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Transcripts: Postgame Press Conferences 

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, good to see everybody. I'm going to leave my mask on, just because there are people in the room here. First of all, I just want to say thank you to the people associated with the last 10 days plus. The league office, I thought, did a great job. [NFL's Chief Medical Officer] Dr. [Allen] Sills and his team, [NFL's Executive Vice President of Football Operations] Troy Vincent, [NFL's Chief Football Administrative Officer] Dawn Aponte, [NFL attorney] Larry Ferazani [and] others, just working with us through all of this, they did a great job. And our organization, led by [Ravens' president] Dick Cass, [Ravens' owner] Steve Bisciotti – he was there for us every step of the way … [Executive vice president and general manager] Eric DeCosta, [director of football administration] Nick Matteo, [senior vice president of football operations] Pat Moriarty … The people in our organization that take on the heavy lifting; guys like [senior director of facilities maintenance] Keith Mathews – you don't even know him – and his group, and many others. But I appreciate our players [and] the way they fought through this. It was a challenge, but they fought through this really unique deal. From that sense, I'm proud of those guys for doing that. So, thank you to them, and thank you for your efforts. This is a crazy year in a lot of ways. [There were] a lot of people involved to make sure this game happened, and we're very appreciative to all of them for their efforts. OK, what questions do you have?" 

(on what the biggest challenges have been over the past 10 days) "Really, that's not … There's a whole lot of things. I'm sure I could if I really sat down and thought about it, but I really don't want to right now. I just feel like our players and our coaches and our organization – everybody … But let's talk about the players, because they're the ones who have to play and the coaches. I feel like they really … Whatever happened, they didn't blink. That was our goal, not to blink, because we're not going to be pushed around by something that we can't control. We controlled the things we could control in that sense, and that's the real test. I think that's the type of adversity that great things are built on. That's what I'm proud of these guys for, and the way they handled that, and the way they … Just one day, kept getting hit with these gut punches, and they just kept coming to the next day, the next day [and] the next day; I'm proud of them for that. That's really the success that really matters. So, that's the main thing; that's the main takeaway." 

(on what happened at the end of the first half) "We knew we had enough time to run the two plays we wanted to run; the run, we hoped it would score. If it didn't, we had a quick play pass that would be operated quick. That would be a quick throw, so we'd have time for timeout if that was incomplete. I just feel like if you're laying on the ground like that, you're either injured, or it's delay of game. So, that's [a] pretty clear cut-type of a deal, and that's how we felt about it." 

(on if he sensed any loss of faith from the players with the way things were being handled in the last 10 days) "No. I'm sure there are questions. Guys have questions. We encourage our guys to ask questions and try to be as transparent and honest as you possibly can. I can guarantee you that things changed. The tide changed. The emotions, and those kinds of things are really challenging; we all felt it. I talked to them before the game and after the game about that. We all felt it every single day. We encourage our guys to ask questions and all those sorts of things. So, that's what we always do. I felt like they asked a question, and everybody was honest and up front in every sense, and everybody did their best. That's what I was talking about in my opening statement. I just feel like the league did their best. We did our best. We didn't bat 1.000; nobody did. The league didn't, nobody did. You can't bat 1.000 against this thing. But I think our response, in terms of our effort, was a perfect effort. I'm proud of the guys for that." 

(on if there is any concern that there were any protocol violations that could result in discipline from the league) "Listen, I think everybody did their best. Like I said, we didn't bat 1.000, and nobody did. Nobody does [bat 1.000]. All around the country [and] all around the world, you're not batting 1.000 against this thing. I don't feel like … It's not a time to take the accusatory stance; that's not the position I would take. I'd take the position that our guys fought like crazy, and I'm proud of what they did. I'm sure we'll have a statement on that going forward with the details and those kinds of things. I think [senior vice president of communications] Chad Steele has a plan for that, and we'll work that out later. I would like to talk about the football right now." 

