Spending Week in London Pays Off for Ravens

DT Justin Madubuike

Now the Ravens can talk about how it feels to win in London. 

The second trip to London in franchise history was a successful one after the Ravens defeated the Titans, 24-16, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

One of the major talking points all week was Baltimore's decision to arrive on Monday and spend the entire week in London. That was a different approach than the Ravens took in 2017, when they didn't depart Baltimore until Thursday before the game and were soundly defeated by Jacksonville, 44-7.

On Sunday, the Ravens jumped to an 18-3 lead and got the winning result they were seeking. Head Coach John Harbaugh was much happier with the result of this trip across the pond.

"It's a great feeling," Harbaugh said. "It's better than the alternative, by far. I can tell you that."

Justin Tucker, who kicked six field goals Sunday to help seal the win, was on the 2017 trip and felt having the extra time in London was beneficial.

"I think the management and powers that be did a great job of managing the week and travel and all of the stuff that goes into a trip across the pond to play a football game," Tucker said. "I think our team did a really good job of handling that. It was definitely a much better result this go around than the last time, which we don't need to talk about."

Other Ravens who were part of the 2017 loss in London, such as Ronnie Stanley and Marlon Humphrey, wanted to put forth a much better performance on the international stage.

"That was definitely meaningful to get a win out here," Stanley said. "I had bad memories from being in London from last time we played here. It definitely makes me want to come back and enjoy the city because I didn't know if I ever wanted to come back here."

The Ravens Flock was out in full force, as the stadium appeared to be near capacity prior to the opening kickoff.

It was a partisan Ravens crowd at the game and tight end Mark Andrews appreciated the support. Some Ravens fans ventured to the airport after the game to congratulate the players and wish them a safe return to Baltimore.

"It's Ravens Flock in London," Andrews said. "They were holding up their end of the bargain. I love to see it. I love to see that from our fanbase and how universal they are. I've really enjoyed my time here in London, the people and different culture than I'm used to. I've never been out of the country like this. I'm very thankful I got to experience this."

Andrews was still in college when the Ravens came to London in 2017, but he appreciated having the entire week overseas to prepare for Sunday.

"The time zone [change], it's definitely tough, and then to figure out when you're going to go to sleep," Andrews said. "There were a couple days where I felt like my mind was there but my body was still across the pond.

"It's a beautiful experience. There were no complaints. The NFL did a great job hosting this in the U.K. We came out and there was unbelievable support. Hopefully, I get another one of those games before it's all said and done."

Inside linebacker Patrick Queen complimented everyone in the organization who made the trip for making things easier for the players.

"That comes from the guys behind the scenes that don't get talked about, equipment [staff], video guys, nutrition staff and all that stuff behind the scenes," Queen said. "They take care of us. They really make our job easy.

"The traveling was good. Everything was good. [The] hospitality from all the people at the hotel really made our job easy from coming here early, trying to adjust to the time, adjust our bodies, practice on the field, get everything that we need right here. All the people behind the scenes made it really easy for us. So, special shoutout to them."

The victory was one the Ravens sorely needed, coming off a 17-10 loss to the Steelers in which Baltimore lost a 10-0 lead and didn't score in the second half. The road trip was a change of routine that allowed the Ravens to get away and return with much fonder memories of London.

"Last time we came obviously it wasn't too fun going back," said Humphrey, who was a rookie in 2017. "With my family being in town, they said there was Ravens fans everywhere. It was really cool to be able to get that win, kind of get that Steelers snuff off us.

"I don't think any Ravens fans were too happy this past week. We don't like losing to those guys. To win this game was really big."

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