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Sunday Minicamp Transcript

What do you know about these guys that you didn't know last week?

"I don't think there are any revelations. They like football, they were excited to be a part of it, they like each other - I think all that's been confirmed."

Is there an intimidation factor to having Haloti Ngata in the backfield?

"If he holds onto the ball. [laughs]. We're excited about putting some defensive guys on offense and some offensive guys on defense occasionally. We'll try to use their talents. Plus, it's fun."

What has Joe Flacco shown you over the past few days?

"Well, he can throw the ball. He's smart. The thing I saw today is he's got to get the ball out quicker. Those guys can cover some ground when they're blitzing. He's got the red jersey on now, so he didn't feel the ramifications of that, but I think he understands the speed of the game a little better."

On Antwan Barnes:

"He's in the mix defensively. He's competing for playing time defensively. He'll certainly be on special teams. He's a good, young football player."

On having the rookie camp after team minicamp:

"There are a lot of ways to do it. You can bring the rookies in on their own and acclimate them and teach them the defense. We decided to throw it all at them and let them see our guys practice and see what it means to be a Raven before they practice as a Raven. Now, they'll come to rookie camp in a week and a half and see the tempo of what we're trying to do."

On the running backs behinds Willis McGahee:

"It was good to see Willis back. He was here the first day in real good shape. Tweaked, I think, his groin a little bit, because doing the football movements is different than the conditioning stuff. He was able to rehab and get himself back out there this morning to practice. That was really good to see.

"Behind him, you've got some backs with a similar style. You've got Cory [Ross] and Ray Rice, who are low-built guys that run hard and are really quick. Then P.J.'s a slasher and a speed guy. So, we've got some guys pushing Willis, but you could see this morning why Willis is a top-level back in this league."

On Troy Smith:

"I think you can see that he can play quarterback in the NFL, without a question. He's got the arm strength, he can move around and he can operate the offense. Under pressure, proving himself in games is going to be up to him. He's got the ability, without question, to be a starting quarterback in this league."

On Xavier Lee playing tight end:

"Well, we gave him the quarterback jersey, but put him at tight end. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess we've started to get guys nicked up a little bit. It's pretty ironic. [laughs] But you know what? I think he was into it a little bit. He was running routes and catching the ball. He would have a chance, athletically, to play tight end. They were right at Florida State. He could be a heck of a tight end. We've got to talk about it, but he looked pretty good today."

On Todd Heap not practicing:

"He's just rehabbing those hamstrings. It's just part of the process. There are certain issues he's got to re-strengthen and certain flexibility issues that he has. We do not want to re-injure that hamstring."

On Fabian Washington's injury:

"He's just got a little tweak in his hamstring, but he'll be back for OTAs and everything."

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