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SociaLight: Eric Weddle, Tony Jefferson and Marlon Humphrey Are on the Twitter Recruitment Trail


The league year isn't even officially over (March 13 for all those fans wondering), but the recruiting has already begun. From players who may or may not even be available this offseason (Odell Beckham Jr.) to big-name free agents (Le'Veon Bell), the squad is all in on the recruitment trail. And by "the squad," I pretty much just mean Tony Jefferson, Marlon Humphrey and Eric Weddle.

Even Lamar got in on the fun.

Marlon also extended the invite to Bell's former teammate, wide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown isn't a free agent, so recruiting may be pointless, but that won't stop Marlon.

Weddle would love to reunite Tony Jefferson with his former Arizona Cardinals teammate, Tyrann Mathieu.

The Ravens No. 1 defense? Yes. But, not fans of being snubbed by Pro Football Focus.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with love. The squad took to social media to show love to their special someone(s).

Ed Reed took a well, er, different approach.

Not feeling the love? Jordan Lasley is with you.

He's not a Raven, but Saints RB Alvin Kamara's tweets were too good to leave out. Ladies, if you need a man this Valentine's season…

Weddle has a nice surprise for the little ladies in his life, his daughters!

I mean who isn't excited for another "Frozen" movie?

If you're not following Smokey Brown on Instagram, "@soulofjwalk5_", you're missing out. His offseason entertainment is commentating his brother Reid's life. Smoke might have a future in commentary, he's a funny guy.

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