Ravens vs. Redskins Post Game Quotes


Opening Statement:

"Okay good to see everybody, good crowd appreciate you guys being here. Good win, very proud of the guys. I thought they went out there and competed, played hard and overcame a lot of mistakes. Actually, we had a number of penalties that we managed to overcome, both quarterbacks played well, obviously defense played well. Special teams got a blocked punt at the end, that's what turned the game and won the game for us, so all three phases were a big part of it. I'm very proud of the guys, I'm proud of how they worked this preseason, very proud of how they practiced and met. Just how they worked to become what we are right now, this is our starting point and where we step off from and we've stacked underneath us for the last number of weeks and now we move forward in the regular season."

On cutting the roster to 53 players this weekend:

"Yeah, you hope that certain guys took it or whatever. I certainly feel we have more candidates for spots than we have spots, there's no question about that being our challenge. It'll come down to what's best for the team and the big picture. You know sometimes it's depth, sometimes it's fit so we'll have to see how it goes. I think there's a number of guys deserving of making the team."

On WR Jaleel Scott's performance in this game and in the preseason overall:

"I did, pretty much every game has been a good game for him. He's had a great camp and done really well and I'm proud of him. Ever since last year when he went on IR he did nothing but come in everyday and work as hard as he possibly could. Then it carried over in to OTAs, carried over into training camp and when you stack that kind of work it's bound to show up. It's obviously showing up in the way that he's playing.

On DT Willie Henry Jr. playing until the end of the game:

"He just needed to work, ya know. He didn't play that much last year. We pretty much played

all those guys a lot. Jalen was in there, so I know he appreciated it and it looked like he played

well so we'll see."

On RB Kenneth Dixon:

"Look like he ran well. It looked to me like he ran powerful, strong and broke a lot of tackles, like you're used to seeing Kenny run."

On G Patrick Mekari:

"Very valuable, very versatile. He did that in college, he is a smart guy and that certainly brings a lot of value to us for sure."

On QB Trace McSorley earning his place on the team:

"Yeah, I mean I don't think it's a matter of whether Trace has earned a place on the team, he would have a role for us, you know, it's just a matter of strategy right now and I think that's something that [Executive Vice President and General Manager] Eric [DeCosta] and [Executive Vice President] Ozzie [Newsome] will talk a lot about in the next few hours."

On QB Lamar Jackson giving him a new hat:

"I didn't see the look yet, maybe you can share with me your opinion. Not bad huh? I was going to wear it front ways because that's how [CB] Marlon [Humphrey] wears it, but they said no, they said that's not how you wear it. They thought I would be very popular among the young people."

On trading G Jermaine Eluemunor and finding a new starter at the left guard position:

"Well like I said last time, it's a difference between starting and being an established starter, you know. You establish yourself as a starter over time in regular season games, you know, so just because we don't have a returning starter there means we don't have an established starter there. So, you can say the same thing with our right tackle Orlando [Brown Jr.], you know this young guy, he's our starter, and I want him to be an established starter and become a Pro Bowler. There's levels to how it works. So it'll be based on how guys play and we have a lot of guys who play hard and tough and we're excited to work with those guys and I think they're going to do nothing but get better."

*On WR Marquise Brown's muffed punt return: *

"That'll be good. I don't know. We'll watch it real closely on tape and TV copy as well. But you know, he's never done it before and that's why we put him out there. He's never done it. He might have done it in high school but he's never done it in college that I know of. Maybe he had one or two reps at the most in college,

if that, so we just felt like we wanted to get him out there and experience what it's like in the real game. Even though he dropped it now I think the practices take a little more of a new meaning because he's been out there in the game and he knows what it's like."


On his impression of tonight's game and the preseason as a whole:

"It was a long preseason, a good body of work I think we put in as an offense. Overall, I feel pretty good about how this preseason went. Obviously, going undefeated in preseason, winning games, that is kind of the big goal. At the end of the day the main one, definitely feel good about that. As an offense, I feel like we had a solid outing each week, got better each week, which is a big thing that [Head] Coach [John] Harbaugh talked about at the beginning. Just showing progression each week and I think we were about to do that."

On how he felt he improved and built upon his performance in each game:

"Just felt more confident. Kind of more comfortable being in there, seeing things a little bit better and just start to develop that chemistry and trust with the guys that you're out there with. The first game there is not a ton of that around, depends what you've got through camp and through practice, but then you start getting a couple games with each other, getting those under your belt and that chemistry starts to develop. By game three or four you've got that chemistry pretty good and you're feeling good about it. Overall, we just, as an offense we just continue to make that next step each week."


On playing a majority of the game:

"It felt good getting back out there. Fourth preseason game, put you in there and see how your offseason went kind of game – who got a lot of grit and who is going to play. Just get out there and play."

On the running back competition:

"Competition battle has been remarkable. We've got a great group of guys, you know. Mark [Ingram II] doing a great job of leading us and everything. We're doing a good job of taking in what a veteran has to say, but it becomes nervous and everything. All we can do is go out there and put on the film and play ball. It all comes down to who can play the best and run the best. That is what we try to come out and do."

On his confidence moving forward:

"Definitely, I put all my work in and just live with the results. It is all I can do and that's what I felt like I did a good job of and I'm here ready and just relaxed."


On his overall preseason experience:

"It was very rewarding. It proved that if you work in the offseason, it will show when you need it to show."

On if he thinks he did enough to make the 53-man roster:

"I improved from OTA's, to camp, to preseason. So yes, I gave it all I had and only God can control the


On what he feels helped him improve and take the next step in his development:

"Just going against our defense, they're very competitive and when you play you against your team it helps

slow the game down against opponents. It started to feel like college and high school. They strap up their

pads just like I do. So, it was just the game slowed down to answer your question."

On what his mentality was going into this game:

"That's funny that you ask that. I talked to my dad a couple days ago and he was like, 'How do you feel

about this game?' I said, 'To be honest, I've been playing this game since as long as I can remember. My

job is to give it all I have, and then let God handle the rest.' I know I gave it my all, so I am satisfied."


On stepping up as a pass rusher:

"I've done everything Coach Harbaugh has asked of us. Whether it's been lifting in the weight room, to team meetings and applying it on the field. We have all the tools necessary to fill the needs of the team. The coaching staff drafted us because they believe in us and we believe in them."

On his increased playing time in this game:

"You have to crawl before you walk. I was playing behind a future Hall of Famer (former Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs) and watching him while learning all I could from him. Now I'm ready to go out there and show the Ravens what I'm made of."


On his overall performance this preseason:

"I think I did well this preseason. I've been taking it one play at a time and dialing into what the coaches have game planned while just making sure I'm doing all the right things the coaching staff is asking of me."

On how difficult it is to make an NFL team:

"It's very difficult because it's your livelihood and everybody wants to make the team or the practice squad. It's definitely nerve racking, but as long as you go out there to play hard while putting your best foot forward you can live with the results."