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Training Camp Transcript - Aug. 6

Opening statement referring to Snoop Dog fielding questions first:"Boy, everybody cleared out pretty quick here. OK, I understand why. That's OK. (laughter) All right, what do you got?"

On whether he has any 'shizzle': "Any shizzle? What would that be? (laughter) I'm not familiar with that term. I'll tell you what, it was neat having Snoop out here. He was out here the whole practice. From what I understand, he's a coach. He coaches some little league football teams and everything. He had some insight into our receiver situation [that] he wanted to share, and so we took a couple notes. It was fun. He broke us down over there; he did Ray's [Lewis] deal, so it was fun."

On whether he saw Snoop doing the agility ladder drill on the sideline: "I don't know. I was just down there just 'woof woofing' with everybody else, just trying to keep the beat."

On what was more exciting, seeing Snoop Dogg or running in the special teams drills: "[Special teams] was more scary. I'm going to tell you what, too, because [Haruki] Nakamura… We had it all set up. [Tom] Zbikowski was going to block Nakamura, [Jim] Hostler was going to block [Prescott] Burgess right there on the inside, and I was going to be wide open. And [then] something broke down. I need to be honest with you – I got a little scared. I kind of had to cringe a little bit there. (laughing)

On the progress of CB Samari Rolle: "It's so hard to predict, but Samari says a day or two more. It's going to be up to the trainer, but there's nothing major in there. It's just a matter of a strengthening process where he can move the head around and feel good about it. We'll keep him out of contact for a good stretch."

On whether T Jared Gaither is OK after leaving the practice field early: "Yeah, as far as I know. I got the report from the trainers, and they didn't mention Jared. So, I think he's OK."

On whether WR Mark Clayton's hamstring will keep him out longer than he first expected: "It's going to be a few preseason games. We're not going to be in any hurry to bring him back. He had some significant bleeding in there, so we're going to be very safe with that. He's gotten plenty of work in the offseason – and of course you'd like to have him, obviously – but we have plenty of receivers to look at as well, so we're not going to be in a rush."

On whether Clayton will be ready by the regular season opener: "Oh, yeah. He'll be 100-percent by then, way before then."

On whether he is concerned about guys not getting reps with several players being injured: "Fabian {Washington] practiced today. He has a little tendinitis thing he's working on. Demetrius [Williams] landed on his head yesterday, if you remember on that one play, and they held him out today for the concussion issue. So, he should be back tomorrow. We'll see. They have to pass those tests, but it's all stuff that guys come and go on. As long as we keep the numbers up, we should be OK."

On how today's weather (overcast, light rain) can be beneficial for the team: "It's funny, because as coaches you always say, 'We want the hot weather.' We've had plenty of hot weather. I think you get more done on a day like this, and sometimes it comes right at the right time. It's just how we planned it. It was on the script this way, and it worked well for us."

On the QB John Beck touchdown pass to WR Justin Harper in practice: "The John Beck pass to Harper, yeah, it was a great throw. John had a bunch of nice throws. He has a few nice throws that weren't caught as well, so it was a good day for him. And [Harper] did a nice job at that."

On the status of G Ben Grubbs: "Ben has some ankle tightness, and he just needs about three days of rehab. We're looking at it right now, but we're just going to get him out and rehab the ankles and give him a chance to get the swelling down a little bit."

On if he's a fan of Facebook and Twitter, and if he's dealt with that with the team: "The Twitter issue we have, and Facebook… I'm not a fan of it. I'm not involved with it all. I will say this: We monitor it. We know exactly what our guys are Twittering and what everyone in the league is Twittering. We made it clear to them. This is what we've done: We've made it clear to them that it's public domain. When you get onto Twitter or Facebook, basically it's like having a microphone right there. That's how you've got to treat it. However you come across on Twitter, that's how you're coming across to the public. We're not in a position right now… We kind of reserve the right to figure this whole thing out as we go. But our mindset is not to ban Twitter; it's not to ban any medium. What we'd like to do is have guys that understand, are good people first of all, and understand that there are kids out there, and they're reading what you put on there just like you're talking into a camera, and treat it with respect."

On if he enjoys getting out there and participating in special teams:"I enjoy it until I see a guy like [Joe] Reitz or [Kelly] Talavou bearing down on me. Then I just find a hole to dive into. That's my rule of thumb. It's fun. A little workout, right? And the yellow hat looks so good on all our guys. We have a bunch of coaches out there. [Jim] Hostler is out there, and [Chuck] Pagano is out there, and Roy Anderson. They're all doing a good job."

