Transcripts: David Ojabo Zoom Press Conference

Congratulations on being drafted. With everything that you have gone through over the past six weeks, how does it feel to get drafted after six weeks from that [Achilles] injury? (Jamison Hensley) "It means the world. I mean, that's what I was working towards before the unfortunate injury. To have my family and friends right beside me, man, it's all part of the story. It's like a dream."

What does it mean to you to team up again with defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald? (Garrett Downing) "Man, it means the world, again. That's just how I know that it's all part of the plan. What are the odds that the person who comes in and gives me a chance to play [at Michigan] ultimately is the guy I'm following to the next level as well? I just know that it's all written, man. It's meant to be."

Kind of in a similar vein, what does it mean to unite with OLB Odafe Oweh, a good friend of yours? And what kind of damage can you two do once you're healthy? (Ryan Mink)(laughter) "Man, again, it's all scripted. It's all part of the plan. I can't wait to work with him, Coach 'Mac' [Mike Macdonald], and even Coach Osborn [defensive assistant Ryan Osborn]. He's the one that really trained me up this last season. So, I really can't wait to get going."

As you went through this process, you were pretty much a lock first-round pick before the injury. What did you … Where did you think you would end up in this Draft? Did you think the Ravens, given all the connections that had been discussed, were the most logical place for you? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I mean, all of that is above me. My job is to play football and put out good tape, and whatever happens, happens. So, I came here just longing for an opportunity, and I got one."

What have you been told by your doctors about sort of how you're doing right now and what the timeframe might be for your recovery? (Childs Walker) "[I'm] just working day by day, man. Nothing yet, I just keep doing as I'm told."

I was just wondering, knowing OLB Odafe Oweh and defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald, and your connections with the Ravens, where was your "hope meter" when you were still on the board and the Ravens were coming up? How much were you hoping you landed in Baltimore? (Shawn Stepner) "Yes, definitely. That definitely crossed my mind. I'm just happy [that] it all fell into place, and I'm back, almost, where I was meant to be."

What clicked for you from your sophomore year to your junior year for you to have the season that you had? Were you still learning the game at that time? (Kevin Richardson) "Yes, yes. Every day, even up until now, I'm still learning the game. But just, I guess, the way it was explained to me, again, with the addition of Coach 'Mac' [defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald] and his staff, with Coach 'Oz' [defensive assistant Ryan Osborne], they just broke down the game differently to me, and it made a whole lot of sense."

Do you feel there is a chance that you might be able to play at some point this season? (Jamison Hensley) "I mean, I'm definitely hopeful towards [that], but I can't predict the future, so I'm just … Like I said, day by day, do as I'm told and hope for the best."

Can you just talk about how difficult it was to have the Achilles tear on your Pro Day after you looked like you were going to be a first-round pick? How difficult has that journey been since? (Ryan Mink) "It was just a bump in the road. It was my first-ever injury and just another obstacle I'm going to conquer."

Did you have any sense from defensive assistant Ryan Osborn or defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald that this could be coming? And have you heard from OLB Odafe Oweh since you actually got picked? (Jonas Shaffer)"I really had no clue, man. I was just waiting and waiting to see my phone ring. I saw the Ravens coming up, [and] I hoped for the best. God's plan is coming through. As far as Odafe [Oweh], I've seen him calling my phone. I was trying to get back to him, but I was told I had media with you all." (laughter)

Can you just … We saw a little bit of a shot with you and your family and friends on TV. What are the emotions like when you get that news, especially with what you've been through in this process? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Man, you saw it – it was raw emotion. Every second of that, I felt it. Just being surrounded with my friends and family, it was a moment I'll never forget."

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