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Transcripts: 2017 Rookie Minicamp

OLB Tyus Bowser

On what he thought of a Ravens' practice:"Oh man, it is good going out there and playing fast. [It was the] first day, so you are a little new to everything, so you are just trying to get used to it and get used to the speed at the next level. Overall, it went really good."

On what it was like to sign an NFL contract:"It is hard to even explain it, to be honest with you. It is just so much hard work, so much time that you have put in over the last couple years – growing up, high school, middle school and college. And then, just seeing an NFL contract, a lot of it has paid off. Being able to see that, it is so many great feelings, just knowing what you have been through and seeing that you have accomplished what your goal was."

On if he is allowed to play basketball:"No. I am not allowed to. I am getting paid to play football."

On how much he thinks solely focusing on football led to his improvement as a player:"Just putting in the time – whether it was anything. Growing up with my mom, she always taught me to put in the effort in whatever you are doing. This is what I am doing – playing football. I am putting 100 percent effort into it. Anything that I am doing, I am making sure I am being my best at it."

On if he had thoughts of pursuing basketball at Houston instead of football:"No, not really. I had great coaches that talked to me – great mentors. [I had] great people that I can always go to for anything, and they give me the best advice. Because of them, I am standing right here right now and talking to you."

On his excitement in playing with OLB Terrell Suggs:"It feels great. Just to have a great role model and a great player like him and to be under his wing and teach me the ropes around here in Baltimore and how the organization works [will be great]. Being around him is going to help me excel and get better throughout my career."

On what he has been concentrating on in his film study:"Right now, I am just focused on minicamp. Coaches are just putting in the install, and I am getting accustomed to all the plays and getting all the new terminology down. I'm just pretty much focused on what the coaches have me doing here in minicamp."

On his thoughts on working with OLB Tim Williams:"I got the chance to watch Tim's tape, and we worked out at Michael Johnson Performance [in Texas], so I got the chance to know him real well. Me and him are just going to go out there and do what we have to do, and that is rush the passer and get back there and create plays. Just having him right beside me is going to be a huge advantage for us going through the season if we make it there."

On the fighting incident he had with a teammate at Houston and if teams often asked about it during the pre-draft process:"Every single team asked me about it, of course. When you have something like that come up, whether it is anybody … If something comes up that is negative, they are always going to pull it up. I just manned up about it, told them the truth, and a lot of them just want to see from your perspective what happened. Because, everyone has their own story, especially in the media. So, anything is possible. Coaches like to ask us personally what happened, and I told them. We are grown men about it; we are 21 years old. We are still young, we still got more life to live; we learned from it. We are still good friends, and we just moved on and are doing what we have to do."

G Nico Siragusa

On what he thought about his first NFL practice:"It was a whirlwind – just a bunch of plays and all kinds of fronts. But hey, it's the NFL. I'm just happy I finally got the first practice jitters out, so let's get it going, man. Let's go!"

On what his emotions were like last night in preparation for today:"I just went to bed at 10:30; I was pretty tired. But I was pretty excited. I woke up ready to go, and I'm just happy, man. This is a dream come true to be in the NFL. I'm just representing for my whole family. My whole family is living their dream through me, so I'm happy to be here."

On if any of the other veteran linemen have reached out to him:"No, but hopefully when we get back for OTAs we can talk, but not yet."

On if it was strange being drafted here having the same last name as former Ravens DT Tony Siragusa:

"I knew that every team I was going to go to, they were going to say, 'Are you related to Goose?' But now I go to Baltimore? *(laughter) *So yeah, it was crazy. He was a good player, so hopefully I can be a good player just like him and they can call me 'Goose Jr.' or something – Goose II."

On if he has the same ability as Tony Siragusa to keep the locker room a light atmosphere:"I think so. I'm a pretty cool guy, get along with everybody, I like to joke around, so I think I can."

On if he has met Tony Siragusa:"I have not met him. And I feel bad for him, because for like a year-and-a-half now, everybody has been calling me Tony Siragusa's son. So, I wonder what his wife thinks. *(laughter) *And I wonder if she's like, 'What?! You've had a kid in San Diego that I don't know about?' *(laughter) *So, I feel bad for him."

On if he thinks this is a good place for him with an opportunity to compete for a starting spot:"Competition makes everybody better, and I'm just glad that I have the opportunity to come to an organization that has great offensive linemen like [Marshal] Yanda [and to] learn from one of the best guards in the NFL that has ever played. Learn from Ronnie [Stanley], who was a rookie baller. So, [it will be good to] just have them pass down their knowledge and just get acclimated to the NFL. I'm ready to do whatever it takes. If they want me to be a swing guard, play center, whatever, I'll do whatever to help out. If I start, I start. If I don't, [it's OK] as long as I help the team out."

On if he would describe his style of play as power:"Yes, at San Diego State, we ran the rock a lot – a lot of pulls, a lot of zone, a lot of trap-pull. We had one of the best running backs in college football last year, in my opinion. So yes, it's power, but I think … People slept on my athletic ability, but I feel like I have some finesse in there and some athleticism."

