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Transcripts: Locker Room Clean Out (1/29)


On ILB Roquan Smith's comments about how hard it is to get a group of selfless guys together and what he thought of this group specifically: "[It's a] special group. The group, you won't get it back again next year, but I felt like we had a squad to win it and I really did. It kind of hurt more than anything that has happened in my career to lose that game yesterday. But we're back to the drawing board. Life continues, [we'll] keep grinding, keep playing and move forward."

On this loss stinging more: "We had the team. That's why it hurts the worse because you get in this locker room, you build a bond with a group of men all year long that you know that's giving it their all and are going to go war with you. And when you fall short like that, it kind of hurts the worst."

On how this team pulled him back into football and if he felt being on this team, he had a new desire in the game: "I'll always love the game of football. I always gave my all no matter where I played at. I fell in the right situation with the group of men that were out there competing with me the exact same way I was, giving their all [and] not just [in] games, but throughout the week. It was the locker room ... It was a special group, and we all got along. It was a fun environment coming into the locker room. I was looking forward to coming to work every day. [There] was no pressure, it was just [having] fun and [playing] out there with a group of men that's going to give you their all. It made my life a lot easier when you're out there doing it with a guy beside you giving his all. So, I was out there doing the same."

On what Coach John Harbaugh said:"He said, 'Just keep your head up. It's only [going to be] one team that's going to win at the end of the year,' but we fought all year long this season [and] had a good run. But we fell short and continue to go forward in our journey and our lives because we have a lot of other things to do. People have families and stuff, so you can't hold your head down for long. It's part of the game."

On being one of the few players that can understand the spotlight that is on QB Lamar Jackson and being under so much scrutiny and what he would tell him on how to respond to the things coming out about him after yesterday's game:"I'd just tell [Lamar Jackson] to keep God first and continue to do what he does and be him. [He's] a different guy, but he practiced hard, he's a leader regardless of what anyone thinks. [He has] fun [and has] a good personality. I love to be around him. Everybody in the locker room can vouch for that, we love to be around the guy. He's just fun. It's not all [that it] looks [like] all of the times, and people are regular people at the end of the day. Lamar is a great dude to hang out with. I love him regardless of how that game shook out. He's like my brother forever. I'm glad I got to play with him; I enjoyed it. I enjoy him, and I enjoy everybody else in this locker room but, '[I'd tell him to] keep your head up.' I dealt with that scrutiny throughout my career, and I just kept my head up, keeping the people around that love me and kept them close and, 'Build from there and continue to move forward.'"

On what's next for him:"I don't know. I'm going home to kick it with the kids for a while – [I have] a house full of kids. They're already on me now yesterday. They're like, 'You get to come back home and I'm like, I don't want to come back home this early.'" (laughter) "But I'll be back home and back to the grind [and] start working out. I still feel good, and I still feel like I can play this game at a high level, and I still have a lot to prove to myself. I want to win a Super Bowl; I'm just going to continue to push towards that through my career." 

On if things shake out right, would he consider coming back to Baltimore: "Sure hope so. Like I said, I enjoyed coming to work. It made my life a lot easier this year. That's probably why I played at a high level because I [didn't] have any pressure. I would just come in, have fun and be yourself and just play ball. There was never any pressure throughout the week on anybody, but yes, I would love to come back here." 

On if he'll take his time deciding if he'll come back:"Yes, because I don't know what's going to happen. I might, [but] who knows. I'm just going to go home and talk to the family and put it together and see what's going to happen." 


On his emotions right now: "I would have liked to win, but we had a tough game, and [we] came out, and they won."

On the realization that the season is over: "We more care about each other, this group. We probably won't be together again, so we're just talking to each other and just showing each other love and appreciating each other for everything we did this year."

On what he takes away from his rookie season: "I had a great time. I had a great rookie, season so I'm going to remember all the memories."

On when he'll turn the page to focus on next season:"I already did."

