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Transcripts: Postgame Press Conferences

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, good to see everybody. I appreciate you being here. Obviously, all credit goes to the Chiefs. They played a great game; very well-executed, first of all, [and] very impressive in every phase. I thought that their offense was sharp, and Coach [Andy] Reid had a great gameplan. Their defense was physical [and] was on point. That's just the way it went down. We got beat just about every way you can get beat, and we understand that. We have a long way to go to get better. This will be a beginning for us. What [questions] do you have?"

(on what the Chiefs did to outexecute them tonight) "Obviously, we haven't beaten them. So, they've outplayed us in all three games, if you want to go back for three years. But we didn't play well today. They beat us. They outexecuted us. They out-gameplanned us. They just beat us. So, that's the story tonight. Big picture stuff [and] all that, I don't know. They're better, obviously. They're a better football team at this point in time. So, you win, or you learn, and we have a lot to learn from this game right here."

(on how frustrating it was to not get the defense off the field) "It's not the idea. You want to get off the field. We weren't able to do it."

(on if this game will serve as an honest self-assessment for the players, similar to the loss against Cleveland last year) "I don't see the comparison. Every year is different. We're a different team, different everything. We just have to take this situation as we find it and find our way through it and build as a football team."

(on what he attributes QB Lamar Jackson not having a downfield pass of over 20 yards) "I'll see the tape. I have to look at the tape to figure that one out. I don't know offhand just watching from the sideline."

(on the Chiefs' misdirection on offense) "We were excepting it; we just didn't handle it very well. I thought what they did was really good; a lot of misdirection, jet screens, ghost motions, Casper motions, as we call them, screens, double screens, the crossing routes off of that, passes off of that, draws off of that. It was just a really well-executed gameplan. It's a lot of stuff they did that caused us a lot of problems."

(on if ILB Patrick Queen will use this game as a learning experience) "Yes, no question. It will be that way for everybody, all of us. Start with me, it's a learning experience for me. I've got to get better, and it will be that way for everybody in our program. That's what we'll do with it. We better do with it, because we're… We better do that with it, because we're going to be playing in six days, and we've got to play a lot better than we did tonight."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on getting over the hurdle of the Kansas City Chiefs) "Well, I would say, the second half … we always start cranking up at the wrong time. We always go opposite. We've got to come in and finish how we start. We've got to turn up and play better."

(on what the Chiefs did to limit the passing game) "It looked like the same thing from the Tennessee game [2019 Divisional playoff] to be honest – that's all."

(on not connecting on too many deep passes) "Just wasn't on point tonight, that's all. We've got to get ready for practice and get better." 

(on being 0-3 against the Chiefs the last three years) "We've just got to play better, that's all – like I said before." 

(on what the team needs to do better to beat this type of gameplan) "When we meet tomorrow and Wednesday, we'll keep getting better. We'll talk with our offensive coordinator, our offensive unit, and we'll go from there."  

(on his thoughts on Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' performance tonight) "Outstanding."

TE Nick Boyle

(on what he saw on his touchdown play and if it provided momentum) "Yes, it's always good to score, especially for me. It's kind of a hard thing for me to do. I'm usually getting stopped at the 1-yard line and stuff. So, anytime I have a chance to score, it feels really good. It was a great ball from Lamar [Jackson], and it really felt good to get in the end zone."

(on what needs to improve offensively going into this Sunday's game at Washington) "I think we just need to play clean. It's a player's game, and I think we need to do better out there, and I think we will do that. I don't think anyone on the team is discouraged, or this game isn't going to affect our future, which is most important. I have no doubt we're going to come back to work tomorrow, go to practice and move on."

(on the camaraderie in the locker room) "Yes, that's why I'm not worried, because I know what kind of people that are in this locker room. I know the relationships we have, and I think that will carry us forward. It will drive us to do better and hold each other accountable."

WR Devin Duvernay

(on what he saw on his kickoff return touchdown and how it felt to make such a big play) "The coaches drew it up perfectly; we had a right sideline return. I saw it open up and just ran. It was a dream come true. Getting in the end zone in the NFL – it was very exciting. I just have to keep working from there."

(on how this team will approach the next few days getting ready for Washington) "Just keep getting better, taking care of our bodies and getting ready to prepare for Washington. We have to be at our best."

S Chuck Clark

(on what the mindset of this team will be preparing to bounce back against Washington next week) "We've got a winning culture around here and a winning mindset. So, tomorrow, we're back at it running and trying to go win and ball out in the next one. That's the only one we can control."

(on if the Chiefs did anything they weren't prepared for) "I wouldn't say that necessarily. They just outexecuted us in all phases and ended up getting the win. I wouldn't say we weren't prepared for them."

(on the play of Patrick Mahomes) "He played a great football game. It speaks for itself, 10-of-13 on third down. He threw it lights out tonight."

*DE Calais Campbell       *

(on if the creativity of the Chiefs' offense caught the Ravens off guard) "We knew they were going to try to do some of that. They're a team that does screens well, shovel passes and all that kind of stuff. We prepared for it; we just didn't execute today. You have to take your hat off to them. They played a great football game. We tried to make a run late, and we just didn't have enough to get it done today. But this team is … We're going to be just fine."

