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Ravens Wednesday Transcripts: Week 11 vs. Carolina Panthers (11/16)


Opening statement:"OK good to see everybody inside here. [I] appreciate you guys being here. What questions do you have?"

How do you keep your team motivated when everyone is talking about your favorable strength of schedule down the stretch? _(Reeta Hubbard) _"It's not even an issue; what's understood really doesn't have to be explained. Our guys are motivated to go win the game. This is a very good football team we're playing; they're very physical, they play really hard, great running game, downhill running game, playmakers on offense. Then certainly, this defense just flies around; they have playmakers on every level of their defense. So, we're going to have to play our best football to win this game."

I think we saw some new T-shirts hanging in the locker room on Monday with a new slogan on the back. Was that one of your ideas? (Jonas Shaffer) _"Yes, that's a little more complex one; there's a history on that one. So, you saw it. _(Reporter: "We didn't understand it.")You're not supposed to. It's kind of a family thing, so we'll keep it inside the house right now."

With QB Baker Mayfield and QB Sam Darnold coming to town this week, they are reunited with QB Lamar Jackson from the 2018 Draft class. What do you recall from five years ago on the first night of that Draft? (Bo Smolka) _"We got Lamar [Jackson]; I remember that. _(laughter) That was big. I remember all the coaches thundering down the hallway like a herd. I could hear them, 'Boom, boom, boom!' because we were on the other side of the building when we got Lamar. So, everyone was excited. I remember that. That's really what I remember. We got Hayden [Hurst], I remember that."

When you guys were struggling earlier in the season with pass coverage, what were some of the things you tried to emphasize? _(Mike Preston) _"Well, right from then, it was probably the same things we were working on just in terms of doing things the right way, being in the right spot, and eyes being in the right spot and all that. We've obviously cleaned a lot of that up, but you're only as good as your next performance. We were young; the guys who made the mistakes, so to speak, were the rookies. Bill Parcells, he said one time – and I'm not buying this necessarily in terms of the math of it, but the point was right – he said, 'For every rookie you start, you lose one game.' That was an old Parcells deal. It's hard; the game is different, especially on the backend, especially on the offensive line. Those guys have a lot to deal with, so we made some mistakes back there. No one got down on those guys, they didn't get down on themselves and basically just required them to try to do things the right way. Those guys are good guys; they want to do things the right way, so those are just fundamental, basic errors that were made in the coverage. You try to strive to do those things right, and they're doing a better job with it."

Speaking of those rookies, we saw S Kyle Hamilton at Nickel a lot against the Saints. Do you feel like you guys have zeroed in on how to use him and is he operating more decisively out there? _(Childs Walker) _"Yes, to all of those things; it's all right. He's not going to be limited to any of those spots certainly in the future, but for right now [with] the way we're set up, the Nickel and the Dime spot are good spots for him. Those guys in some of our disguises and the way we rotate some of the coverages, the Nickel and the Dime run back and play deep plenty of times. So, it's all kind of interchangeable. He's done a great job and [he's] playing good ball. We're not satisfied, and we have to keep getting better."

With QB Lamar Jackson, do you think there is ever a point where he uses facing a quarterback from the 2018 draft taken ahead of him as motivation? (Jamison Hensley) _"I think asking Lamar [Jackson] that is a really good idea. _(laughter)It'd be a great, great question for Lamar. I really don't know; I have no idea."

How is the Panthers' front seven bringing the pressure against quarterbacks? _(Todd Karpovich) _"[Brian] Burns – and not just him – they have [No.] '98' [Marquis Haynes Sr.] on the other side over there, too. So, [No.] '53' and '98', these two guys are speed-edge rushers. They both have great counters; you see a spin move out of Brian Burns. We're going to have to do a great job blocking those guys. Then inside, they get great push. No. '95' [Derrick Brown], you've seen him? This guy knocks the inside of the pocket back down. So, pass protection is going to be a huge part of this deal."

Since the Panthers traded RB Christian McCaffrey, they're averaging over 150 rushing yards per game. What are you seeing from their run game? _(Kyle Barber) _"I'll tell you; No. '33' [D'Onta] Foreman? I've seen him a lot; I've seen him running down the field a lot, and it's mostly downhill runs. He's a physical guy, and [they have] a physical offensive line. [They do] mostly gap-combo blocks and zone-combo blocks, inside zone and what we call the duo play, just coming downhill at you is what they do. Then, they've got play-action passes off of it, they run boots, they'll bounce it every now and then, but a lot of RPOs where they're going to read inside with the inside zone play, and if you stack that too much they pop it outside to No. '15' [Laviska Shenault Jr.] or No. '2' [D.J. Moore] and they're running the wide screen. So, it's a good little thing they have going."