On if he's heard from others around the league telling him to keep his head up:"Everybody texted me. Everybody texted me that I know. You know how it is. It's just a moment. It's going to make or break you, and I don't plan on letting it break me."

On how his rookie season catapults him into his sophomore season:"It just teaches you ups and downs. You can have a lot of ups, and then, all of a sudden, you have a down. It's just how you go about it. You have to go about it, and I feel like the way I'm going to go about it is I'm going to come back better."

On if he feels like he's seen what it takes to reach the next level in the NFL:"Yes. I feel like I have another step. I feel like I can be one of the best receivers in this league, and I'm not going to let one moment define me, so I'll just use that – use it as a slingshot."

On how shocked he was when it was ruled a fumble: "I don't even know. It's what they ruled it."

On WR Rashod Bateman's potential:"I already know. 'Bate' [Rashod Bateman], if he stays healthy, he has a chance to be one of the best X receivers in this league [because of] his speed [and] his route running. He can do everything every receiver can do. As long as he stays healthy, he'll be good."

On how he would describe his year playing with QB Lamar Jackson: "[It's] probably the best year I had playing football in my life, so that should tell you."

On what he wants QB Lamar Jackson to know about how the team views him after the tough loss: "[Lamar Jackson] knows. We wouldn't be here without him, so he knows. He knows the love for him in here and everything. We all have his back, and we're going to be right back at it next year, because he [isn't] going anywhere, [and I'm] not going anywhere, so let's get it."


On how he's feeling:"I'm sore. My body is sore, heart [is] sore. But we move on."

On the injuries he's dealing with:"Just typical AFC Championship injuries. Everybody is hurt at this point of the year. Everybody has got something. So, [it's] just bumps and bruises. I'll be all right, though."

On the reality of the moment and the season coming to an end:"Yes, it's abrupt. You never plan on ... Especially, in our case, we weren't planning on having locker cleanout today, but things didn't go our way, and we've got to learn from it and become better for it."

On how he views the future of this team and his role:"Yes, I think it's just going to be about consistency for me. I feel like I set a good foundation this year, but it's, 'What have you done for me lately?' in this league, so I'm going to try to build on it next year and going forward. But it's something to look back on and be proud of, and [I] just hope for better next year."

On how he evolved as a player and leader this year:"I would just say with my play, honestly. I try to go out there and be an energy guy and just allow guys to build off what I'm doing on the field, whether it's making a play, communicating, giving guys confidence – stuff like that. And I feel like that's something that I've grown into this year. In terms of vocally, I feel like I can build on that a little more going into ... I'm still 22 and trying to find my way, in that sense, but we've got time for that."

On his top priority this offseason:"Golf – probably – right now." (laughter) 

On if the reality of this team not being entirely the same ever again makes today even tougher:"Yes, it's part of this league. No team is the same year in and year out. And luckily, for us, we've got a group of core guys who are going to still be here, but we're losing a lot, at the same time. That's happening to everybody around the league, so it's up to us to just lock back in, no matter who is coaching us [and] no matter who is playing with us. The mission stays the same, and I think we're all bought in on that."

On his reaction to pundits criticizing QB Lamar Jackson following yesterday's performance:"I don't really have any reaction to it, honestly. It's just talking heads, at this point. They've got a job to do, I guess, and they've got to get views and stuff like that. But I don't think Lamar [Jackson] cares – nor do I care – what other people have to say, outside of this building. So, they can say he's the best quarterback ever one week, and then the next week, say whatever they want to say. But that just comes with the territory. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. So, there are a lot of people out there hoping for people like Lamar to fail, but we all know that he's the best player in this league, and I'm glad to have him on our team."

On his interest in attending the Pro Bowl:"Yes, I mean, I'm actually going tomorrow. So, it's a quick turnaround, but ... It's a blessing to be in it. I didn't really want to play in it, because we wanted to be in the Super Bowl. But yes, I'm going to go down there and try to have some fun."