(on how the players who tested positive for COVID-19 are feeling) "I appreciate that question, that's a great question. They're doing well. There's a lot of challenges with this thing, and it hits different guys different ways. I don't feel like anybody has been really hit with the type of things that would really be serious. It's always serious, but in the kind of the way that you would really be worried. But it affects families. It doesn't just affect the guys; it affects the families of the guys. That's the thing that really is hard. We just want everybody to get healthy. We want them to take care of themselves. They get healthy and want to take care of each other, we really do. We're doing everything we can to take care of each other and take care of the guys and their family members who get affected by this. That's been the biggest challenge, but they're doing well. Their attitudes have been phenomenal. They've been really good. [I'm] just proud of those guys." 

(on how the team kept the momentum up after the challenges of the last 10 days) "Our guys were excited to play. We wanted to play Thursday. We wanted to play Sunday. We wanted to play Tuesday. And we got a chance to play on Wednesday. Our guys want to play. Our coaches want to play. You want to play, that's what we do. We were looking forward to the game. We were looking forward to the challenge of playing the Steelers, we always do. We just wanted to play. So, I don't believe that was a problem at all." 

(on if the league has given full clearance to re-open the facility and how the limited walk-throughs affected the rhythm of the offense) "It's just impossible to say; I don't know how much or what. I thought the guys that came in and played with the very limited time that we had, I thought they did a really good job. Once we got our feet under us … We had the issues in the first quarter with the turnovers, that hurt us. That probably ended up being the difference in the game. But once we got our sea legs, so to speak, I thought we did a good job with that." 

(on the players' symptoms) "I'm not making a statement on that. It's really not for me to comment on. That'd be a medical question, and I probably should stay away from that. Maybe we can refer to [senior vice president of communications] Chad Steele and [head team physician] Dr. [Andrew] Tucker. I think it's a fair question. Dr. Tucker would probably [be in a] better position to answer that than I would." 

(on QB Robert Griffin III's performance and if he was replaced by QB Trace McSorley due to an injury) "I thought Robert [Griffin III] played really hard. He really fought. He made some plays for us there, especially on the drive at the end of the half and throughout. He had a hamstring [injury]. He was fighting through it the whole game. That was really the major factor. I thought Trace [McSorley] came in and played well. It was great to see Trace come in and play well. [He] gained some good experience there. So, we'll move forward with that. We'll see where it goes." 

QB Robert Griffin III

(on what the walk-throughs were like this week and what the mood of the team was like) "First, I'll say [that] the guys showed a lot of grit and determination today, a lot of toughness being in the situation that we were in. The walk-throughs weren't like a normal practice by any stretch of the imagination. It's probably unlike anything we've ever done in our career, probably from little league, to high school, to college, and definitely in the pros. We did the walk-throughs. We tried to get as many game-type-situation reps that we could in those walk-throughs, but we weren't able to go full speed or anything for those two days. Especially yesterday, the day before the game. So, yes; it was abnormal. But I just want to commend all the guys for how hard they fought today and to put on display like we did against an undefeated team. There are no moral victories at all in this league, but I'm proud to be a Raven."  

(on what he saw on the play at the end of the first half) "I don't want to comment on the officiating. So, definitely they were laying on top of our guys and not trying to get up. But we did get the play off and had the opportunity to score a touchdown there – we just didn't complete that. It's unfortunate, because obviously there was no time left on the clock, so we couldn't even get a field goal. So, we lost out on complete points there. But it's just one of those things … It just didn't go our way today, in that regard." 

(on what the team felt coming into this game and what the feeling was throughout the game) "I think the way the game went … Obviously, we wanted to win the game. But the way the game was going was a direct reflection of how we felt about the game. We felt that we had a chance to come in here and win, shock the world, and do something special. We didn't do that, and I put that on myself, because I felt like I let the team down. I don't think we're supposed to really comment on injuries, but I pulled my hamstring in the second quarter. I felt like if I hadn't done that, then we would've won this game. So, it's just unfortunate. There were a lot of emotions running through my head. I didn't want to quit on the team. I didn't want to quit on my teammates. It was really emotional trying to fight through that and feeling like you let your guys down." 