What do you see from WR D.J. Moore when you watch him? When you think back to the Draft, was he a guy that you guys liked coming out of the University of Maryland? _(Ryan Mink) _"Yes, let me pull out my Draft list; I probably have it right here, like where we had him ranked, but I do remember we liked him, and he was in here on the Draft visit. We loved D.J. Moore, and that was a guy we talked a lot about. He's thriving; he's one of the best receivers in football. He's a great route runner; he runs all the routes. He'll block, he runs the wide screens. He's kind of public enemy Number One outside, along with [Laviska] Shenault [Jr.], so he's doing a great job."

The NFLPA put out a call recently to improve the turf at some of the stadiums, including a couple that you guys played at this year. Is that a step in the right direction do you think, and is realistic to have every team go to grass? (Noah Trister) _"I don't think the PA said that. _(Reporter: "A couple players on their own suggested that.")Aaron Rodgers and others? I had my say on that, remember? Go back and pull my quotes. I think I'm just going to leave it at that."

Did you have any issues with the turf at New Orleans, which was one of the stadiums on the list? _(Noah Trister) _"No, we didn't with New Orleans. New Orleans, we had no problems with that."

Do you have any update on TE Mark Andrews, who we didn't see out there? (Jamison Hensley) _"Mark [Andrews] ended up coming out; we warmed him up a little bit longer, and he had three or four periods out there. So, that was that. [Jalyn] Armour-Davis had a little thing in special teams, a muscle deal, so we'll see how that goes. We'll see how he responds to that. I didn't see what happened, but he started and then he came off. Gus [Edwards] was out there. Anyone else? _(Reporter: "Mark Andrews was limited?")Mark was limited, right."

There was a lot of improvement on offense before the bye with many position groups playing well. How excited are you for what this offense can do over the season's second half? _(Jonas Shaffer) _"I've always been excited about what the offense can do, but I do know that we have a lot of work to do. We're just in a situation where we're trying to get better at everything all the time. Every game is kind of its own different kind of an entity. We're chasing execution, we're trying to be efficient with everything we do – run and pass. We kind of know what he have to work on, and try to apply it to the gameplan and the defense that we're facing, and within all that, try to improve every week. As you get into the season, each game becomes more important just by the virtue of the fact that it's later in the season, especially if you're winning. We have to keep getting better each game throughout the season to get where we want to go."

How important was stacking those three wins before the bye and will it set the tone for the rest of the season? _(Valerie Preactor) _"It was really important; it was three wins. It just made the difference between being 3-3 and 6-3, but the main thing now is to get to 7-3, and that's what we're thinking about."

Will OLB David Ojabo make his NFL debut this weekend? _(Reeta Hubbard) _"He could, it's possible. He's looking better and better out there, but again – and I put him in the same category with Charlie [Kolar] – they had nothing really stacked up until like two weeks ago. So, they both look really good. I think they could both play, and if we have an opportunity to put them out there, we will."

You mentioned a few weeks ago about wanting the Nickel cornerback position to be solidified. It seems like DB Brandon Stephens and CB Damarion Williams are still pitching in. Is that any closer to getting solidified? _(Tim Barbalace) _"If solidified means like just one guy being out there the whole time, I'd say probably no, and we're probably not going to be there this season. You mentioned Kyle Hamilton before playing Nickel; we're probably going to do it by personnel group and just circumstances and the gameplan. You've seen Marlon [Humphrey] in there; he'll probably continue to go in there. So, I think we'll be moving guys around."

How important was the time off during the bye week for RB Gus Edwards? _(Melissa Kim) _"He was out there today, limited, so I'm hopeful. You just never know. I was planning on him being back this game, and we'll see if he makes it."


On approaching a game where they are considered a heavy favorite:"How we have been approaching games; locked in. We don't take it lightly on any opponent. This is an NFL game. Every team has the best players in the world out there, so we're not going to shy away from any opponent out there on that field."

