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Terrence Cody Feels Like A New Person


Terrence "Mount" Cody says he feels like a transformed player, and it shows.

The defensive tackle labored through practices last year. His knees were sore afterwards and he was wiped.

In games, Cody was used exclusively as a run-stuffer and block-eater, never to get after the quarterback in third-down passing situations. He didn't have the endurance for more.

Now Cody has totally changed his body and conditioning. And thus, he has a chance to elevate his game into being a three-down defensive lineman this season.

"I just feel like a new person out there," Cody said after the most physical practice yet on Monday. "I'm able to run around and play a whole practice. It's a totally different me – lighter, in shape."

Starting 16 games last year, Cody turned in 34 tackles and zero sacks. Those numbers may spike.

"I feel like I can get at least three or four sacks this year," said Cody, who has yet to register one sack in two college seasons and two in the pros. "All it is is hard work and wanting to do it."

Cody has put in the work this offseason.

He came into the league over 350 pounds and quickly earned the nickname "Cheeseburger" after having trouble getting past the conditioning test. During the lockout last year, he dropped to 335 pounds, too much he later admitted.

This offseason, Cody spent almost the entire time at the Ravens training facility, having near perfect attendance for the weight and conditioning program, Organized Team Activities and minicamp. He and fellow defensive tackle Bryan Hall were essentially workout partners.

Entering his third season, Cody is listed at 341 pounds. He's still massive, but a lot less flabby.

Coaches have rewarded Cody for his offseason of work. They haven't taken him off the field in practice, and the Alabama product has survived.

Cody said his lower body doesn't hurt as much now afterwards, and his entire body recovers quicker for the next day of work.

"He's made it through two grueling practices here, and he has had a bounce in his step at the end," Head Coach John Harbaugh said last Friday. "He is in great shape."

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