On if any Ravens selections will be joining him at the Pro Bowl:"I think a good amount of guys are going. I think everybody who got the Pro Bowl vote is going, I think."

On defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald:"[Defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald] deserves everything that's coming his way. If that is a head job somewhere, then we're all super proud of him. I think everybody has their own journey [and] own time in this league, and he's a hot name in this league right now, and deservedly so. He's done a great job with us for the past couple years, and he's earned it, and it hasn't been given to him. I'm happy for him. If he stays here, that would be dope, too."


On if the end of this season feels different since the Ravens were on the doorstep of a Super Bowl:"It's just disappointing."

On if the 11 designed runs in the game against the Chiefs were because of the flow of the game or if it was not enough runs: "That's the plays that were called."

On if he had a chance to talk to his family after the game:"Yes. We hung out."

On if his family made him feel better after the game:"Yes. I was fine; I was fine."

On how he processes the disappointment of the season coming to an end:"It happens. It hasn't really hit me yet. It was a good year. It was a fun year. We'll come back."

On what made it tough sledding for the offense in the game:"We just didn't play our best game. That was that."

On how tough it is to realize this team will look different next year:"It's different every single year. We'll have a couple of new guys here. We'll go out there and win." 


On his emotions today:"It's a tough one, honestly. You work so hard to get to these moments. We did a helluva job. This team did a wonderful job. It's a brotherhood, and the things that we accomplished this year, we just fell short. Obviously, hats off to Kansas City. They did a great job. I think Lamar [Jackson] said it the best. I keep on relating to this: He said, 'To be a champion, you have to beat the champion,' and they have a long lineage of success there. Anytime you have a quarterback like [No.] 8 [Lamar Jackson], you're going to have an opportunity to get into these games, so it's about looking yourself in the mirror, looking what you can do better and getting back to it."

On what he thinks about next year:"I have some roadblocks ahead of me right now, and then, [I] have to figure some things out, but obviously, this is home. I love it here, what we've been able to build over the last two years since I've been here, what we've been able to build this year with [offensive coordinator] Todd Monken and the group of guys that we brought in. This is a season that a lot of guys will never forget. A lot of us haven't been in this position to be able play successful, meaningful games into January. A lot of us would have already been on vacation somewhere and hit the road back [to] training, so the opportunity to be able to play in late January is unmatched. It's a great feeling, and that feeling won't leave you for a while, but it will fuel you for the next year."

On how QB Lamar Jackson will be fueled by this: "[Lamar Jackson] is a top-notch competitor, first of all. Obviously, we look ourselves in the mirror. Everybody wants to have plays back, and you would love to change the outcome, but that's not life. You just look yourself in the mirror and say, 'How can I get better from this? How can I grow from this as a football player, as a person, as a man [and] as a brother?' You come back collectively in the offseason, and you work on those things. It's not about starting back over or starting from Day One. It's about how can we grow from what we did this year, and I think when you have a collective group and mindset of guys who are coming back and willing to sacrifice those things, you always have an opportunity to play in these games."

On how much injuries affected his season:"I've got some options to weigh in – some surgery options to weigh in – but you don't think about that when you come in here every day, and you have all these guys that are laying [everything] on the line and going out there playing hurt through injuries and all that. You just give all you can give, and I think a lot of guys in this locker room have done that this year. I just look forward to continuing this thing, continuing this successful team, coming back and having that 'iron sharpens iron' mentality, because at the end of the day, we go out there and practice and play a great defense – playing against our defense every day – and that gets us better. They play against our offense, and that gets them better. That's the opportunity that you look for, so I'm excited about what comes in the future. Obviously, you have to take care of some things, but I look forward to it."


On how much he's been able to process the past 24 hours: "I would probably say it's still a little raw. It just happened. I watched the film and talked to some guys, but I don't think it will really set in until after the Super Bowl, and you see the winner and everything, but it's definitely a tough situation to be in." 