On playing against QB Baker Mayfield and why Mayfield says he's "intimidated" by his mother:"By my Mom? (Reporter: "That's what he said.")He said he was intimidated by my mom? (Reporter: "He was asked about the 2018 Draft, and he said your mom tried to get him to train because she helped with your training. He said he was very intimidated by that.")I don't know anything about that; I've never heard that one. You all are telling me something new. (Reporter: "I think it was at the Heisman ceremony.")I don't recall; I do not recall. (Reporter: "Are you going to say something about it?")I'm clueless; I don't even know what's going on."

On if he has any extra juice when he plays against quarterbacks from his Draft class:"No, I really don't, because I have to prepare for their defense like I always tell you guys. That's just the truth; I'm not out there trying to worry about who he's throwing it to, or when he's scrambling and stuff like that. I'm trying to make stuff happen on my side of the ball. My guys, they do what they do on defense, and we have to do our part. So, I just think like that."

On some players being motivated by thinking about the position players who were drafted ahead of them:"I was motivated when it took forever for me to get drafted. That's all. It doesn't really matter who went first, I just know my spot [and] what it was. I just go from there."

On the offense clicking during three straight wins and if he wishes the bye week didn't come when it did:"I feel like the bye week came with perfect timing. We had a lot of ups and downs the first six weeks of the season and then won three straight. Then, our guys get to rest their bodies and get ready for this long journey we're about to have. So, I feel like it came at the right time. Guys are still locked in; we just had a great practice today, so I feel like we're moving up the ramp how we're supposed to."

On having a lot of success against NFC teams:"I don't even like questions like this. My bad, I didn't mean to cut you off, but I hate talking about records versus NFC or AFC."

On if the Ravens' style of offense is unusual for NFC teams to face and if that leads to success:"I don't know; I'm not in the meetings with those guys. I'm trying to prepare for them just like they're preparing for me. So, I don't know. I don't even look at it anyway. I just go out there and do what I'm supposed to do. I'm trying to win, no matter if it's NFC or an AFC team, or a Canadian team. (laughter) I'm trying to win."

On the league becoming more of a running league again and if the Ravens offense were trendsetters:"I think that the things we do make it look good. We have the guys to make it look good. If they steal plays, it's a copycat league. It happens sometimes, but I don't know anything about it becoming more [of a] running league like it was before. I see guys still throwing the ball around."

On what the offensive line's play has done for the offense:"It has us flowing, up and down the field like we're used to doing. We weren't doing that last year consistently, and I feel like the last couple games it's been consistent. Our line is blocking their tails off. We just have to keep it going though. It's the middle of the season; we have to keep it going."

On spreading the ball around against New Orleans and how he will continue to do that with TE Mark Andrews coming back:"Just keep staying locked in on film, knowing what their defense is going to give me. Just keep taking those when they're there, when those guys are available, and our guys just keep working. It's a team effort; it's not just me. Those guys are busting their tails getting open, catching the ball and getting yards after the catch. [We] just have to keep doing that."

On how it felt having TE Mark Andrews back at practice today:"We gave him a little welcome with hugs and stuff. My guy's back, but he's the same. Mark [Andrews] is Mark. Nothing changed."

On his chemistry with RB Kenyan Drake on RPOs:"I feel like it's good, but it can be better. We have little hiccups in practice, and then we talk about it and stuff like that. He's doing what he's been doing at other teams and when he was in college and stuff like that. Our team has to keep staying focused and keep staying locked in, taking it one game at a time and one play at a time. Kenyan [Drake] is going to keep doing what he's doing, and the rest of us as well."


On if reaching 130 career sacks – just as his son had wished – is starting to feel a little bit more realistic:(laughter)"It's looking like it. I just need to stay on track."

On if his son is impressed with what he's doing:"No, I don't think so. (laughter) I think he's happy, but he still wants more from me."

On what he attributes his success this season to:"First of all, it's definitely God healing me, and renewing me, and giving me my strength, but I think it's [also] the defense as a whole. We're doing a great job covering, and the linebackers are playing well, the DBs are playing well. [When] you've got everybody on the same page, it's easier to get to the quarterback – he's got to hold the ball, he can't get rid of it fast – so it makes my job easy."

