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Transcripts: Day 15 of Training Camp

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good seeing everybody. I appreciate you being here. It was a good day. We had some cloud cover. The guys appreciated that. The execution today was good. It wasn't as physical after the two real hard practices the last two days, but it was fast. We wanted to emphasize execution and being on-point with our assignments and our techniques. The guys did that. It was a good day for us."

Today was the last day for fans to be out here, kind of the unofficial end of training camp. How would you sum up the last few weeks? (Jamison Hensley) "The last day with the fans, I would just sum it up as just being fun. We had a full house every single day and so many kids. It had to be at least, more than half kids, easily, every single day. We had groups of football teams. We had groups of military. We had groups of first-responders. We had about every group we could have that loves football. It was fun. We had a stampede for Lamar [Jackson] here a minute ago. Nobody got trampled, thank goodness. So, we're happy about that. [The fans were] really enthusiastic, really fun. Our fans are great."

Are you happy with what you're seeing out of WR Marquise Brown after getting back out there today? (Ken Weinman) "Yes, he looked great today. It's going to be like that. It's going to be a process with Marquise. We'll see how he feels from one day to the next. It's healing. Part of it is just getting stronger from the reps. He's been healing, so he hasn't been running. There are muscles in there that need to be trained, but he looked great today. He looked really good."

Do you anticipate roughly the same workload for QB Lamar Jackson against the Packers as he had versus the Jaguars? (Bo Smolka) "We do. We kind of balance it out. We have a way of doing it that goes back … My brother did it in San Francisco. It's unique. It's different than, really, what anybody else does, but that's how we do it. He'll play about the same."

How has QB Lamar Jackson developed as a leader, and where do you think he's at right now? (Giana Han) "Lamar is a leader. It's interesting that you ask that, because we were just having that conversation. He doesn't really need to develop as a leader. He's a natural leader. He's developing as a quarterback. He's developing as a person, like anybody would. Guys gravitate to him. He has a very high emotional IQ. He gets people, just being himself. Along with playing really well, it seems that that is the key to him as a leader. He's developing really well as a quarterback. You saw him today. He had a big day today, and he just gets better every day."

What are some things that QB Lamar Jackson does, specifically, that makes everyone gravitate towards him? (Pete Gilbert)"It's hard to pin-point. The best thing I could say about Lamar and why people like him is, you just talk to him. You probably get a feel for it yourself when you talk to him. He has that 'it factor.' He was raised the right way. He had a lot of support. His mom is amazing. It probably starts with that."

TE Hayden Hurst had a good day today. Was that encouraging to see? (Garrett Downing) "Yes, Hayden Hurst had a really big day today. It was great to see. He was fast. He made a bunch of tough catches. We were on fire in the red zone. We made a lot of plays in the red zone. Hayden was a huge part of that. That's big for us."

You have a lot of young guys in your wide receiver group. Collectively, what have they shown as a group? (Jamison Hensley) "Two things for the wide receivers: They've showed us that they can go up and make catches on contested balls, and they've shown us they'll block. Those are two pretty big deals for us."

You guys were pretty complimentary of OLB Jaylon Ferguson after the game on Thursday. Did he continue that progress in practice this week? (Aaron Kasinitz) "He did. Jaylon continued to grow. He had a good game again today. He has taken really good steps every day. Joe [Cullen, defensive line coach] is doing a great job with him. He's very serious, though. I try to say hi to him every now and then. I guess he doesn't hear me. I don't know. (laughter) I'll say he's focused. He's doing a good job."

OLB Pernell McPhee was talking about his relationship with OLB Jaylon Ferguson yesterday. Do you see Pernell forming similar relationships with other guys? (Bobby Trosset) "Pernell is the kind of guy that … He kind of picks his spots. Everybody likes Pernell. He's a big-time leader. But, especially with that position group, he has a couple of guys under his wing. He took Jaylon under his wing. He took Timmy Williams under his wing. He took Tyus [Bowser] under his wing. I really do think it's helping those guys a lot."

How have you seen safeties Tony Jefferson and Earl Thomas III gel together? _(Andrew Gillis) _"Really well. They have a lot of communication, on the field especially. I don't know about off the field. I'm sure they talk. On the field, we haven't made very many mistakes. I'll put the other two guys … I think they deserve mentioning, too. The next two safeties, Chuck [Clark] and DeShon [Elliott] have looked really good back there, too. You saw them today. Those guys are making plays as well. It's a strong group."

