."

On how much he enjoys watching WR Steve Smith Sr.: "That's my big brother. He's awesome. Forget his talent; I just love his fire and his passion. That's what makes him great. That's the thing that separates him from, not only every other receiver in the league, but every other player. I don't know if any other guy in the league is as fiery as Steve is."

On if he relies on pass interference calls if he doesn't catch deep balls: "No, I'm always looking to pad the stats. I want the ball. I hate … I want the ball. I don't care about the penalty."

On if pass interference calls help the offense: "Yeah, but I'm still ticked off that I don't get that 40-, 50-yarder. I want the ball. It's hard to get a catch in the National Football League. Even when we do get a call, I'm still kind of ticked off that I don't have that 40-yard, 50-yard catch. You beat a guy and you expect to go up and make the play, and you get a P.I. [pass interference]. It's great, but also I want the ball."

On if he is in favor of making pass interference calls reviewable: "Absolutely. Absolutely, I think it would be a great thing for the league."

On why it would be a great thing: "Look at you. You're trying to get it out of me, huh? *(laughter) *I just think it's good, because a call like that can really change the course of a game. I think that given how important each game is, we should definitely review calls like that."

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