On if he believes less snaps sparks more production, given the depth at outside linebacker:"I think so. I think it's very beneficial, especially at this point in my career. I was used to playing the whole game, but [when] you take a couple years off from not playing the whole game, it's kind of tough to get back into the swing of that. But I think it's just keeping everybody fresh. If you can put a fresh edge guy out there all game and putting pressure on their guys … Their tackles, they play all game – they don't get a break – so if you can rotate and keep a guy fresh on him at all times, that helps a defense a lot."

On how motivating it is to have his son pushing him to be the best he can be:"I'm just trying to be the man of God [that] he can have somebody to look up to, so I can actually teach and coach off this one day [and] so I can actually be on him as hard as he is on me. (laughter)He doesn't know, but it's going to come back to haunt him one of these days. (laughter) So, I'm just waiting on it. But that's what I want to be; I just want to be somebody he can look up to and respect."

On how special it was to have the moment he had with his son in New Orleans:"That's what you live for. If you've got kids, that's what you … There's nothing else better. At that moment, at that point in time, [giving] him that ball and then seeing the smile on his face and the joy it brings him, there's nothing better."

On how much more refreshed he feels right now:"I feel good. I feel great. I think they're doing a good job here of keeping me rested and keeping me prepared for the game. Like, right now, we've got a good rotation going, so that's definitely helping me. [I'm] not playing as many snaps, so I'm fresh all game. If you can stay fresh all game, come the fourth quarter, that's even bigger."

On considering retirement this offseason and at what point he knew he wanted to come back:"I took a week off right after the season ended. We went to Mexico, me and my wife. I was there like four days, and my wife was like, 'I don't think it's your time yet.' In my mind, I'm like, 'Yes, but I'm not getting the stats I want. I feel good, I feel great, I still have energy, I still have some juice left, but the numbers aren't adding up. I'm working so hard these offseasons, and the numbers aren't adding up in season.' So, I'm like, 'I don't know if I want to continue to do this.' We were there, and I turned my phone off and I really just prayed. At some point, it was clear to me it was God saying, 'Just give me all of you, and I'll give you your desires.' It was strong for like two days on my mind, that's all I kept hearing. He said, 'But I need all of you,' and that's all I was hearing. So, my main focus this offseason was to just commit my life to God and just give it all to Him."

On the Ravens being the largest favorite in the NFL this weekend and if the team talks about not overlooking opponents:"We know it's the NFL; it's any given Sunday. You just have to show up and be prepared every week. So, we focus on us and not the teams we're playing. We know what we can do, what we're capable of. So, we just try to lock in and do our jobs to the best of our abilities. We have high standards; we're winning, but we're still not winning the way we would like to. We feel like even the last game in New Orleans, we left so many plays out there. We're so hard on ourselves, it doesn't even matter what the outside world is saying. It's all about what we're saying inside, and right now our standards are high. We haven't reached those standards yet. We still have a lot of work to do, so we're just trying to stay focused and get to those standards."

On stressing and confusing the offense before the snap to cause pressure:"I think the moving pieces we have. We have a lot of guys that can rotate, even Marlon [Humphrey]. Marlon is playing inside and outside, so I think that confuses guys when they walk up. They don't know if he's playing Nickel or he's playing outside. [Kyle] Hamilton is moving all over the place; they don't know where he's lining up. To have a lot of moving pieces, like even last game I rushed from the three-technique sometimes, so to have a lot of moving pieces confuses the guys and the quarterback. You're used to having me here, but he shows up and he's in another position. That throws off the count sometimes. Anytime we can confuse the quarterback and hold the ball, that's what you want."

On his offseason training regime this year:"It definitely started at 5 a.m.; my first workout was at 5 a.m. in the morning. So, I would get a workout in before I took the kids to school, dropped them off, then I went and got my second workout in as soon as I dropped them off. Then, I'd take like an hour lunch break and I had my third workout. Some days, I got four workouts in. So, it was three to four workouts a day. So, I was definitely on it and definitely putting in the work. It's paying off in a major way."

On if three-a-days were normal for him in previous offseasons:"Yes, but I was only doing it about three days a week though, not five days. This year was definitely five days, sometimes six."