(on his 39-yard rush) "It was fun. We were just getting on a roll. We were doing some things to give their defense some issues, and the guys were blocking phenomenally. So, it was easy for me to follow our big offensive linemen up the middle of the field and kind of slice-and-dice the defense – that was a lot of fun. I was enjoying the game. Obviously, the game didn't start the way we wanted it to; [we] had the interception and the fumble, which were all my fault. But we were starting to get going, starting to move and starting to open up our playbook a little bit, because we were having some success. So, it was a lot of fun. But like I said, I put that on myself. The reason that we lost today, in my opinion, was because of me. Whether it was the turnover or the injury, I felt like I let my teammates down. I echoed that to them in the locker room, and of course, being the great teammates they are, they tell me, 'Look. That's not on you. You played your tail off, and you showed a lot of determination going out there playing through that injury.' But I just feel like they needed me to be 'RG3' today, and just as I was starting to do that and helping us win the game – or being in position to win the game – I let them down." 

(on what it felt like to be notified of a COVID-19 outbreak) "I think the main thing that needs to be put in perspective is this isn't just about football. This is about guys' families. This is about their wives and their children and anybody else that is in close contact with them at home. So, when we get a call saying that one of our players is positive, a million things run through your mind. It's not whether you're going to be able to play, or whether you test positive, it's a matter of, 'Is this going to affect my family?' I think that's what guys … That's where the concern was. We're football players, and everyone looks at us a little bit differently, and they just tell you, 'Go be a football player.' But at the end of the day, we have families, we have people that we love, and we don't want to get them sick. A lot of our players who have tested positive, their family members have also tested positive. Those things don't get reported. So, when people think, 'Oh. Maybe guys … They just don't want to play. They just don't want to do this.' It's not that – we love football. We want to play football, but we also want to make sure our families are safe. That's the reason we play. We play the game to take care of our family. We play the game because we love it. So, if we can't come to the game properly prepared, and there's a chance our family might get infected with this virus, that puts a lot of things in flux. For myself, I pulled a hamstring today – I've never pulled a hamstring in my life. Jimmy [Smith], I think, pulled his groin or something. It just … You see guys going down left and right, and it's the reason that there were a lot of precautions taken going into this game. It's just unfortunate that we didn't get the victory. But I just want people to know that … The Baltimore Ravens, they're going play like Ravens; they're going to be like Ravens. We want to play football, but we also want to make sure our families are safe." 

(on if he thinks his hamstring injury will linger) "No, I don't know. Obviously, emotionally, I'm down in the dumps. I'm human. It just sucks. It sucks a lot to have that happen. My number was called, and I was out there doing a decent job. [I] had some splash plays, and then that happened. So, I don't know if it will linger. I guess we'll get a scan tomorrow of my hamstring to see what's going on. But at the end of the day, I don't know what Lamar's [Jackson] situation will be. But Trace [McSorley] and 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] will be ready to roll and be ready to go if I can't go this week or for a couple weeks – who knows. It sucks, man. It really does suck. There's no other way to put it." 

(on if there was a contingency to spike the ball at the end of the first half to allow a field goal attempt) "For the play? Well, the problem was the clock was running down as they were just laying on top of our guys, not letting them get up. So, we got the play off. We had a plan to run that second play, and it was wide open. So, we just didn't finish. We just didn't finish the execution of it; I put that on me. I could've thrown a better ball and made it easier. At the end of the day, hindsight is 20/20. In that moment, we had two plays called. We knew what we were going to do, and we got them both run. We just didn't execute them." 

(on how the COVID-19 outbreak has affected how he feels the NFL and the Ravens are handling the pandemic) (laughter)"That is a set-up question if I've ever heard one. What I will say, because I do think it needs to be said, is that there are things that are going on behind closed doors that we're not privy to. As a leader on this team, when you bring the guys together and have a conversation – an honest conversation – about what's being told to you, and you deliver that to your team, and then something happens, and it doesn't turn out the way that it was delivered to you, you feel like you're misleading your guys. Because this whole process and the delay of the game three times was purely about guys being safe. We understand that this game makes a lot of money, and a lot of guys get paid to play a kid's game for a king's ransom. But at the end of the day, we have to make sure our guys stay safe. Because of this huge outbreak that we had within our team, it does make – to be honest with you – wives, family members, it makes them upset. It's not about whether or not guys want to play. It's about whether or not our safety is actually being taken into account. I would say that; I can't say much more than that, because like I said, it's a set-up question. But at the end of the day, for me personally, I got hurt. My wife is upset. My family is upset, for multiple reasons – we lost the game, obviously. We just want to make sure everybody is staying safe. At the end of the day, just because you're a football player doesn't mean you're not human." 