There have been some extraordinary examples of quarterbacks moving from Year One to Year Two. It doesn't seem to be that that used to be the way it was in the league. Why do you think it has become that way? (Bill Ordine)"That's a great question. It would take some study to think about. If I was just going to shoot off the top of my head on why quarterbacks are making bigger jumps from Year One to Year Two, I would say probably because they come in more prepared than they used to in the passing game. Colleges and high schools throw the ball around so much more than they used to. They probably have a better foundation under them already. Then, it's just a matter of getting used to the speed of the game and getting accustomed to the guys around them and the defenses they're playing, as opposed to developing from the ground up and understanding the passing game."

There were four cornerbacks out today. Is there anything serious going on with that? (Jeff Zrebiec) "It's just the middle of training camp right now. There are varying things with varying guys. We gave Jimmy [Smith] a rest. A couple of guys need to get some tests and things like that. It's really nothing to comment on. But when there is, you'll be the second to know. (laughter)"

No pads today, but things got pretty heated at times. Do you like seeing that? (Ken Weinman)"They're getting sick of each other. (laughter) It's about time. They get out of the hotel this week. They've seen enough of each other. Good point, good observation."

Where have you seen WR Jaleel Scott make his biggest improvements? He has been making a lot of plays. (Ryan Mink)"I would say that – making a lot of plays. He's playing really fast. If you look at the tracking and all of that, the guy is running really fast. He's running good routes, and he's making plays – catch-and-run plays, go-up-and-get-the-ball plays. The next step that I've talked to him about is, 'Let's take that offensive play-making to special teams this week, too.' He never played special teams in college, and he wasn't with us last year. So, that's another thing we want to see him grow at. He's done a good job with that."

QB Lamar Jackson

On if he accomplished the goals he set out to achieve during camp:"I hope so! Yes, we got after it. The defense was giving us great looks. Our offense was moving the ball, making executions, scoring touchdowns. We're looking good so far."

On his comfortability with knowledge and command of the offense:"I'm way ahead, way ahead of where I was last year. Last year, I was asking coach, 'What do you have right here?' and stuff like that. This year, it's a lot of studying, dialing in to my playbook, getting with my teammates in the offseason. They helped a lot."

On the atmosphere of training camp:"It felt like gameday. Each and every day the fans were out here, it felt like another game. We got to go against our defense. We never know what they're going to do the next day, and we just had to get after it."

On WR Marquise Brown:"He's fast, he's fast." (Reporter: "Did he turn it up on that slant route today?") "Actually, I missed it! That's how fast he is. I came back, and I was like, 'What happened?' They were like, 'He caught a slant and just went.' I was like, 'Dang, I caught the end of it. My fault.' (laughter) I caught the end of it."

On his comfortability with the tight ends, and if they have the potential to be the best TE unit in the league:"Definitely. Nick Boyle, Mark Andrews, Hayden Hurst are doing a great job right now for us. Man, we're just going to have to see when the season comes, but I know they're going step up."

On how WR Marquise Brown is as a driver, as Brown said that he drives Jackson around:"He said that?" (laughs)(Reporter: "That's what he said, and we asked him how many times he does it, and he said anytime you want.") "It's not like that. (laughter) It's not like that at all. My girlfriend has the car, so she has to go to work and stuff like that, so I just catch a ride with him, the rookie!" (Reporter: "Maybe he was stretching the truth a little bit.") "A little bit, just a little bit, a tiny bit." (laughter)

On what he focuses on because he now has a year of experience:"Making great passes, trying to catch my receivers in stride. I'm trying to score a lot of touchdowns this year, finishing in the red zone, because we'll drive the ball downfield and won't finish. That was a big key for me this year."

On how he feels about how he is throwing:"I feel pretty good. How do I look? That's the question. How do I look? You guys? Have to keep going."

On what he has seen from RB Justice Hill:"He has speed, especially when he gets around the edge. He's just so fast, explosive, makes guys miss, and his game speed is way different from practice. He shows up in the games, so I just can't wait to see him in the regular season."

