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Transcripts: Eagles Postgame Quotes (Dec. 18)

Head Coach Doug Pederson

(on not being able to finish games and get the victory) "Everybody is disappointed. Everybody is dejected. Obviously, we need to finish these games. That has been the feeling the last couple of weeks, and it's a tough locker room. They are hanging in there. They are battling."

(on going for the two-point conversion at the end of the game) "Yes. I had my mind made up before we scored. If we had a chance to win it, we were going to go for it and win it."

(on attempting a two-point conversion with Ryan Mathews hurt) "No, he was not hurt."

(on Baltimore's run defense and defensive play today) "We were confident on play-calling today and our run game. They are a tremendous defense and one of the best in the League and against the run as well. It just came down to sheer patience and determination and the offensive line."

(on the two-point conversion to end the game) "I wanted to win the football game, and even our chances in overtime were less than 50 percent winning this game. As an underdog going into the game, we were going to win the game in regulation."

(on the play-call on the two-point conversion) "We knew and anticipated zero coverage and zero blitz, and it was one-on-one with Carson [Wentz] and Jordan [Matthews]. The ball just got tipped at the line of scrimmage, and we had an opportunity there. It was one of the staple plays we run against that coverage."

(on Ryan Mathews not being in on the two-point conversion) "In those situations, it's a got to have it situation for both teams. It doesn't matter who the back is, they're going to cover up all the gaps and either run it or throw it. Your chances with Carson [Wentz] throwing are a little bit better in that situation."

(on Rodney McLeod allowing so much space to Baltimore receivers) "I don't have an issue with him, and I have to just look at the tape. I did not see him, as it was on the other side of the field from me, and I'll have to defer to the tape. I don't know; I just have to find out."

(on the impact of Baltimore's defensive line on the game) "This is a tremendous pass-rushing defense. If you were on the sidelines today, you felt the wind, you felt the conditions, you felt the rain. For two quarters, we were going into a pretty stiff breeze, and the underneath throws are more accurate for the quarterback to make. It would have been tough for a 30-yard kick right there, in regards to going for a field goal versus a fourth-down conversion."

(on Carson Wentz and the experience he is gaining each week) "It is tremendous, not only for him as a quarterback, but for our team as well. He continues to learn from these situations. We put ourselves in these positions, and we pride ourselves in being able to finish games. These are valuable lessons going forward. We continue to learn from this as a team and as individuals, and it will definitely be better for us down the road."

(on play call for the two-point conversion attempt) "A play-action in that situation with the style of defense that came and was hard to get the ball off and better with one-on-one situations. The play call, the play design, everything was built for that situation, and credit them, they got a hand up and tipped the ball."

(on referring to less than 50 percent chance the Eagles would win the game in overtime) "Those are just the numbers than we ran, being the underdog in this game, and, besides, we have a great field goal kicker."

(on Carson Wentz and his determination throughout the game) "It just shows everything that we talked about and have seen all season. It just shows his sheer toughness and determination that he has shown throughout the season."

(on the desperation for a win) "I wanted to win, whether it was desperation or not."

(on the Eagles' offensive line play) "I thought they played extremely well. Once we settled in after that first early turnover and the Baltimore touchdown, I thought our offensive line played well. I thought Isaac [Seumalo] played extremely well for the first time at right tackle. He got nicked up in the game and was hobbling around, and we just have to find out where he's at for next week. Gosh, those guys battled. They're tough and really held it together today."

* *

QB Carson Wentz

(on his reaction to the two-point conversion play) "I loved it. Our coach is aggressive, and he believed in us. We thought they were going to blitz, and they did. It was a good call, but they made a good play."

(on his running TD) "They were doing a good job covering our guys in the end zone. I just took it myself. I just wanted to find a way to get the ball in there. I knew contact was coming. It was me against [S Eric] Weddle, and I was able to get around him."

(on the success of the running game) "Our offensive line did an unbelievable job today. They took it upon themselves to try and be dominant, and we had a lot of success on the ground."

(on the team's morale after a tough loss) "It's really tough. It's kind of a weird feeling because we did some things well but we just couldn't finish some drives. I know the guys in that locker room, and they're going to fight till the end."

(on his opinion on his first NFL season) "The growth factor for me has been huge. My opportunity came much quicker than I thought it would. It's been an up-and-down year for us but the experience all of us have gained has been very valuable."

(on the drive at the end) "We were all pretty excited we scored the touchdown. I think this was the best offensive balance we've had this game. In the running game, I felt we were really rolling. In the passing game, I think I could've been better, especially in the first half. We were just really balanced today."

(on the game's ending) "It seems like all of our games have been like that. It seems like it comes down to one or two plays every game. This time, that play came at the end. We just need to keep building on our success."