G/C Bradley Bozeman

(on the challenges of this week and how proud he is of the team's performance) "It was different. It's something more different than I've ever experienced in my life playing football. We were all virtual. We were trying to get in the building as much as we could, but we just couldn't really get that to happen. So, everyone locked in, they got to work on meetings virtually, just did their best to prepare and get ready, watch film and was just trying to get themselves ready for this game. And we were able to come in the last two days and get some walk-throughs in, which was really great. We were really happy to be able to do that. And we came out here and played. A lot of guys showed their true character today. They went out there, they played their butts off. Some young guys, like our center Trystan [Colon-Castillo], Tyre Phillips came back from an ankle injury, and they did a great job in the game. All those guys did a great job, just with the O-line, and I know every young guy on our team did a great job. [I'm] just proud of those guys. Obviously, there's a bright future for those guys, and [I'm] just proud of our team right now. They came out there and busted their butt tonight. We had a chance to win at the end and just couldn't pull it all the way through."

(on if any of his teammates had symptoms) "I know a lot of guys had some symptoms. I don't think anyone was super sick or anything like that. I've been keeping up with them. They've been in all the Zoom meetings and all that stuff. But it was a decision that the team made to play today. I was happy to get that extra day of practice in. That was huge for us, because we hadn't really been in the building. If we had to play yesterday, we would've just had to play, but we were happy to get that extra day of walk-throughs in."

(on how the organization handled the challenging circumstances) "Yes, everyone in the Ravens organization did the best thing for player safety they possibly could and to make sure this game happened. The players wanted it to happen. The coaches wanted it to happen. But we were also concerned with safety, and I think they all did a really good job handling it. [Owner] Steve Bisciotti, Coach [John Harbaugh], [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta, everyone did a great job handling this situation and making it work for us."

(on the offensive line's communication) "As far as communication, everyone in our O-line room is ready to play at any time, and that showed tonight. Trystan [Colon-Castillo] did an amazing job tonight communicating and making sure we were right on our assignments to make sure we were going to the right spots. We kind of roll through centers in practice just for these reasons. And so, we were very prepared with him coming in. Like I said, he did a great job communicating and making sure everyone was doing their job, and he did his job very well, also. We're down a lot of guys right now. We're going to get healthy, though, in the next couple weeks. So, we're excited about that. We're going to come back this week, we're going to bust our butt, we're going to get rolling and just come back ready to practice."

(on how prepared the team was given the unique circumstances) "Like I said, everyone came in, and they prepared. They prepared via Zoom, did their own workouts, did what they needed to do. Everyone was prepared, I believe. In the walk-through, everyone came in super focused, ready to roll. So, I think everyone did a great job of preparing in the short notice that we had."

(on the team's confidence moving forward) "There's a lot of fight in this team. This team is fighters. They came in, they came into the fight, they were ready to roll. We're going to get a lot of guys healthy back. We're going to just build from here. This is just the beginning. So, we're ready to work."

S Chuck Clark

(on how much the walk-throughs helped) "Any walk-through is different from a game, of course, just because of the pace and the speed. You're not in pads actually getting the real movements; you're simulating it. But that's been the entire year – just trying to be socially distant when we come to the sideline. Of course, when you're out there on the field, it's harder to do that, because it's football, and that's the natural part of the game. But we try to do our part as far as having our seats spaced out in what we had as a makeshift locker room for the couple days that we were able to go up there [to the facility] and just follow all the protocols."

(on how the situation was handled) "From the players' perspective, it was a lot. We're trying to figure out whether we're going to play, whether we're not. We're hearing different things from different sides, and I think there was some frustration at some point with players and with what happened. But then, we looked at the positive – that younger guys were going to go out there and get opportunities or guys who don't play as much were able to get opportunities. So, we looked at it from the bright side. But there are positives and negatives to be taken away from it, because at the end of the day, we have to look at the health and safety part of it [with] the virus, period. Nothing normal can come from it with all this. We're out there on the sidelines; we're going to be by each other, we've got to talk. And of course, we've got to wear these masks and different things like that, so that brings more to it."

