Transcripts: Packers-Ravens Post-Game Notes & Quotes 12.19.21


Head Coach John Harbaugh 

(opening statement) "OK, it's good to see everybody. I appreciate you guys being here. [It] was a tough game, a hard-fought game. I really appreciate the way our guys played. I thought our guys played very hard, and for the most part played very well. We came up a little short here and there in a couple spots. Now, we're getting ready for Cincinnati. So, we have an opportunity to go win the division in the next three games, and that's what we're going to put everything we've got into doing. We're very confident in our ability to do that. What questions do you have? 

(on the decision to go for the two-point conversion at the end of the game) "Yes, we were just trying to go get the win right there. In overtime … I think our chances of winning right there were a little bit higher than in overtime, maybe, if you calculate it out. I felt good about it. I thought we had a good play. Again, they made a really good play. I have to give that safety a lot of credit for getting out there and tipping that ball." 

(on if the two-point conversion was designed for TE Mark Andrews) "It was designed for Mark [Andrews] with routes coming back. I thought he threw it … He made a good decision. He had a chance to get Mark, and I think that safety got out there and got a fingertip on it." 

(on if the team's past attempts at a two-point conversion would affect a decision to go for it in the future) "It goes by situation to situation. It's situation to situation. Those two situations you want to talk about, if you want to go back and rehash the season, I'm happy to do it. To me, in both of those cases, that gave us the best chance to win. Because we didn't win doesn't make it not true. It's still true now, just as true as it was then. So, it doesn't always work out." 

(on if there's any scenario where they'd kick the extra point instead of going for two) "Of course. There are a lot of scenarios where we kick it." 

(on how difficult was it to match up with QB Aaron Rodgers without majority of defensive starters) "[It was] a big challenge. I just felt like our guys did a good job. There are a few things here and there. There were a few leverages we could've played a little better where they made some plays, but he did a nice job. We took some certain things away from him. It worked at times, and he had to hold the ball and we got to him, especially at the end. And then other times, he went to the right guy, he made great throws and they made great catches. I thought our guys were competing. I'm proud of those guys, those 'DBs' [defensive backs], the way they played, everybody. Anthony Levine [Sr.] went out there and played a whole bunch of snaps on defense and did a heck of a job. I could name all of those guys, they played well. Pat [Patrick Queen] played really well in the middle, and of course, Anthony [Averett] played well. So, I'm just proud of our guys. We're on to the next game now." 

(on the team believing that QB Tyler Huntley is a starting-caliber quarterback and how he performed tonight) "I agree with that. You have to have two quarterbacks that can win for you. Tyler [Huntley] is playing that kind of football. He played really well. He played… I thought today, he took another step forward, just in terms of handling himself, operating on time in rhythm, taking off and running at the right time, accurate throws, all of those things. He took a big step. There's a lot to be said for experience. Repetition really makes a big difference, and he's a quick learner." 

(on how close QB Lamar Jackson was to playing today) "I don't have that measurement stick. So, you'd have to talk to the trainer, because I don't really ask that question. It's just whether he's ready or not – that's the question I ask. We'll anticipate him being back next week, but if he's not able to be fully ready, then we'll go with Tyler [Huntley]. So, we'll be ready to go either way." 

(on if the numbers are given to him on whether to go for it on fourth-and-goal instead of kicking a field goal, and how much of that is put into his gut feeling of what needs to be done) "It's mostly gut. The numbers are the numbers, but the numbers aren't perfect. I can tell you this; I've shot a lot of holes in the numbers with the numbers guys. The numbers are never going to be perfect. They don't take everything into account, so you just make a decision. The numbers are part of it, but the numbers aren't the main decision."

ILB Patrick Queen 

(on the challenges of facing the Packers' offense, given all the Ravens' players who missed the game or left the game with injury) "It's always tough when you lose guys, and it's out [of] the blue, but we had some guys step up today. We made plays, and we just fought until the end. That's all you could really ask [for] out of this group right now. But we went through it last year, and we battled and won some games like that last year, and we lost some last year. So, we've just got to take what comes with it." 