OLB Tim Williams

On what it felt like to walk onto the practice field in Ravens gear:"It felt great just to have my first NFL practice and just to compete – just to get back to football. I have been waiting to get back out there and go after it and fly around. So, it was very refreshing. A lot of legendary players have been here, and a lot of work has been put in here also, so it just made me feel more comfortable."

On how hard it is to not overthink being in the NFL and just play football:"It feels great. Last night we were in bed, and Tyus [Bowser] is my roommate, so I just kept waking up in the middle of the night because I was so anxious. I was like, 'Man, I wonder what all we have to do.' Just to get the first practice out of the way, now I know what to expect for the tempo and how coaches pride themselves on running to the ball and getting after it. It feels good."

On if he saw a difference in the speed of the game in his first practice:"I saw a big difference. Just to get my muscle memory going and my legs running to every play and going out there and being coachable … When coach tells me to do something, I try not to repeat that same mistake. Just running – just running myself back into 'Ravens shape.'"

On if he felt good about the answers he gave to teams during the pre-draft process when they asked difficult questions: "I felt great about it, because the teams that I met with – and of course the Ravens – I was honest with myself and honest to those guys. One thing they always say is I never lied to them about anything. The thing about it is you just have lay it all out on the table, and then God is going to sort it out."

On if watching the NFL Draft was difficult and if being picked in the third round serves as motivation:"It serves a lot of motivation for me. But growing up in Louisiana with [Hurricane] Katrina and everything, I am used to stuff not going my way. One day you can have a house, and the next day your house will be gone. All I needed was to get my foot in the door and to let somebody give me an opportunity. Like I said, I am very thankful and very blessed to be here, because at the same time, there a million other guys out there that did not get their name called. I am just taking it as a grain of salt."

On general manager & executive vice president Ozzie Newsome's comments that he has grown over the past 12 months and what has motivated that growth:"Just realizing the opportunity that I have. I have two daughters; I have a six-year-old, and I just had one born last month on March 16. I just have a lot of stuff going for me off the field to the point that I have to be a role model to those two girls, so that is really [something that motivates me]. I owe them everything. I do not want to be that type of father to give them an excuse."

On if TE Benjamin Watson was talking about him when he said today on ESPN that some of his teammates have children:"Probably. I do not know."

On working out with OLB Tyus Bowser: "Yes, me and Tyus worked out in Dallas at the MJP [Michael Johnson Performance], so me and him grew very, very close at MJP because we were doing all our work together. Me and him were the only two outside linebackers there, so we hung out a lot, talked a lot. So, I was very excited that he was here, also."

On if he feels the Ravens are bringing him and OLB Tyus Bowser in to be the next two great pass rushers in Ravens franchise history:"Oh, yes. They are bringing us in to learn from the veteran guys and just learn the Raven way."

On how much they are talking about the potential they have as a pass-rushing tandem:"We talk about a lot, but we know that we have to put the work in first. Nothing is going to be given to us over night, and this is the National Football League. There are guys in the locker room that have a wife and kids, so we have to come in and compete and earn a spot, which means special teams, kickoff, punt team – it doesn't matter – just to get on the field."

On if there is a difference in styles between him and OLB Tyus Bowser:"I really do not know. All I know is that Tyus is a great player. He has heart. He can drop, cover, can play the run, can rush the passer. [And] same with me. The only thing that I can say is that we both have is the will to compete. We are not going to bow down [to] anybody."

On if OLB Tyus Bowser was awake when he kept waking up in the middle of the night:"Obviously, he was talking in his sleep. (laughter) *Talking about, 'Hold on, hold on!' I was like, 'Hold on for what?' I woke up like, 'OK.'" *(laughter)

On him and OLB Tyus Bowser having sleep issues:"Yes, it is just anticipating this practice right here. Like I said, I didn't know what I was going to get this morning."

On if he has a source of comfort with the Ravens with the Alabama ties that the Ravens have:"Yes, it is a comfort being here, because when I was a freshman, C.J. Mosley was a senior. I always looked up to him. When we were conditioning, I used to run my sprints next to him. That was one of the players that I looked up to at Alabama. I always saw myself as, 'Man, I want to be like C.J. on the field.' His work ethic is through the roof. I feel very comfortable just having him here, so I can continue to learn from him."