(on the team's final 1-7 road record) "I've learned that it's very hard to win in this league. I've learned it's even harder to win on the road, but every week, we experience something to learn from."

(on having a quick turnaround with a Thursday game upcoming) "We need to move on from this as quickly as we can, and we need to start getting ready for the Giants right away. This is my first Thursday game, so it's a new experience for me.

S Malcolm Jenkins

(on how the defense played) "This was a battle in every phase of the game – offense, defense and special teams. We played very hard and gave ourselves a chance to win at the end. They made some plays, and we gave up some plays. We need to move on from this."

(on the two-point conversion attempt) "Everyone on the team was behind the decision. We had them back on their heels, and we had the momentum. The last drive, we moved the ball very well, so I thought it was a good decision."

(on the TD pass to WR Steve Smith Sr. late in the first half) "We were being very aggressive on that play. We were trying to push them back to an even longer field goal, but he got behind us and scored. It was a tough play for us."

(on the team's problems allowing big plays) "That is a place we really need to improve. It doesn't matter if it's in the running game or the passing game, we need to stop allowing them. We are taught to be aggressive, they're going to happen some times."

(on the Ravens' offense) "They didn't do anything we didn't expect them to do. We knew they were going to try and run the ball more than they have and establish the running game. But it wasn't a matter of them surprising us at all."

* *

RB Ryan Mathews

(on not being in the game during the last few plays of the first half and the end of the game) "We have some plays that we go through during practice all week long. We have different packages and stuff. We use different people."

(on not being in for the two-point conversion at the end of the game) "We have certain packages that we do. So, when my number is called, I try to make plays. I have faith in my teammates. Everybody wants to play, but I have faith in my teammates."

(on facing the Ravens' number one rushing defense) "The line was playing great. Our receivers were blocking downfield. The line played great today. You have to give all the credit to them."

(on going for two at the end of the game) "I'm a player not a coach. You make it, you become a hero. Miss it, and you don't, but I trust my teammates and my coaches."

(on the running game's success) "It's getting on a roll. Guys were excited to run the ball. It's a tough challenge. And, like I said, the line was playing great today."

* *

LB Brandon Graham

(on the defense) "We gave ourselves a chance to win at the end. We did what we were supposed to do – give ourselves a chance at the end. We just came up short, two-point play, that's cool. I'd take that all day because, at the end of the day, we did put ourselves into that position. We got the touchdown, and, if we get the two, everybody would love us. These guys in this room, they fight hard. We fought to the end. It wasn't because of a lack of effort."

(on the Ravens' big plays) "That's what we talk about. It's always one or two plays in there that we wish we could have back. But, obviously, we have to shake that off because we have a short week this week. We have to play the Giants Thursday night, and I just want to get into the win column."

(on going for two at the end of the game) "Coach [Pederson] has confidence in us to go out there and go for two. So, we're behind him 100 percent. You've got to live with it at the end of the day. I keep my head tall because we put ourselves into the position to win the game. The only thing that can happen from this is we can keep building off of this."

(on losing a close game) "I don't think anyone is frustrated too much. We put ourselves in the position to win. If we kick the ball and go into overtime, we don't know what could happen, but we wanted to go aggressive. All of us were out there saying, 'We've got to go for two. We've got to win this game.' We went out there with the attitude to be aggressive, and that's what we did. I was very confident we were going to get it done."* *

* *

RB Byron Marshall

(on his game) "Once I got settled, the game came to me. I felt like I made the right reads and the right cuts. So, I thought it was a decent day. It could have been a lot better, but not a bad day. The blocks were there. The O-line was trying real hard today. They had a real good game."

(on putting pressure on himself) "It's not really pressure. This is our job. We just come out here and do what we're paid for. I've been working all year for this moment. So, I really wouldn't say pressure."* *

LB Jordan Hicks

(on his interception) "I felt [Joe] Flacco staring down the No. 1 receiver. They ran a double post. I slid up underneath the No. 2 receiver, and, as soon as he threw it, he threw it right to me. So, he didn't see me. For an instant, I thought I was going to the house, but then I felt two offensive linemen and Flacco on me. So, I don't know if I gave them enough juke moves or whatever. But I was happy to get the ball back from them. And we were able to go down and get three off of that."

(on the momentum change after the interception) "We need more of those types of plays. On defense, we believe we are going to set the tone for this team. And, in order for that to happen, we've got to come with energy, make plays, and be the momentum setters."

(on being 0-6 in one-score games) "It's pretty tough. It's hard. I know everybody is itching because we are so close, but it's the details. We shot ourselves in the foot just about every time. And it's very frustrating. But, when you look at it, there's no quit in this team. It's not in our DNA, it's not who we are. So, we're going to continue to battle, I believe that with everything I know, and that's what we have to do."