On what he wants to improve in the upcoming preseason game:"Another win, jeep striving, trying to be the best. Completions, score a touchdown, hopefully get out of the game early. It's preseason, so I'm trying to get out of the game early." (laughter)

On if he worked with Tom House in the offseason: "I worked with Coach Joshua Harris. I worked with Dave, who worked with Tom House, and my coach, Coach James Urban."

On if league examples of quarterbacks making big jumps from Year One to Year Two make him optimistic about his own potential:"Absolutely. I just needed a year, I would say, in the system. I actually got another systemI had to learn and just had this time during the summer to prepare for it. It's been going well. Hopefully, it will be a great Year Two."

On if the game is slowing down for him:"Yes, it is. Even with our defense, last year, our defense was flying around. My head was spinning. I didn't know where the guys were coming from, blitzes. The coaches were like, 'Man, you have to learn how to flip the jets,' and stuff like that. But this year, I've just been sitting back, been a lot [more] comfortable, dialed in."

On who would win a 60-yard dash between himself and WR Marquise Brown:"He got it. He got it. (laughs)I just have to throw it to him! I don't want to race." (Reporter: "Is that something you guys joke about between the two of you?") "No, actually, we don't. I would say he's faster. I don't race. I just have game speed, that's all."

On what he has done to build chemistry with different groups on the offense:"Work, work and more work. That's all, just getting the ball to my receivers, like I said, trying to be accurate, throw it at their facemasks, not trying to throw it behind them. If I do, you'll notice, I'll always be like, (claps) slapping my hands like, 'I have to get it right.' Just constant work on myself and putting pressure on myself to get better." (Reporter: "Have you done anything outside of practice?") "When we had the break, but since camp, when it's off time, just get it. Go to sleep, get your rest."

On the wide receiver group as a whole, with many young players:"A lot of potential. The young guys are showing up, showing off. Each and every day, they step it up. You never know what one of them is going to do each and every day. All the guys are doing great right now."

On what he did to make sure he knew more about the offense this season:"Studying by myself, taking that time off, getting in that playbook. Actually doing it on the field, that helped a lot."

On why his teammates gravitate towards him:"Because I'm one of the guys. I hang out. I'm cool, man. (laughter) I don't know. Ask them! You have to ask them."

On what the key is for TE Hayden Hurst this season:"He was showing out. He was showing out. Just be Hayden! Do what he does. Do what he did at South Carolina, and we're going to go all the way."

On if he can pinpoint a play from last season that seemed fast to him at the time and compare it to a play from today that felt slower:"My first game actually starting, that's when I realized the game speed is faster. That's all I needed. That's all I needed, just that one game, that first quarter. After that, it was just 'go.'"

On what has become easier for him:"Mindset. Going into the game, knowing what you're going to do, preparing for the defense, just the basics."

WR Jaleel Scott

On how different this camp has been for him compared to last season:"It's been a big difference. I'm enjoying it more. I'm well-connected with my teammates, my new teammates, Earl [Thomas III] … Me and Willie [Snead IV], we're starting to grasp the offense more. I like it. I'm enjoying it."

On if something has clicked for him this camp:"Confidence. Everything that you do, you need to have confidence and know that you're going to get the job done. So, I feel like my confidence went up, and my preparation in the offseason, my training and the things that I knew I needed to work on, I attacked it this offseason."

On if he feels the wide receiver group gets underestimated by those outside the building:"No, I don't think I'm being underestimated at all. I feel like the coaches do a very good job of implementing me in the offense, so I don't think I'm underestimated." (Reporter: "With the wide receiver group, is the group underestimated?") "Oh no, no, sir. I feel like we're connecting very well, and this offense is built around the players that we have."

On what he was told he needed to work on coming into this season to make the roster:"Special teams, make sure that I'm an 'X' factor on special teams for me to make the roster."

On what last season was like for him on Injured Reserve:"It was a humbling experience, having football taken away from me. Being on IR, I can't be out here on the practice field, but I did get to stay in the meetings and watch a lot of film and study a lot, so that's what it was. It kind of hurt, but look where I am now, trying to make the 53."

On what the biggest challenge is to picking up special teams:"The biggest challenge is just the experience, when you don't have much experience, and you go out there and you want to excel. You want to excel so much, but it comes with experience. So, the more games that you play in, the better you get." (Reporter: "Do you feel like you're starting to pick it up?") "Yes, yes, I definitely am."

