The Caw: Justin Tucker's Duracell Commercial for Fantasy Football Owners


We've all been there.

You're struggling with who to pick in your fantasy football draft. The clock is ticking down. You're wishing you actually spent some time researching this year. And then … NOOOOOOOOO!!!

The computer autodrafts and you just got somebody you really, really didn't want.

For most Ravens fans, it probably meant you selected Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. For Duracell, it means getting Ravens kicker Justin Tucker in the seventh round, except in their scenario you autodraft because the batteries in your wireless mouse go kaput.

Duracell just released its full-length commercial featuring a hilarious public service announcement from kicker/actor Tucker, which was filmed right here at the Under Armour Performance Center.

To recap, drafting Tucker is good. Drafting Tucker in the seventh round ... ehhhhh, maybe a tad early.

"We had a lot of fun making this commercial, but a dead battery in your wireless mouse during your fantasy draft is no laughing matter," Tucker says.

Couldn't agree more. Thank you, Justin Tucker.

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