On if OLB Justin Houston's high effort and high performance trickles down to the rest of the team:"Yes, I think it does. He [Justin Houston] puts in a lot of work that kind of goes unseen by a lot of guys. He, in the offseason, I know, wanted to sign for more; didn't get what he wanted. But he's playing lights out. We got him for a bargain, but the price is going up. He just puts in a lot of work, and he's just always in guys' ears, especially Odafe [Oweh] – from the conversations I hear – my ear. He's a veteran, not only on the field, but also in the locker room – talking to guys, giving encouragement. So, any time you can have a veteran that's done it for so long … It's one thing to hear somebody say it, but it's another thing to hear somebody say it and then go on the field and do it."

On if he has a preference on playing inside or outside:"I don't really have a preference. Whatever the gameplan is or whatever the coaches want is where I go. But it's fun to play inside, especially when you get to hit some guys and not really … When you're on an island, you can only be so aggressive, so it's kind of fun to play inside, get in my little linebacker stance and try to do my inner 'PQ' [Patrick Queen] and 'Ro' [Roquan Smith]. So, it's fun to try to … It's really cool just being next to 'Ro' and 'PQ' and all those guys up front. It's a lot more physical. But it's pretty fun going inside every once in a while."

On if he sees the same QB Baker Mayfield on film:"The Baker [Mayfield] … When he was at the Browns – I've been out there – he's thrown, I think, four touchdowns on us. He still slings it when he gets the opportunity, and he's a guy that really trusts his arm. That's what you can still see from the games he's played this year. So, in the back end, we'll for sure have to be ready, because I've been on the opposing end when he's lit us up. So, if we can limit him, I think we'll be able to do pretty well."

On if working with ILB Patrick Queen has helped his own game:"Yes. Watching the film over the break – I guess I watched a little bit more of the game than usual – I'm just like, 'That dude [Patrick Queen] is flying around like crazy.' You don't really realize how fast somebody's playing until you are playing right there next to him, whether it's 'Ro' [Roquan Smith] or 'PQ.' But 'PQ,' when he's just playing as fast as he plays, I think he's one of the best backers in this league. So, any time you can have a guy like that … And then we added 'Ro;' I think that's only going to make 'PQ' just be able to play even more loose. So, it's really good to have those two backers paired up. I think the sky is the limit for them."

On if it's weird for you to see QB Baker Mayfield playing for the Panthers:"I did think Baker [Mayfield] would be a Brownie for life, so it will be a little different seeing those colors. I thought the Lamar [Jackson], Baker thing would be a long time. So, him in the baby blue and white, it's going to be different, but I'm sure he'll still be the same feisty Baker that will … If he throws one on you, he'll let you know, so I do like that about Baker. He has a lot of confidence in himself, and I'm sure he'll be ready to lead that team."

On if he feels like the coaches have figured out how to best use S Kyle Hamilton, and if it's elevating Hamilton's game:"I think he [Kyle Hamilton] has really come along pretty strong lately. He's such an un-positional player. He can kind of just about play anywhere, and I think he's best when he's able to play here, play there, play there, and that's a really unique skillset. I remember pre-draft talking with some of the guys; they were like, 'Man, this Kyle Hamilton guy, I don't think we'll get him, but he can play all over.' So, I kind of looked into some of his highlights, and he just does some things. When he's just able to play free and play all over, he can do some special things. And I think we're kind of coming up with a recipe for him, and it's looking kind of like [with] what we're doing, and he's been able to play a lot faster lately."

On if he thinks the 2018 Draft position of QB Baker Mayfield and where QB Lamar Jackson got drafted provides Jackson with extra motivation:"Me knowing Lamar [Jackson], I don't really think it does. Lamar is a pretty simple guy; he really wants to win, and he does not want to lose. I think any time we go up against anybody, he's pretty motivated to just [think about] what he can do to help the team win, so I don't think there's much there. I think others maybe … I don't know … Whoever might kind of have something there, but he's really just about 'Ws' in the right column, so that's kind of the only motivation he really needs."

On if he feels like the defense is rounding into form and playing to the level it expected to be playing at:"Yes. In our room – defensive room – we felt the Saints game was the first time we had a lot of flashes of the Ravens defense that when I first got here was here, that Ray [Lewis] and Ed [Reed helped build] and that's kind of always been here. We felt, throughout this season, there have been times when we played some Ravens football, but slipped up here, did it here, didn't do it there. And so, we felt the Saints game, besides, probably, that really bad, ugly drive at one point … But other than that, we felt it was the first game we kind of were all hitting on all cylinders and kind of showing what we can do. We feel like we're a very elite defense, but it's easy to say you're an elite defense; you've just got to show it. And I felt like the Saints game was a big steppingstone for that, and we want to kind of continue that with this Carolina game."