(on the Ravens' touchdown before halftime) "When you're in that position, you're thinking to defend the field goal because you don't expect them to take that shot. [Joe] Flacco has the arm. He hit Steve Smith down the sideline. Give credit to them."

S Rodney McLeod

(on defending the Kenneth Dixon fourth-quarter touchdown) "We were in Cover-3. It was a scheme play, and it's been kind of working against us. The Redskins scored on a play like that. The Ravens ran it at the right moment. I felt like I had more space. Obviously, I didn't want him to end up in the end zone. If I could change, I would attack a little more and take my shot maybe a little sooner than what I did."

(on the play of the defense) "There's a lot of highs and lows. We made some plays, forced turnovers. We didn't give up and fought to the end. We gave our team a chance to win, but we've got to cut down on the explosive plays early in the game, which led to some touchdowns."

(on how to cut down on explosive plays) "It's a lot. It's technique. It's guys playing disciplined, sound football. Those are the main things. Also, knowing situational football, too, and trying to limit them to three."

(on the previous question, if he was referring to the Ravens' touchdown at the end of the second quarter) "Yes. That was a big play that changed the game a little bit, but we came back out and got a stop to start the second half. It ended up working out. Those plays right there come back to haunt us at times with games like this that come down to one point."

(on seeing more explosive plays) "It's been difficult. It feels like earlier in the season it was a few of those plays happened, but we were able to overcome them. Down the stretch, those plays have come back to haunt us in a lot of these close games. We have to figure out how to contain them. People are going to make plays in this League, but, at the end of the day, you've got to get them down on the ground. You just can't allow them to get seven."

* *

LB Nigel Bradham

(on bouncing back from the loss) "We need to stay focused. We have to get ready to go out there and make plays. We need to put ourselves in a position to get a win, because we really need one right now."

(on the separation between the Eagles franchise and the Giants) "No, not much. I feel like we should've won that first game. It was a couple of plays here and there. It seems like it's been like that the last few weeks for us. We've got to win these close games. It's something we haven't done this season. We've been in all the games, pretty much. We've just got to win these close ones. That's all it is."

(on the decision to go for two points and the win) "We were playing to win. I feel like it was a good decision. I feel like coach [Doug Pederson] put his faith in his offense. They had the tremendous drive. The defense had made plays, and we had a lot of momentum, so, why not?"

(on if Coach Pederson talked about the decision to go for two in the locker room) "He said that he'd do it again."

(on his sack and forced fumble in the second quarter) "I feel like it was a good play for coach to call, great play-call by coach [Jim] Schwartz. He put me in a position to get me one-on-one on the back and gave me the opportunity to make a play, and I was able to do it."

(on the offense scoring after the turnover) "It was perfect the way it was set up. We just need to figure out a way to win these close ones. With my turnover and Jordan's [Hicks] turnover, it will all be magnified, and we can get the 'W.'"

* *

WR Nelson Agholor

(on his fourth-down attempt) "It's unfortunate, the ruling. I gave tremendous effort to try to finish that play. I wanted to get a first down. Coach [Doug Pederson] called that play, and the way that it ended, the result was the result. I'll compete every time for that first down when my number is called, but what happened, happened. Got to learn from it."

(on the decision to go for two) "I love my head coach. He wants to go win football games. That's a way of life. Why not? He's our head ball coach. I have a lot of faith in him."

* *

TE Zach Ertz

(on the fourth-quarter comeback) "We're learning from new experiences. Obviously, we've had these situations multiple times. We were finally able to put the ball in the end zone. That's a good sign. Obviously, we're extremely disappointed with the losses this year. It's tough losing in this League when you put so much into it. Guys are giving it their all. It's just been a rough year."

(on the decision to go for two) "I loved it. We were driving the ball the whole second half. We already scored once and had the two-point situation. We have all the confidence in the world that we were going to get it done on that play. We just didn't get it done. They tipped the ball at the line of scrimmage, so hats off to them. They knew we were going to get the ball out fast. They've got a good defense, so you have to tip your hat at their play."

(on the difference in play from the first half to the second) "The weather was a lot different second half. It was more normal football weather, whereas the first half was a little extreme. It was more of a team running situation in the first half. We had a lot of guys do a lot of good things running the ball. I thought we were effective running the ball. That's a really good rush defense, so I think that stands out to us, that if we're able to play at a high level and trust the run game, then we'll be able to run the ball against the best of them."

(on the offense) "We're coming along. We played a great team today and scored 26 points. We need to learn how to finish in the red zone early so we're not in that situation late in the game. When you settle for field goals in this league, it's obviously tough. We're learning from this."

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