On the overall theme of the final team meeting:"'Harbs' [head coach John Harbaugh] said a lot of encouraging words. We had a nice message from Ed Reed, too. [It was] motivational. 'Keep your head high, chin up [and] chest out.' It stings. Obviously, we're not going to be the ones to sugarcoat it. We can't sit here and just try to melt in our misery. We just have to pick ourselves up and get ready for next year, because no one will feel sorry for us."

On if former Ravens S Ed Reed spoke about the 2011 season: "It was more so [about] his career and how he would bounce back from the years they didn't win the Super Bowl and how his mindset would be. [We] just understand that there's more to come [and] there's always perfect timing with the creator God and everything and control your controllables. It's not for you to try to write your own stories. At the end of the day, it's up to God, and we just have to keep on moving forward and improving and stuff, so it was a good message."

On what's next for him and the player he wants to become: "[I'll] just control what I can control, get stronger [and] work on my agility, so have to finish certain tackles and be able to change direction a little quicker. Then. [I'll] just continue to work on my technique and everything and get more moves and everything. So, [I'll] continue to add on to what I was working on last year."

On how determined and eager OLB David Ojabo is to come back:"[David Ojabo]'s going to be fine. We were just talking this morning, actually. We already know what we're going to do to try to get better [and] not just me and him – me, him, and [Justin] Madubuike. He's going to come back way stronger than what he was – physically, mentally. We're going to hit the stride rolling."

On the mindset approaching next year with a younger pass rush coming next year: "We have to grow up [and] be leaders, not just on the field, but in terms of the younger guys in our room [and] the other guys in the locker room. Us just doing that is going to help us be more mature in how we handle things on the field and the outside."


On the process he has been through today knowing the season has come to an end: "It's settled in. I've come to realize what happened and how close we were. It's unfortunate. Stuff happens, and we wanted to be on the other side, and we just aren't. There's nothing to dwell on. Now, guys just have to learn from it, improve on it and get better."

On how this locker room cleanout feels different than the previous ones:"It feels the same, honestly. Anytime you lose, or you have to go home, it feels the same. [It's] never good. It's just tough, honestly. All the guys that you work around [and] and that common goal that we all share, we just didn't reach it, so it definitely sucks."

On why he was one of the last ones out of the locker room with QB Lamar Jackson after the game yesterday: "[Lamar Jackson and I] were just talking about not letting this moment get us twice. With our futures [being] uncertain, if I am playing with him again, then we just won't let that happen to us again. I definitely wouldn't want it to happen if I were to be somewhere else. It was basically us just keeping each other's heads in it [and] just knowing that the offseason is to get better."

On if he wants to play with the Ravens in the future: "Yes. Of course. It's where I started it at, so it would definitely be nice if I'm back. At the same time, I just have to do what's best for me [and] do what's best for my family. Then, [the Ravens] have to do what's best for them on the other side as well. Wherever that leads to, it's up to God."

On how he approaches the process of being with the Ravens in the future:"Just pray on it. I think ... [I] try to do too much thinking myself [or] what other people think. A lot of worry starts happening, so I'll just pray on it and give it to God."

On how pleased he was with his high-level season in a contract year: "I wish I could get a little bit better with [creating] turnovers. I think that's my only regret is not being able to get the ball at least once [and] give our offense another chance. I feel great about the whole season up to that point. And yesterday, it's unfortunate what happened but definitely feel great."

On how the Ravens adding ILB Roquan Smith during the 2022 season changed his career and how hard it is to think of his uncertainty when both of them have found something together: "[Roquan Smith] definitely taught me a lot. He taught me how to lead. He taught me how to be who you're supposed to be on the field and then off the field as well. There's just so much stuff that he taught me. I could go on for days. He's just a great dude, a great guy [and] a great teammate. [He's] everything that you want in a leader. There's definitely stuff that I'll take with me for the rest of my life, even though if I'm not here, that he taught me. The dude – there is a reason why he got [the contract that] he got and why he's here. [I] just [give] all the respect to him."

