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Transcripts: CB Nate Wiggins Zoom (4/25)

In your interactions with the Ravens and when they came up at No. 30, what were your feelings? Did you think there was a really good chance that you were going to go to the Ravens? (Jamison Hensley) "Yes, sir. They always told me if I was there, and I was available, they were going to take me. So, it was just, 'Will I be available?'"

How would you describe the emotions of this night? (Garrett Downing) "[There were] a lot of emotions going on [through] it. [I was] just thinking I was going to go earlier than [falling] to [pick No.] 30. [There were] a lot of emotions, but I'm happy to be here, man. I'm happy to be in Baltimore, so I can't be any [happier]."

Head coach John Harbaugh was just talking about how you would come up and smack people on film. People would talk about your size and being a slender guy. Can you just talk about your confidence and how you're going to be able to handle tackling guys and playing defense at this level? (Cliff Brown) "I just feel like it's just [mostly] the weight thing, so when I get my nutrition [regiment], I feel like [I'm] going to be a big problem. I feel like it just takes time. I'm 20 years old, so [I'm] not really stretched out yet, so I know when I get to my peak, it's going to be scary."

Executive vice president and general manager Eric DeCosta told us that he felt like you were the best cover corner in the Draft. What is it about your mindset and your physical tools that you think makes you so comfortable on the outside like that? (Childs Walker) "[It's] just my speed and my instincts and my physicality. Just being on that island ... It's man-to-man. I feel like I'm the best man-to-man corner. I'm the best corner in the Draft, so yes. The tape speaks for itself."

What do you know about the Ravens defense and their style of play? How do you feel like your own brand of play fits in with the Ravens? (Giana Han) "I just know they are ballhawks and they get a lot of turnovers. I know this past season, they were the top defense, so I know my place [and] my competitiveness will fit [in] right along with the great defense."

Just curious, two things – it sounded like [Clemson head coach] Dabo [Swinney] was texting with the Ravens all night telling them to pick you. Were you aware of that, or what do you think of that? And, secondly, what do you remember about your visit here on your Top 30 visit, and what kind of stood out to you? (Brian Wacker) "I really didn't know about the Dabo [Swinney] texting the Ravens situation, so I don't really know about that. But, the visit went well. It was a good visit. I felt like I was home. They invited me in so well, so [it] felt like it was home. So, I know when I go back up there, it's going to feel like home again."

You talked about the emotions of this night, and this is really not only a life-changing night for you, but also your entire family. Can you just reflect on what this means to you from that standpoint? (Carita Parks) "I know, just coming from where I come from, a lot of folks don't make it. So, it's a lot of emotions going on in the building right now. I'm just glad to be here. So, that's all."

When were you the fastest guy on the field, and do you have any good stories about your speed? (Ryan Mink) "I've always been the fastest guy on the field. I've always been fast, so I don't really have any questions about the speed."

What was your reaction when you saw 13 offensive players come off the board, initially? And then, what is it like kind of realizing that you might be going toward the end of the first round to a team that has already been competitive and good? (Kyle Goon) "Like I said, it was emotional. I was just thinking, 'I'm going early,' but the best part is that God had a plan for me. We're here now, so I can't wait to make the best of it."

How much do you think that the Ravens' defensive attitude kind of fits your playing style? And, have you gotten a chance to talk to ILB Trenton Simpson, and do you think that he's kind of a guy who can kind of help you along here as you make the transition to the NFL? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I feel like I fit in perfect with the Ravens' defense. It's just – like I said before – the competitiveness and just their mindset. They want to go get the ball, and they want to win. So, that's what I strive on doing. That's why I feel like I'm the best fit for this team. Trenton Simpson, we just talked when I was on [my] visit [to Baltimore]. I feel like he's going to [play] a big role in my part when I get there, because he'll work with me. He knows how to carry himself, so he will be a big role in my part."

When you were a young guy in college, what led you to start a foundation for underprivileged people in the community? (Kevin Richardson) "Just where I'm coming from. Where I came from, I didn't really have a lot growing up, so when I'm going back [there], they don't really have a lot stuff. I like to give back, and I just like to help people."

There weren't as many underclassmen in this year's draft class; you decided to come out early. What played into that decision? Was it just your confidence, and where do you feel like, 'Hey I'm a young guy, and I still want to grow my game?' (Ryan Mink) "I feel like my decision came off of my confidence, but also my talent. I know what I can do; I know what I'm capable of, and I know I haven't reached my highest potential yet. I'm just getting better and better as the years go on."

Is there a game that you feel like from last year, or maybe the year before that best exemplifies the kind of shutdown corner that you are? (Jonas Shaffer) "[The games against] Florida State, Notre Dame [and] North Carolina. Those are a couple of games I can name. A lot games, I was just being a shutdown corner following the best receiver the whole game. I feel like most of the games I played this year showed I was a lockdown corner."

How do you feel about being moved around the secondary if that's how the Ravens want to use you? And also, playing and covering against the top receivers in the ACC, how do you feel like that will help you at the next level? (Cliff Brown) "The first question about the moving parts, I feel like that won't be a big deal to me because I can do whatever on the defensive side like cover. I can play nickel; I can play safety. It's not really a big part. It won't have a big jump on my success. What was the other question?"

It was about playing against some of the top receivers you have faced in the ACC and also, when you're playing outside of ACC, how much that will help you? Do you think the adjustment to the next level will help you following what you've already done in college? (Cliff Brown) "My defensive coordinator making me match up with the best receivers this year – I feel like that had a big change in my life going on to the next level. I'm going to see good receivers every week, and I feel like that's what I was doing when I was guarding the best receiver every week. That played a good part in it."