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The Caw: Brandon Williams Dancing In The Street


Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams clearly appreciates the warm break of winter this week, because he's dancing … a lot.

It appears Brandon is trying to lure outside linebacker Terrell Suggs into an online dance-off, and I absolutely hope Sizz takes him up on it. Sizzle did respond with an Instagram comment with "ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!!" but I have yet to see any videos.

This could get really good.

Below is the whole timeline (and captions), ending with Brandon literally dancing on the street corner (filmed by some random stranger at Brandon's request).

Brandon Williams … you, sir, are awesome!

"My Morning Groove!!!!"

"@untouchablejay4 (Mr.Sizzle) You don't want it Son!!!! I'm like…"

"@untouchablejay55Round 1: #FIGHT!!!! I'LL TAKE IT EASY ON YOU..... FOR NOW!!!!#CheckYourFootWork #GetServed"

"Grooving on the Corner!!!! Thank you to the awesome pikesvillian citizen for recording it for me!!!!#CauseImOutHereGrinding"

Tight end Crockett Gillmore clearly wasn't impressed.

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