On how important preseason games are for him:"It's big. It's big for all of us. We all want to win. The Ravens haven't lost a preseason game, I want to say, in like four years, five years, so it's big for all of us. I feel like it's another game to help me improve and show the coaches where I'm at."

On why the team is drawn to QB Lamar Jackson:"He's a leader, and he's an understanding guy. He talks to us, he cheers us on through the ups and downs, so he's just an understanding guy. When you have a quarterback that's understanding and talks to you, you'd do anything for him."

On if he feels that his confidence grows each practice:"Yes, I do, I do. But, I've been doing this, I've been playing football for so long. But yes, those catches do build my confidence up each and every day, making me realize I'm here for a reason – to help this organization out."

On his mentality when he knows that some receivers won't make the final roster: "I just want to stack my days. Each and every day, control what I can control and let God take care of the rest. That's how I look at it."

On if QB Lamar Jackson has done anything to help build chemistry with receivers:"Yes, he helped us a lot in the offseason. We went and threw, getting a better grip on the offense. And just communicating, letting us see what he sees, so when we're on the field, we understand, hey, the ball placement is going to be here if you see a Cover-2 or just different coverage on defense."

On how QB Lamar Jackson is different than other quarterbacks he has played with:"He's a freak. He's just a freak. There are certain things that you just, you're just looking at it, and you don't understand. But when you realize he's a Heisman-winning quarterback, you're like, 'OK, that's Lamar.' He's a freak."

CB Brandon Carr (2019 Tim Wheatley Award Winner)

Senior director of community relations/executive director of Ravens Foundation Heather Darney: "Good morning. I want to thank all of you for coming out. It is an honor for us, again this year, to be hosting the Wheatley family. David Wheatley is here on behalf of his late father to present the Tim Wheatley Award to Brandon Carr. So, without further ado, David."

David Wheatley:"Hello and thank you for having all of us. This is my brother, Will Wheatley, and my sister, Sarah Wheatley. I should have brought a notecard for this gentleman. He has a long list. He does everything from Baltimore, to his home town in Flint, Mich., his college at Grand Valley State, and even Dallas and Kansas City, where he first started out his career. He does an incredible job mentoring our youth here in Baltimore, and like I said, in the other cities as well. He has a special place in his heart, as do I, for breast cancer awareness and helping in the fight against it. I could go on and on all day about everything that he does for Baltimore and the other communities, but without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Brandon Carr."

CB Brandon Carr: "First of all, thank you to the Wheatley family for this remarkable award. I am honored and privileged to have this. I accept this award on behalf of the Carr Cares Foundation and all the ones that came before me that have shown me the way to do it in the community, from my parents, to my early days in Kansas City, to all my veteran captains on the team, to my coaches. Coming to Baltimore, just seeing the organization as a whole do a lot of amazing things in the community … It's always refreshing, and it's always empowering for myself to continue to do great things and try to do as much as I can off the field as I do on the field. Community service, to me, is second-nature. I saw it my whole life in my parents, growing up, from teaching in the Flint community schools for my mom, to my dad coaching me as an AAU basketball coach and him being a mentor and a father-figure to a lot of my teammates and peers growing up. They always stressed the importance of using your platform in a positive way. I never forgot that. I've been blessed to play this game for 12-plus years now and counting, at the National Football League level, but all the years before this … There was a lot of hard work that I put in on this field, and the platform was there for me. It was an opportunity for me to give back and connect with the youth and connect with the community as well. I found a few different avenues along the way to try to utilize my time and efforts and energy – breast cancer, childhood literacy, just trying to move the needle in each and every community that we're in. It's been a ride. It's been a roller coaster. It's been fun. I've met a lot of amazing people along the way, a lot of people that just give me energy each and every day, whether I win, lose, make a play or don't make a play on the field. I know on Mondays and throughout the week, I have kids that are counting on me and looking forward to more resources and more time, another initiative, or just something to keep those kids occupied, keep them interested, and continue to grow and learn. That's the reason why I do it. Thank you all for your support. Thank you all for your blessings and your coverage throughout these three years in Baltimore. Hopefully, we have some bigger and better things to come as we move forward with this thing. So, it's an honor and a blessing. I take this in stride and there is much more work to be done. Thank you."

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