On if he has talked about how different the team will be next year:"Yes. That was the whole talk. That's why we wanted to get to where we wanted to get to. We definitely talked about it already. Everybody already knew, so that's why it definitely stings a lot."

On how long it will take for him to get over the loss and missed opportunities:"It takes probably the whole offseason, honestly. You don't want to lose like that. It's just too close [and] too up for grabs. [There were] just too many opportunities that we had to be able to capitalize on, and we didn't. That's what stings the most, and that's why it just takes so long to get over. You don't get another chance until next season starts. We have to make our way there again, if we even get a chance. That's why it hurts."

On what the message was since the season is over:"Just learn from it. God doesn't make mistakes, and whenever you're called on by Him, that's when your time will come. There's nothing to dwell on. You just have to live with it and learn from it."

On if he was able to talk to his family after the game:"Yes."

On what his family had to say after the game:"[My family was] happy to speak to me. [They were] just proud of me. It definitely sucked, definitely stung, [and] I definitely cried a little bit in the car – in my car. They embraced me. It was definitely a good mother support."

On what another team could be getting in defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald if they hire him as head coach: "I think [Mike Macdonald's] the best [head-coaching] candidate out there right now. I don't think anybody does it like him. Nobody cares like him. Nobody will do what he does. He will not rest until he has everything right. Whoever gets him, if he leaves, they're getting the best candidate out there. The guy is all around just the best person I've ever been around, coach-wise [and] person-wise. He really cares and truly cares about the players, the people around the organization and the fans."


On how different today feels based on the way the season finished yesterday:"It doesn't feel good at all. We didn't handle the business that we came to handle. We have to move forward as a team, and we're just in the mindset that we're going to use this offseason to do everything we can to get better, because we know we can. We're one game away from the Super Bowl. We know we can get here, we know we can win the Super Bowl and that's something that we can control."

On how much it has sunk in that the season is over: "I'm kind of still in shock about it, like you said. It just happened 24 hours ago, but you can't go back. You just have to keep moving forward, and that's what we just kind of spoke about as a team – just keep taking steps forward and growing from this."


On his future: "That's something I'll just wait and kind of see what happens. I'm not really trying to look into it right now. I'm trying to really just get over this game and enjoy the time I have with my teammates right now. I'm just happy with everything we did this season, but [we] just fell a game short. I'll figure all that stuff out whenever it's time to figure it out."

On how he feels he made a statement being an undrafted free agent:"I feel like I showed what I can do in this league. It's something I've always been trying to do, obviously. That's what everyone in this league wants to do – is show who they can be – and I feel like this was kind of my breakout year. I'm happy that it was this year and the year we had as a team. I'm just appreciative of everything I've been through this year."

On how this group was special and how they savored the moment together:"I felt the same way. I came in four years ago with a bunch of guys, and now we're all just kind of free agents after this year. We didn't want [it] to end this way. We wanted to win. I feel like the whole group wanted to win. The whole building wanted to win. We just know how close we were. We knew we had the group to do it. To fall short, it doesn't feel good for anybody."

On being a potential starter elsewhere or staying in Baltimore:"Like I said, I'm just going to wait and see. It's something I'll have to talk to my agent [about] and we'll talk with teams about. I'm not going to think about it right now. At the end of the day, I know where my value is and stuff like that, but it is what it is. I appreciate this organization. My role is my role here, and whatever options I have next, whatever it is – if I'm here or not here or somewhere else – at the end of the day, I'll still be me."