(on if it's possible to continue to feel disappointed but proud after these tough losses) "Yes. You've got to take what comes with it, like I said. And we could have won the game; we could have made a lot more plays to stop them, and we didn't. We battled all the way until the end, like I said, and we've just got to take what comes with it. That's all I can say about that." 

(on the communication today and S Geno Stone's performance with the green communications dot) "Yes, Geno [Stone] did great. Every play got in, and we knew what we were supposed to play, so hat's off to Geno for that. He hasn't done it all year, and he stepped up and did it today, so that's a lot of credit to him. I feel like the communication was on point. I feel like we did good with our comms, everybody was talking – talking about this play coming, 'Watch for this; watch for that' – so I feel like it was good." 

(on head coach John Harbaugh's aggressiveness to go for the two-point conversion with the game in the balance and the reaction on the sideline when that decision is made) "I've got all the faith in Coach [Harbaugh]. I'm his player. I'm going to stand beside him and fight. So, if that's what he felt was needed to be done, then that's what needed to be done, so it's a great call. If we make that play, that's a game that we could win, so I stand beside Coach on that decision." 

CB Anthony Averett 

(on the challenges of learning at the last minute that some guys were going to play) "Yes, of course it's very difficult. You've got guys coming up with COVID[-19] later in the week – Jimmy [Smith] today came up with COVID – but it's part of it, and I feel like every team is going through it right now. A lot of the guys stepped up today, so we did good." 

(on how the roster movement impacted the gameplan from a coverage standpoint, knowing they were preparing for QB Aaron Rodgers) "It's a big impact, but I feel like a lot of our guys that we had out there, they did a great job out there. There was good communication across the board. We've just got to watch the film and re-group on it on Tuesday." 

(on if QB Aaron Rodgers is frustrating to play against, because you can do everything right, but he will still deliver a completion in a tight window) "Yes, of course. That's why he's a Hall of Famer. He can put the ball where you can't get to it, but [only] the receiver [can], really. So, yes, of course." 

(on the secondary overcoming an injury to CB Tavon Young and playing shorthanded) "It's very tough, but we just prepare for it. That's why we had guys step up. We had [No.] 17 [Robert Jackson] come in – a bunch of guys that just came in. Even [Anthony] Levine [Sr.] – like Coach said – came in. He had to play a couple more snaps than usual. So, we'll just re-group and keep moving forward." 

QB Tyler Huntley 

(on if he knew that they were going to go for the two-point conversion after scoring the final touchdown) "Yes. Two drives before, Coach [John] Harbaugh was like, 'We're going to score two touchdowns, and we've got good faith that we're going to get that two-point conversion.' And that last touchdown, we scored, so it just didn't go as planned." 

(on what he saw on the two-point conversion attempt, and if he thought TE Mark Andrews had space) "Yes, he had space for a moment. The defense, they just did a good job of just going down, and they just made a good play right there. I'll be able to explain more when I watch the film. But yes, they made a good play. That's a good team." 

(on if he saw WR Marquise Brown on the back end of that play at all) "No, I didn't." 

(on how this week was different for him from a preparation standpoint, and if he sensed he was going to be the starter as early as Monday) "It's not too much different. Like I said, I prepare every week like I'm going to play – get an opportunity to play – so I just have to be tuned in to the gameplan and just ready to play. So, I got a little bit more reps this week, and that's about it." 

(on what was said and the tone on the sideline when they were down by 14 points in the fourth quarter) "Shoot, we've got to score; we've got to score to keep us in the game. If we don't get anything, it's just going to be all bad." 

(on how meaningful this opportunity was to him) "It's more meaningful that I got to play a game for the Baltimore Ravens. I feel like that's more meaningful to me than just being able to play. But yes, playing for the Ravens is what you're happy about. We've got a great team. We came out and fought against a great football team – the Packers, Aaron Rodgers – so yes, I feel better in that." 

