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Ravens vs. Jets Halftime Transcript

DT Haloti Ngata

(on the first-team defense holding the Jets scoreless through the 1st quarter) "We weren't planning on that. I think one of the things we mostly have got to work on is stopping the run. We take a lot of pride in that. We didn't do too well, so we've got to go back and fix that. But it was good that we were still able to have a dominant defense."

(on his interception returned for a touchdown) "I was supposed to have contain on that play. I saw the running back come out, so I tried to stay in between [the quarterback and the running back]. I saw the quarterback looking at him, and then he threw the ball. I just jumped up, and it hit my stomach. My stomach swallowed it, and I caught the ball."

LB Ray Lewis
(on shutting out the Jets in the 1st quarter) "I don't care if you've coached for us or not, when you play against our defense, it's hard. You put a young guy like [Mark] Sanchez in there, and you see our defense, it can be difficult. We shut them out again, and we take pride in that – bottom line. They threw everything at us – draws, reverses. They really threw everything at us. I just think as a defense overall, we just made some great plays."

(on pressuring Sanchez) "You don't know what you're playing against until you actually play against us. You saw his eyes get big, and he was jumping around in the pocket. He threw one [interception-touchdown return] to Haloti [Ngata]. He threw another one to me, which I could've caught, but I didn't want that one until the regular season. Bottom line, we gave a lot of looks and disguises, and we confused him a little bit. He will be OK, but right now, as a first-team defense, we are definitely clicking."

QB Joe Flacco

(general statement) "I had a couple of incompletions early, where I wasn't really completing the ball. But, we came out on that second drive and made some big plays. My last drive out there, we really did a good job converting third downs. Guys made some big plays, including Todd [Heap], who came across the middle and made a nice catch on third down. That's what we need to do to complete those long drives. We have to get those third downs, which is important. I felt pretty comfortable overall. We kind of killed ourselves once we got down there in the red zone. I took a sack, and we had that holding call after I ran for the first down. But as long as we eliminate those things, we'll be OK and be on our way."

(on the touchdown handoff to RB Ray Rice) "My ball handling was kind of wrong. We did a little bait and throw handoff, and I didn't do it right. It still worked. So, I'm happy."

RB Ray Rice

(on the touchdown handoff from QB Joe Flacco) "We worked on it in practice, the little Statue of Liberty play, which I was representing for the New York area. Fortunately, we were able to execute it, and we got it done. That's what you have to do in the preseason. It's all about executing and making plays."

(on getting the tough rushing yards) "The Jets' defense definitely played tough. We expected them to be tough, and that's only going to make us better when we play other teams."

WR Derrick Mason

(general statement) "In the first game of the preseason, everybody is getting used to each other, being out there playing against another team. But in the second game, you clear up all the mistakes, and you go out there and run your offense more fluidly. We put together a little game plan for this game. It wasn't extensive, but it was 15 or 20 plays that we really wanted to work on. Today it seemed to work."

(on his timing with QB Joe Flacco) "The timing is good between Joe and me. Once I got back into practice, we started clicking right away. Early on, though, you're trying to get everyone else involved. You want to focus on the other receivers, because the coaches know what I can do out there. In the second and third preseason game, that's really when you try to get your main guys involved in the game."

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(on his team's play in the first half) "We didn't do a good job in the middle of the second quarter on their touchdown drive. They got it started with a run and hit the screen to get a first down. They hit us on a wheel route for the touchdown.

"We did make the big plays on defense with Haloti [Ngata] and [Jameel] McClain. It was good to see McClain come back and make the big play after giving up the touchdown and getting caught in a kickoff coverage.

"Really, without our two big defensive plays, it was a very competitive first half – a 7-7 game."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison

(on the defense) "We gave up too much on the ground in the first half, especially against the draws. We have to get off the blocks better.

"We love the big plays for the scores, but we gave up too much on their touchdown drive, particularly on third down. They got three big plays, including the touchdown."

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

(on the offense) "Well, we certainly had to handle a variety of blitzes. Joe [Flacco] got hit a little, and typical of him, he came to the sideline and said, 'It felt like football. I didn't get hit last week.'"

(on the Ray Rice touchdown) "Joe handled the fake on Ray's [Rice] touchdown OK. It was really nice to get the touchdown."

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