On his reaction to hearing that the Ravens had acquired ILB Roquan Smith:"Yes, I was in the weightroom, and somebody texted me, 'Y'all got my boy,' and I was like, 'Who is your boy?' (laughter)And so, then I was like, 'Guys, we just got Roquan [Smith],' and then all the guys … I don't know; I guess they didn't believe me. I guess they thought I was a liar. And I was like, 'No, I think we did.' We got him, and I knew he was a pretty good player, but playing with him, he definitely showed that was a really good choice [by] the front office – to be able to grab him. So, I'm really excited for him to continue to learn this defense even more. I already like how he's fitting himself into the culture. He's a cool guy. So, any time you've got a humble guy like that, it's going to be pretty easy to rock out with him."

On if there is a major mental switch he has to flip when going from playing outside to playing inside:"Usually when I get inside, I don't really do a lot of thinking. That's good and bad sometimes, but I just try to be as physical as I can whenever I get to be inside, because [you're] usually in a lot more zones or closer to the line of scrimmage or closer to the field. So, to me, when I switch inside, I think, 'How can I disrupt the entire play of the offense?' Whether it's a pass play, whether it's a run, I try to give a dynamic [to] the defense that the typical slot corner can't give, because they're usually a smaller guy. So, that's kind of the big thing. I just try to disrupt when I get inside. When I'm outside, I'm thinking more pass, more pass, but inside, I'm kind of thinking both, but I'm mainly just trying to disrupt in whatever way I can."

On if the changes to the Twitter platform will change the way he uses it:"Honestly, I never wanted to get verified, actually. I did hear there are some … I don't really know exactly what's going on. But Gus Edwards, actually, he challenged me about Twitter. He said I needed to get off Twitter in like Week Three, so I actually have been texting a lot of my Tweets to … I text somebody to Tweet for me, so I haven't been on there as much as I usually am – except this Bye Week, I was. But I actually haven't been on there as much as I usually am, but my family does send me a lot of funny things that I do have to respond [to] from So, I haven't had the app Twitter on my phone in a while, and somehow Twitter still gets sent to me, so it's just kind of meant to be. (laughter)I might not be able to get off the app. But I have not had the app on my phone, so I'm late on news. I feel like Twitter is where you get all the news, and I'm late on everything, and I don't really like that. That's why when Roquan [Smith] got [traded], I was late to the party. But do I know what's going on with the Twitter stuff? I don't, really. I know Elon [Musk] got it. He seems like a very interesting guy, a wild guy. But, hopefully, Twitter remains the same, and there's not a new platform or something that I'll still be, probably, pretty good at. (laughter)So, I don't know everything, but Twitter is cool." (laughter)


On his experience playing with this group in his first game:"I think there's a lot of potential on this team. Being out there with this group, playing with a lot of dogs, it means a lot. Not a lot of people can say they're playing with future Hall of Famers, big-time guys all across the board. I'm excited man and I think the sky's the limit."

On how he feels now about the situation compared to a week ago:"A lot better right now than I did last week around this … I meant two weeks ago around this time. Just definitely getting more comfortable by the day. I'm just excited. Still learning little things here and there, but I'm excited for where I'm going and where we're going."

On being on a team that has a chance to do something special:"That's pretty special. I haven't been on [a team like] that, except for my rookie year – that actually felt that way. I'm excited and I've just got to keep working, keep busting my tail, doing everything that I can, and I know everyone else is going to do their one [of] 11."

On what he likes about the way defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald calls the defense:"I just thought it was a great gameplan, overall. First gameplan that I've had with him. So, just seeing how he dials in, how he's not afraid to send guys [on blitzes], play coverage, and just [being] multiple [and] do a lot of different things. I think when you do that, it's hard to pinpoint exactly. I'm excited to keep learning under him. I think there's going to be great things in store."

On if he allows himself to even think about next year at all:"I'm more so living in the moment. When that time gets there, it'll get there. And I told myself that way back in the summertime. After everything in Chicago, I was just more so focused on the moment, enjoying my time, playing the game that I love, and just going out doing everything that I can. Because what's going to happen is going to happen – I'm a firm believer in that."

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