Transcripts: Jalyn Armour-Davis Zoom

The Ravens drafted another cornerback out of Alabama, CB Anthony Averett, a few years ago. Like you, [he has] good size and good speed. Did you see comparisons to his game? Did anybody ever talk to you about that? (Ryan Mink) "I know I did, personally. I drew … I've gotten a couple comparisons, not just in the way he played, but just a lot of people that were with him at the University of Alabama that were able to be there with me. I even drew comparisons with the type of person we are. Some people even said that we looked alike and, of course, that we played alike. So, it's pretty ironic that this kind of went the same way that his did. He's someone that I look up to. I've watched his game for some time, I think he's a great player. So, hopefully, I can be as good and get better in the future."

The Ravens typically like long and athletic corners. What do you think the of the fit here with them? Did you see them as a possible team that was going to take you? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Absolutely. I knew once I declared [for the Draft], I thought that it was a possibility that I could end up here. Like you mentioned, the type of corners that they go after, I knew that's the type of things that I bring to the table, with just my playing style … (inaudible) …It's God-given with my size and speed."

I know you had several significant injuries in your time at Alabama. How frustrating was that? When you look back on that, was it just bad luck? How did you kind of deal with it? (Childs Walker) "It is always very frustrating when you're not able to play, injury or not, especially when it's really out of your hands. Anything that I've had happen to me was just unfortunate events. There was really nothing that I could've done differently about it, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other type of way. I've learned many lessons during those times that I wouldn't have learned in any other way. So, I don't regret anything that's happened to me. It's happened. I've learned from it, and it's all behind me. So, I'm moving forward from now on."

Was there any contact with the Ravens, maybe at the Pro Day or any of the things you were at? (Kevin Richardson) "I think we met one time for an informal [interview] at the Combine. I've had a phone call with them, but that was really about it. [There was] not a whole lot of consistent communication and all of those type of things, or visits, or anything like that. We probably contacted each other about twice throughout this entire process. So, I'm just blessed that they still believed in me and were willing to take a chance on me."

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