On the pregame interaction with Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce and if they were joking around:"I find it kind of silly that we're even having to address it or talk about something that happened before the game that I really don't see as a big deal. I think if you see the whole interaction, and then you see us at the coin toss – we're all dapping each other up and then we just get on with the football game. For those who don't know, the way it works is each team's kicker goes to the other team's designated warm-up area on the field – and for me, it's usually about 90 minutes before kickoff – and I've been doing the exact same thing for 12 years, and never really had a problem with anybody ... But that's just kind of the way we've always done it and the way kickers around the league have always done it. I saw Patrick [Mahomes] there trying to warm up and get some drop backs and he asked me, while I was on the ground stretching, if I could move my helmet. I happily got up and I moved my helmet out of the way – at least I thought it was enough out of the way. And then Travis [Kelce] comes over and he just kicks my stuff and he throws my helmet ... I thought it was all just some gamesmanship, you know, all in good fun, but they seemed to be taking it a little bit more seriously. I'm totally willing to let it all go, but I just wanted to explain that that's just what I have done for 12 years and it's not like I'm out there trying to be problematic. I'm just out there trying to get ready for the football game, just like they are. And that's all I've really got to say about it, just to be clear."

On if he has ever had an issue like that in his 12 years: "No, like I just said, I've never had an issue with anybody, and at the end of the day, we're all professionals just trying to get ready for the football game. Those are two of the best players that have ever played the game at their respective positions. They're just trying to get ready for the football game. Obviously, it's an intense environment, so it's really whatever to me, man. I was just trying to get ready for the football game."

On what he wants QB Lamar Jackson to know from someone like him who has seen his growth from the beginning of his time at the Ravens: "Thank you for asking about stuff that I actually want to talk about. I want to talk about the Baltimore Ravens and our bright future behind our elite quarterback. You're asking about Lamar, and I can't speak highly enough about him as a football player, as a person, his character, his leadership ... He is a Raven through and through and I couldn't be more proud to be his teammate and to help him along the way in his journey to bringing a Lombardi Trophy back to Baltimore again."

On how different he thinks this team could look next year: "I think you just said it right there. Each and every offseason presents a whole new set of challenges, and one of those could be roster turnover. That's something pretty much every team in the league deals with year-in and year-out. That's not necessarily for me to speculate on or to weigh-in on, but what I can say confidently is that our front office, our coaching staff, the core of the team that will continue to stick around ... We tend to do a really good job of establishing culture early, getting guys on the same page, getting guys that are meant to be Baltimore Ravens, and then just going to work. And that's something that I expect to see from everybody around here this offseason."

On what it was like working with LS Tyler Ott this season: "It was great. Tyler came in and didn't skip a beat. For all of us that are involved in that operation, from [special teams coordinator] Chris [Horton], [special teams coach/specialists] Randy [Brown], [special teams coach] T.J. [Weist], and then Tyler obviously coming in and plugging and playing in the way that he did ... He did an excellent job of making whatever minor adjustments we were asking him to make – probably more selfishly than anything that I was asking him to make – he did a great job of coming in and really being a technician on the field and then just fitting in with everything that we do on and off the field. I can't speak highly enough of Tyler and I know his future is bright."


On how special this team was:"I really felt like we were going to win that game. It just didn't go our way in a couple areas. The early points that we gave up on defense and the three turnovers were rough, and unfortunately, it is what it is. The Chiefs were the better team that day. [I am] disappointed to end the season. It's always not fun when you have to come here and put your stuff in bags with the sad face, but honestly, we're chin up, chest out. We really ... We really put an effort in that a lot of people could see. I wish we could have made the plays to change that circumstance of the game, but honestly, [I'm] proud of the way this team fought and just battled every single game. We were in every single game."

On the message during the team's final team meeting:"Just how proud of being able to be together as this group ... And obviously, [we're] disappointed; that's to be expected when you don't win the whole thing. But [I'm] just proud to be around a group of men like this, [with] the way they've worked all season [and] the way that we've bonded together as friends. It doesn't happen everywhere, and [I'm] just grateful to be around a great group of guys, like we have."

On how close this team is to a Super Bowl championship:"I mean, very close; you just saw yesterday. [When] you have three turnovers [in a] offensive battle, defensive battle, and you're still in the game, it just kind of shows the grit and determination this team has. And I think they'll learn a lot from it, and I think anytime you have No. 8 [Lamar Jackson] at quarterback, you've got a shot."