(on how they were out-executed) "We had our opportunities, and we didn't take advantage of them – a play here, a play there. And you have to take your hat off to Patrick Mahomes. He made big-time throws when he needed to and found a way to win the ballgame. And right now, they played like the best team in the league. But it's Week Three, there's a lot of football left to be played, and I'm confident that we're going to rebound. And hopefully, we have to earn the right to see them again."

(on struggling to get off the field on the third down) "I feel like that's football; [if] you win third down, you usually win the game. And today, they made plays. It seemed like every third down, they found a way to make a play, and that's a combination of a lot of things. We all have to wear it. A play here and a play there from different guys, and … They out-executed us. Especially in the big moments that mattered, they came up with the big play. This game is a one-play battle over and over again until the game is over, and they got more than we did."

(on the challenges of playing against QB Patrick Mahomes) "They didn't give that guy a half-a-billion dollars for no reason. He's an incredible talent, and he just made play after play. I know who we are, and what we're capable of, and he was able to go out there and do some great things against us. So, you have to take your hat off to him and give him some respect. Like I said though, I'm really looking forward to earning the right to try to face them again, because I'm very confident that if we play the game we're supposed to, we can hang with those guys."

(on struggling to get to the quarterback) "Yes, we tried a few different things. He has great pocket presence; he knows how to drift. He sees things … He's a great quarterback, and they give him a lot of responsibility up front controlling protections. We had our opportunities, and when we did, we didn't get there. So, we have to watch the tape, regroup, figure it out and be better next week."

(on how he will handle the loss and prepare for the next game) "On Monday night, this is a short turnaround. Usually, it's the 24 [-hour] rule; you have 24 hours to grieve or celebrate, then you study the tape and you move on. But because it's a short week, I'll watch it as soon as I get home, then I'll put it behind me and go on and move on to next week."

(on RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire) "Yes, he played great. He caught everything they threw his way. I remember seeing a second cut out of the backfield and just a perfect throw of the ball, and he caught it. I swear, you don't see too many running backs have ball-catching skills like that. But at the same time, Patrick Mahomes did a really good job of getting him the ball in great situations. And it's a team game; it takes everybody, and their 53 played better than our 53."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on the challenges of stopping the Chiefs' offense) "You've seen it; it was very difficult. It just seemed like they were in rhythm. They executed very well. They had a lot of eye-candy stuff going on – just throwing and catching it. And then, sometimes we just didn't contain them. They had a great gameplan. They executed very well."

(on how they got beat by the Chiefs' passing attack) "It was some coverage. A couple plays, it was guys getting beat. They – like I said – schemed up a good couple of plays that they executed well and got us on early in the game. They just found the holes in the zone, and I would say, exploited the holes in our game right now in our defense – in our passing coverage."

(on QB Patrick Mahomes) "Obviously, he's elite. He's elite. He's an extremely elite quarterback. [His] arm strength is just unbelievable, but I think it's just his command of their offense, how well that whole team executes for him, and then just his ability alone. He knows how to make the hard throws, and he fits the ball in tight pockets. So, hats off to that guy."

(on if he is discouraged by the Ravens' performance) "I'm not discouraged. I don't think we're discouraged at all. I think the good thing about playing a team like that – that is just hitting on all cylinders right now – is they can show you where we're weak at, and they did. So, we get the chance to go back and fix it. So, I don't think our team is discouraged by any means. I think it's just an opportunity to go see what happened, look at it, fix it up, tweak some things, maybe add some new things and go out and play."

(on how he'll respond during the week) "Get back in the book – get right back to the grind. You don't want to sit and sulk. You don't sit and sulk about anything in life; it'll just weigh on you too much. For our team, we have a lot of young guys, so the first thing you have to do is, tomorrow, get back, go watch the film, see what happened; don't be sensitive when you see stuff that happened to you on the plays. Just get in there [and] correct it. Let's fix it, because we have a game in six days, so we don't have time to sit there and sulk about anything."

(on how the young guys handled adversity during the game) "I do think they handled it well. We don't have a team of quitters. Everybody fully thought we could win the game all the way down to the last possession they had, when we realized there was no more time left. But this is going to be a learning lesson for everybody who's young on this team – to face a team like that, a champion on our home field, and they came out and played way better than us. So, they can all take that as a lesson. Obviously, me too; we're going to take this as lesson. Like I said, it's just one game; it's not the Super Bowl. We understand that they're the champions right now, and they played like it. So, we understand that we get to go back and fix what we messed up on."

(on why they've struggled against the Chiefs in recent years) "That they have our number? I'm not going to make any excuses; they beat us. They've lost to other teams that we've beaten. So, it's any given Sunday. But like I said, they've been doing it every Sunday, nearly, and they're the champions for a reason. It's one of those games that is embarrassing to be in a little bit, especially [because] we pride ourselves on defense, but at the same time, we get to learn from this, and we get to bounce back. We get to prove to everybody who's going to doubt us next, who we are [and] what we're capable of. But until we do it against that team, like you said, it's going to kind of go unnoticed."

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