On if he's had a chance to talk to LB Tony Fein about his military service in Iraq:"Tony Fein's experience in Iraq… No, I haven't had a chance to talk to him about that. I think I will. That's a good reminder."

On having Snoop Dogg out there and all that brings with it: "The guys, they're very well-dressed. The whole crew is very well-dressed. But it's a lot of fun. Those guys are all football fans, so it's fun having them out there."

On Snoop breaking down the huddle: "You could tell that Snoop is an entertainer. A lot of people get in an NFL huddle, and we've had other people do it, and they clam up a little bit. He was expanding. He knew Ray's skit inside and out. It was fun."

On if he discussed his favorite songs with Snoop: "I don't know if he's old enough to know all of my favorite songs."

On if he's OK with guys needling each other on the field, celebrating after touchdowns, etc., and if he thinks everything is taken in good nature: "I do. I think our guys… First of all, as far as the celebrations and the needling that you're talking about, our guys have a thick skin. And we want our guys to have a thick skin. If they put one in the end zone on you, you're going to have to watch them celebrate. That's part of the deal. Our only rule with celebration is respect the team. We can't afford any kind of 15-yard penalty or anything that's foolish enough… If you want to draw attention to yourself to the point where you're willing to put your defense and your special teams in jeopardy, then you're not a Raven. Our guys know where to draw the line and know where the rules are, but we want to have fun."

On if he left any instructions for assistant head coach/special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg for tomorrow's practice when Harbaugh will be absent to attend Jim Johnson's memorial service: "I'll be here in the morning, and then Jerry will be here for the afternoon, and he'll run it through the afternoon into the evening. Jerry knows what he's doing. It's not that complicated. Our guys will be fine. They'll be happy. They'll be happy I'm not around."

LB Ray Lewis' Opening Statement: "We [Snoop Dogg and Lewis] have been good friends for a long time. Now, we've decided to work together – come out here and show the DBs foot drills. He's got his little league team and some good things going on. Now, I'll introduce you all to the new coach, Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg."

Snoop Dogg's opening statement:"Yes, sir. Thank you, brother Ray. Now, go on back to practice."

On what he has seen from the team today: "I've seen a lot of great athletes out there – defense, offense. It looks pretty good out there. A few things they've got to work on, but we look like we can pretty much get there this year."

On what makes the Ravens memorable: "Defense. This is like a heavyweight boxing match whenever I see them play. I wanted to come see it up-close and personal – live in high definition – to look at them and see what it really feels like before they take battle. It's real cool to be able to come out here and look at them, see them before they go to war, see them battle against each other. So when it comes game time, you know how real it is. The preparation is so serious out here."

On if he has any lyrics for the Ravens: "Look here, man. I stay ready so I don't got to get ready."

On if he can feed the media some Ravens 'shizzle': "Slow down, nephew."

On running the agility ladder at practice: "I was just, you know, working on my foot work. I've got my Chuck Taylors on, but I still know how to perform well. The DBs were trying to show me a few moves, but I had to show them a few moves."

On what his title is as the new coach: "Yeah, Coach Snoop the Great."

On if he has any words for head coach John Harbaugh: "Nah, not really. He's doing a great job. He don't need no help. He's doing a great job."

On what it was like to take the huddle at the end of practice and break the team down: "That's what I do all the time."

On if the players were interested in what he had to say: "I'm a football person, you know what I'm saying? I'm surrounded by football. I have my own football league. I love the players. I love the whole situation with the NFL. I'm just a fan of it, so it's a natural thing for me to be here today."

On his friendship with Ray Lewis: "Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game – personal friend of mine. I love his story. I love his hustle. I love his attitude, his enthusiasm, his whole get-down. It's an inspiration to see how he can inspire his whole team and just turn the level up and how they go out there and become dogs. They're just nasty on the field. Oh, I love it."

On what he is going to tell his Pop Warner football team: "I'm just going to take this mentality back [with me], you know what I'm saying? I see how they're serious about it, how they're thorough with it, how everybody runs hard and plays hard. Those who don't won't be here when the season starts, so that's what it's always all about – going hard."

On his thoughts about what "Play Like a Raven" means: "Playing Like a Raven is like… You got a target on you at all times because people know that this defense is [talented]. The offense is getting strong. So, to me, I just feel like being a Raven is like being like Snoop Dogg – you are a target at all times."

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