On narrating the hype videos during the playoffs:"That's a good question. Just being present is a big thing for me. A lot of people look at the future and the past, and for me, I like to be where my feet are. I really buy into being present, and I was present for this team. I tried to give everything I had to the team, and honestly, it was a great, great time to come to work [and] to come into an environment with guys that are hungry and ready to work and coaches that are willing to do extra. It's unfortunate [that] we came up short. I think they'll go back to the drawing board, but they have a really, really good core here, and I'm excited for those young guys' futures; they have really bright futures."

On if he believes that he's left a mark on this entire organization:"I hope so. We'll see."

On what this year meant to him and how he views the future:"I'll have to talk to my people. [With] getting a little more experienced and having a family, just, things might be a little different, so we'll see."

On what about this defense allowed veterans like himself and DE/OLB Jadeveon Clowney to fit in so seamlessly and contribute right away:"I'll first say [that] I think it's a testament to us being good football players; I think that sometimes gets overshadowed. [Jadeveon Clowney] has been a really good football player in his career, [and] I've been a very good football player in my career. When you team up with a good system like they have, I feel like it fits like a glove. Any time you have an opportunity to step on the football field, like we have, we try to do our best to put it all out there, and I think we both did a really good job, and this team, collectively, did a good job. We just didn't do enough yesterday."

On how different this team could possibly look next year:"I mean, it's going to be different. Every year is different. Contracts ... You've got contracts. People get promotions, players getting paid. It's going to be very, very different, but I think any time you have the core that they have here – with the young studs that they have – and a quarterback, they've always got a chance."

On what's next for him:"I don't know yet. [I'm] just going to take some time and be with my family. And then when it's time to figure that out, I'll figure that out."

On defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald:"[Defensive coordinator] Mike [Macdonald] is going to do a really good job. If he gets a head-coaching job, he's going to be really, really good. [He's a] very solid coach, [who's] very good at Xs and Os [and] very good at communicating and getting the team galvanized in the right direction for the main goal – and he loves football. I think that [it's] awesome for him to get looked at as [a] head [coach] at such a young age that he has – I guess – in the league. But hats off to him. He called a great season as a D-coordinator, and I think whoever gets him – if he gets [hired] this cycle, this year ... If [he doesn't get hired this year], he's going to be at the tops next year and the year after that. So, I expect big things out of him."


On the emotions of today:"It feels unfinished. Everything just feels unfinished. [It] feels like we should be practicing this week, keeping it going with this group and obviously that is not the case. [I'm] a little numb to everything. It will fade eventually, and we will get back to work but it hurts right now."

On if the veterans on the team made it feel like a special team:"Oh yes, special group. Everyone [was] playing well. Things were going well and just to sputter like that, it hurts. When you have the opportunity, you 'coulda woulda, shoulda,' it eats at you a little bit."

On why the offense did not have similar success they had throughout the season:"We were just playing a great team. They were top five defense for a reason. There's a reason they are always in the championship like they are. They came out with a great gameplan, and we also missed our opportunities a couple times. When all that adds up this late in the season, it is hard to get a victory."

On his future:"I am ready to roll. Obviously, I want to be back as a Baltimore Raven, there is no doubt about that. I've loved my time here, I love the people here, love my teammates here, and I want to keep playing with them. Hopefully that business side of football can be figured out nice and quick, and we can get that taken care of. But, whatever happens, I am ready to roll."

On his emotions knowing there will be roster changes:"I think knowing that there was contracts and people and things that need to get done, there was definitely going to be change. As great as this team was, change can be good, no matter how it happens, and good things are happening here." 

On if knowing how good the team was makes the loss tougher:"Oh yes, being up in years, you only have so many more shots to do this. This was a great team, executing at a high level. It was really fun to be a part of, and like I said, it feels really unfinished."

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