(on if he feels himself settling in and improving as he gets more reps) "Yes, and I just can feel the guys around me feeling more confident in me. I think they've got a lot more confidence in me than I've got in myself, but I feel it's a good thing, though." 

(on if he was able to interact with QB Lamar Jackson on the sideline) "Yes. By the time I got on the bench, he was the first one talking to me. So, yes, that's my boy." 

(on specific things QB Lamar Jackson was able to help him out with on the sidelines) "Just what I'd seen on the drive. He just asked me a couple of questions. He told me a couple things that he saw. And yes, that was about it." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson shared any words of wisdom prior to the game) "No, he just said, 'Go do your thing.'" 

(on how the offensive line played today) "They played great. Did we have a sack today? No, I don't think we had a sack today. Yes, they played great." (Reporter: "I think there was one. It was for zero yards.") "One? Oh, all right. Yes, they played great." 

(on how frustrating it was to march down the field but not score any points on the opening drive) "Man, I'm still thinking about that drive. I'm still thinking about that drive. [If] we get points right there … It's all good." 

TE Mark Andrews

(on his thoughts about the Ravens going for two points at the end of the game) "The was thedecision. I don't think there's anything else … I told coach [John Harbaugh] that I wouldn't have it any other way. I think people that second-guess that are wrong. I think that was the right thing to do. We're an aggressive team. We fought, we clawed. That was a good Packers team – and for us to be able to be right there [and] almost win it … That's the opportunity that you want. So, I loved the decision, and I think we're past that already. We're going to keep being aggressive." 

(on if the design of the two-point conversion play worked the way it was supposed to) "I've got to watch everything, but obviously, you want to make that play, complete that, and win the game. That's football. We went for it. Like I said, I'm over it, I'm over that. We're on to [the] Bengals already." 

(on if it says something about this team still having a chance to win this game despite the number of absences) "No doubt. All across the board – defense, offense, everything – this team has been through a ton. And I think you look at the guys who are not playing, and then the guys that are stepping up – and that's a positive thing. We've got a deep team. We've got a team that fights. We've got a team that never quits. You look at Tyler Huntley over here; when a guy plays like that, that's special, that's really special. We know we've got guys who are going to step up, and that's an important thing. And not many teams have gone through what we've gone through. So, I think that speaks a lot to what we're doing. Obviously, we've got a big game coming up this week. (Reporter: "Mark ... Oh, I'm so sorry…") "No, no, no, I'm not done yet. (laughter) Nice try though. (laughter) We've got a big game coming up this week. For us to be able to … Again, good Packers team. There's a lot to look forward to." 

(on his rapport with QB Tyler Huntley) "We were excited about that one. (laughter)He's a special player. I think everybody who was on that field feels a connection with him. He puts the ball where it needs to be. His eyes are great. I think that, obviously, being behind a guy like Lamar [Jackson], you learn a ton, and he's been able to absorb all these different things. And I think you're seeing a special … Obviously, I think he's going to be a superstar in this league for a long, long time." 

(on coming out of the game for one play late in the fourth quarter and if he had his wind knocked out) "Yes, yes, he had a good hit. Just got the wind knocked out [of me]. I was pretty excited they let me come back in." 

(on the message to the team to win these final three games) "Urgency. I think you saw it tonight. There was a lot of urgency. There were people not playing last minute, stuff like that, and we came out here against, like I said, a really, really good team. There's a sense of urgency. This is a big game – a divisional game. We're tied. So, if we can win this one, it's going to look good. But they're a great team we're about to face. So, we'll see." 

(on if the message this week was any different from Head Coach John Harbaugh given what the team has faced heading into this game) "Just trust each other. I think that it's easy to get down as a team, but there's a belief in this locker room, there's a belief in this organization that we're going to be able to do great things no matter who they put out there. That speaks from the top down. Coach [John] Harbaugh preaches everyday – hard work, dedication, that's all you need. Like I said, you see all these guys stepping up that haven't played a bunch of snaps, and they're playing real hard against a really good Packers team. So, that was exciting." 

