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Statement From General Manager Ozzie Newsome


The Ravens will have a new general manager in 2019.

Owner Steve Bisciotti announced Friday that Eric DeCosta will succeed long-time General Manager Ozzie Newsome after the 2018 season, which has been the plan for several years. Newsome will remain with the Ravens after the change, and the team released a statement from Newsome Saturday morning.

"I will remain as the Ravens general manager through the 2018 season and continue my role directing free agency and the draft," Newsome said. "After that, Eric [DeCosta] will take over as our general manager and assume all the duties that come with that, including heading our personnel department and directing free agency and the draft.

"I plan to remain with the Ravens in a significant position in personnel and help us win more Super Bowls. We have planned this succession over the last five years."

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