The Caw: Earl Thomas Makes Good on His Jersey Swap Payment


Earl Thomas III is a man of his word. He paid off his jersey "debt" to Marlon Humphrey.

As fans may remember from March, there were some negotiations when it came to the No. 29 jersey.

Humphrey wore it for his first two seasons in Baltimore. Thomas wore it for nine seasons, two Super Bowls and six Pro Bowls in Seattle.

At first, Humphrey asked for a personal payment. Then he changed his mind and gave it up, free of charge.

It was a nice gesture by Humphrey, and one that Thomas wanted to return, so he said he "might throw a little bread" at Humphrey's mother's youth track team in Alabama.

Well, the "generous" donation has been made, and Humphrey's mom, Barbara, and the Speed City Summer Track Club showed their appreciation with a video posted on Instagram.

Thomas saw the post and replied with a heart emoji. Now this is how a jersey swap should go down!

Look at this man. He has a No. 29 gold chain. How could he wear any other number?

Humphrey switched to No. 44 to honor his father, Bobby, a former NFL running back who wore that number in his final season with the Denver Broncos.

And then Humphrey cleaned out the closet of No. 29 jerseys by giving them away to fans, putting a bow on this whole thing.

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