DE Chris Wormley

On how practicing with John Harbaugh compares to practicing with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh:"Yes, they both are hard-working coaches. There are a lot of similarities I see on the defensive side of the ball. We work hard. The first day here was an hour-and-a-half, which was a little shorter than our four-hour practices with coach Harbaugh at Michigan, but it felt good to be back, and I could see a lot of similarities."* *

On where he was on the night of the draft and if he had an idea of where he might go:"I was at my college house with my family just watching it, relaxing, enjoying the process. I didn't want to get too high or too low. I thought I was going to go a little higher than I did, but I landed here, and it has been pretty cool so far."* *

On if he will play with a chip on his shoulder because of where he got drafted:"I think I will, regardless. Last year when I was a starter, a fifth-year guy, I played with a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to prove myself every game, every snap. I think I will do that regardless."* *

On if he had much interaction with head coach John Harbaugh:"Yes, I had met coach [John] Harbaugh a few times. Obviously, coach [John] Harbaugh is coach [Jim] Harbaugh's brother, so he came to the Maryland game two seasons ago when it was coach [Jim] Harbaugh's first year at Michigan. I have been with [defensive line] coach [Joe] Cullen a couple times. We had lunch before my Pro Day. I got a feel for what he likes to do as a defensive line coach. Coach [Greg] Mattison, my D-line coach at Michigan, was here [with the Ravens] for a few years, so like I said, there are a lot of similarities between the two organizations and the two coaching staffs."* *

On if Baltimore and Michigan's defensive systems are similar:"Yes. Coach [Greg] Mattison was our defensive coordinator for the first two years I was there [at Michigan], and there are a lot of similarities – a lot of the same calls, a lot of the same defenses. When you see those words and you see those defenses, it makes it a little bit easier to pick up on it and the adjustments in play calls are helpful."* *

On if he has coaching aspirations when he finishes playing:"Seeing what these coaches go through on a day-to-day basis – at least at Michigan – they would be in at 6 [a.m.] and not leave till 9 [p.m.]. That is a long day. Your wife must really love you, and your kids have to love you a lot, too. But, it is always an option. I love the game of football. I love the Xs and Os of it, and it is something that I enjoy doing. It is always a possibility."* *

On if he is upset about the Michigan football team getting the opportunity to go to Italy this spring as opposed to last spring:"I think so. Being able to do that is a free trip for a lot of kids. A lot of the kids have never been across the sea or to another country, so it is an opportunity that I think a lot of kids would not have had if they had not been at Michigan or played the game of football. It is an awesome experience, and you get to learn new culture and see a lot of things that you do not get to see in Ann Arbor, Michigan."* *

On what his former college teammate and current Ravens teammate DT Willie Henry has told him about playing for the Ravens, especially on the defensive line:"He said they go to work every day. He said it is like Michigan 2.0, which is something that I am used to, which means we go to work every day. Every day, we work hard. We are going to stop the run on defense and then we are going to get after them on the pass. It is something I am looking forward to, whatever role my role may be."* *

On if he had to play every snap in college:"Two seasons ago I did. I did not have a backup that we could trust in, I guess, and then this year, we had a freshman come in that was pretty good and we had beaten teams pretty badly, so I was out for a lot of the fourth quarters. I am used to playing 50-60 plays."* *

On if he would be comfortable playing 30 snaps a game as part of the rotation with the Ravens:"Yes, I think especially as a rookie, you will take every snap you can get. If I play 30 plays, great. It also helps with running to the ball and that hustle and that fourth quarter stamina – being able to endure those four quarters and being able to play just as hard as you do on the first play as you do on the 30th play. There are definitely some benefits to rotating."* *

On what his agent and the advisory board told him about where he was expecting to be drafted:"Just in the second round. Once I fell into the third round, I don't know if it was more so disappointment, but I was getting a little anxious. I wanted to obviously be drafted higher, but like I said, I fell to a great organization. I have only heard great things about this, and for the first day that I am here, it is pretty special."* *

On how the process went and if his agent kept telling him during the draft where he might be selected:"No. I tried to keep it as least stressful as possible, so he kind of just sat around and didn't say too much, which is probably a better thing than him chirping. My mom was already getting a little antsy, too; she was complaining that the process was getting too long and all the commercials and the commentators were taking too long. She was enough. (laughter) *Like I said, I tried to make it as least stressful as possible."* **

On if he has access to the picks that are being made:"Yes, my agent would tell me if he saw on twitter or if the other agents knew like three or four picks before. I knew I was going to be the 74th pick – probably like the 70th pick when it was on TV. Once that came, Mr. [Ozzie] Newsome called me, and then I talked to coach Harbaugh and coach [Joe] Cullen, so it was a sigh of relief once that happened. But, it was a good feeling."* *

On how he will distinguish between Jim and John Harbaugh when talking about them:"Maybe 'Ravens Harbaugh' and 'Michigan Harbaugh'? I don't know. (laughter) *I have to ask them what they think, so there is no disrespect there. We have to figure something out."* **

On if it feels like he is a freshman in college again:"Yes, you are kind of walking on your toes a little bit. You don't know … You kind of stay in the back and try … Especially when OTAs start next week, you try and more so be a fly on the wall and soak it all in without stepping on Terrell Suggs' toes or getting in Joe Flacco's way. It is going to be a learning process when it comes to the culture of this organization, once the older guys come in, but I am excited to fit in and find my place and my role."

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