(on what he saw from his matchup early, and if Green Bay made any adjustments on him throughout the game) "Yes, there was a lot of zone [coverage], stuff like that – just find spots. Tyler [Huntley] was throwing incredible balls. Towards the end, [on] those two-minute drives, they started to do a little bit of doubling and stuff like that. But again, he's [Huntley] just finding guys. Left and right, you see guys are making plays. 'Duv' [Devin Duvernay], all those guys – Marquise [Brown]. He's able to facilitate that and that makes my job easier." 

(on if eclipsing the 1,000-yard receiving mark this season has any significance to him) "I wish we would've won this game. I'm not too worried about, really, anything else. I think it's cool, it's a cool thing. It's something I've wanted to do since I got in this league. That's great, but I'm focused on winning." 

WR Marquise Brown

(on QB Tyler Huntley leading the offense this afternoon) "He did the best he could and put us in position to hunt. He does that every time he's in the game, so we're proud of him for that."

(on the offense staying in the game, even down double digits late in the game) "We're always going to fight. We've been fighting all year, and we've just got to keep doing that. We've got to keep battling and turn some of these finishes into wins." 

(on the importance of a divisional game at Cincinnati next week) "Very important. From here on out, at this point, we've got to go win these games. We can't wait – we've got to go do it now." 

OLB Justin Houston

(on the mindset of this team always finding a way to get back in the ballgame) "It just shows how much heart we have as a team. From the top to bottom, it's next man up. That's big in this locker room right now. We're playing with backups at nearly every position, so the guys, when their number is called, they're ready to play and they step up. They were ready to go today, and I'm proud of everybody in this locker room right now. We showed up, and we were ready to play. We came up short, but we fought." 

(on how proud he is of how the defense fought as a unit today given everything they've had to overcome) "I'm very proud. We knew we were going to give up some plays to a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, but we didn't quit. We got hit in the mouth several times, but we never flinched. When you have a squad like that, that doesn't flinch when it's hit, then the sky is the limit. We have a hell of a team, and we just need to continue fighting."

(on how important the upcoming game at Cincinnati is) "It's very important, and starting right now, we need to get our minds and bodies right. We need to go get these next few wins so we can get in these playoffs and dance. We've got the squad to do it; we've just got to focus and stay focused all week long."

RB Latavius Murray

(on the resiliency of this team to never break when trailing late in a game) "Yes, we've shown it all year, and tonight wasn't any different. Obviously, going for the win at the end, and we came up short, but we always fight to the end, and we do that every week. All we can do is just get ready for the next one." 

(on how QB Tyler Huntley led the offensive unit today) "Really poised, man. We've got a ton of confidence in him. I love the way he plays, so when you've got two guys at that position who you know you can rely on, you know you've always got one hell of a chance to go out there and score points and not miss a beat on offense. We like our chances every time we go into a game. 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] was just doing what he does." 

(on him averaging 6.9 yards per carry) "Up front we were moving people in the run game, and we were able to have a little success. You've got to give credit, and then just trusting in it and hitting it, and hopefully we just build off of that and take it to Cincinnati next week."

S Geno Stone

(on the effort of the secondary considering all the adversity they've faced) "Shoot, today we all came here and just said, 'Let's go out there and have fun.' We knew it was going to be a tough task, but we just wanted to hold up on our end and try to limit as many big plays as possible. That was one of our goals today – just go out there and have fun." 

(on the pride the defense has in helping the team come back from a double digit deficit late) "Definitely, especially on that last drive. Our goal was to get off the field, get a three-and-out to get the offense back out there, and that's what we did. So, to do that against Aaron Rodgers that late in the game, at that point in time, was huge."

(on how it felt for him personally to get an increased role and opportunity on the defensive unit) "It was a blessing and a great opportunity for me to get my first start and to get as many snaps as I did. I just want to keep building on this, keep moving forward and see what the future holds for me."

(on moving ahead to Cincinnati this week) "The mindset is just getting ready for Cincinnati and trying to get this win. We know what's at stake in the division, and it's a big game for us. We've got to get healthy, get some guys back and get ready to play them."

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