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Ray Lewis Issues Twitter Apology To Joe Flacco


A few days after questioning Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's passion, Ray Lewis issued a Twitter apology Monday morning.

Here's the heart of Lewis' message:

"I've got to say this, man to man, from my heart. I'm a Raven for life.

"Joe Flacco, what I was talking about, my brother, it wasn't even about you, it wasn't personal. It was just me being frustrated watching something that I had control over for so many years, which was men and inspiring them to go on and do things.

"Guess what. Like everybody else, I lashed out at the quarterback. Because, 'that's the person who's supposed to carry us or do whatever.' Brother, your personality is what it is."

"From a man, you'll never hear it again. Sorry for ever even calling out your name, putting your name in the context of making you try to be anything I am or anything you're not."

Flacco responded last Friday by saying he was surprised by Lewis' comments, but his calm demeanor is "just part of my personality." He's never been interested in being anyone other than himself, no matter how many times he's been criticized for it.

Lewis drew sharp criticism for his comments, including from Flacco’s teammates. Flacco went on a historic playoff run to help Lewis get his second Super Bowl ring.

"I heard people speak all week about, 'He carried me to a Super Bowl. He carries us to a Super Bowl,'" Lewis said. "Let me correct you. No, we carried each other."

Watch Lewis' full video here:

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