(on WR James Washington's fourth-quarter catch and how proud he was of the defense) "I'm always proud when we go out there and play. He made a good catch."

(on wearing masks) "Yes, we always have to wear masks. As soon as we come off to the sideline, somebody's handing us a mask. So, we're always trying to do our best. Somebody could just be lifting their helmet to kind of get a quick breather, but you're reminded, 'Hey, you need this mask.' So, they try to do their best with staying on top of us if we're not thinking about it."

(on his confidence going forward) "Yes, we're going to be solid. We're just going to win games from here on out. That's all it takes. We know what our goal is, and that's the ultimate of being a champion and winning a championship. Whether that takes 10-12 [wins] to do, I'm not sure, but we can do it."

(on if he's questioned the NFL's protocols given how many of his teammates got infected) "Definitely. You've got to take everything into consideration. I don't know what comes with me saying this, but, of course, on Monday and Tuesday, we're wondering, 'Why were we allowed back in the building if we say everything is based off contact tracing and things like that, and that's what told to us?' We've got to look at some of those things."

(on how the secondary seemed to stay healthy) "We don't know. It's God watching over, but I can't say all that, because it's a virus, and nobody knows how you can get it. You can't see it; you can't smell it. Nobody knows how we're going to get it. So, it's just a team. All of us could possibly get it. We're all always around each other."

OLB Tyus Bowser

(on the most challenging part of this week) "Just figuring out, really, when we were going to play. We had guys who were ready, especially in this game against the Steelers. And just trying to figure out this entire schedule, whether we were playing on Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, whatever. We were just trying to figure out when we could play, and once we finally figured out that we were going to play Wednesday, we were focused, we were locked in and ready to play this game."

(on if the team was comfortable playing) "When you deal with something like this, especially when we don't have the chance to get on the field and try to get our stuff going, we had a couple concerns. But I just know, with our president Dick Cass, [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta and Coach Harbaugh, they had our best interest, and they were trying to do everything they could to get us ready for this game. And I definitely appreciate them for giving us the opportunity to talk to them and get us on the field the last couple days to try to get some type of movement going. But with what was going on, we made the best of what were able to have. We fought hard, and we didn't have any major injuries, so I'm thankful for that."

(on how comfortable he is with the NFL's protocols going forward) "I'm comfortable with it. Like I said, [president] Dick Cass and [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta, they care about our players. That's one thing that I definitely do know and that I appreciate – that they try to have the best interest for us. And they did a great job with that to give us time to be able to get on the field, get together, work on the gameplan that we had and give us an opportunity to play. And that's the most important part with all of us – is that we wanted to play this game, and we were able to do it. So, big thanks to them."

(on if he was looking forward to getting past this challenging week) "Yes. When you're sitting at the house for days and not knowing what's coming, especially when we have the Steelers, we just wanted to get to that game. So, of course we had time to think about it. We had to figure out what the schedule was, but we were able to make it happen tonight, and I was just glad we were able to get back on the field – most of all."

(on if he thinks the NFL wanted to avoid having a Week 18) "Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm just a player. Whenever Coach [Harbaugh] or anyone says that we have a game or what's going on, that's all I can control. Everything else, [executive vice president & general manager] Eric DeCosta, [president] Dick Cass, Coach Harbaugh, they took care of that, and we were able to make it happen."

(on what happened the morning after the team had learned that the virus might have spread) "We were out there trying to go through a little walk-through, and they kind of just stopped it and told us that we just had to grab our stuff, and whenever they call to let us know that we were able to get on the field, that's what we did. So, there was a lot going on, and we just tried to figure it out as best as we could. It was definitely tough trying to figure out just what was going on and how we could get through it."

WR Marquise Brown

(on the last 10 days and having to watch his teammates become unavailable for today's game) "It's been tough – a lot of uncertainties. But, for the most part, you're just trying to stay safe yourself. And for your teammates who contract something like that – keeping them in good spirits and take it day-by-day. The Ravens did a great job of keeping everyone informed as quick as they could. It is what it is."

(on if he's spoken to QB Lamar Jackson regarding his current health status) "Yes, he's in good spirits. He told us to go out there and try to win this game. He knew we were able to do it. For our guy to have our back, we wanted to go out there and fight for him. Just wishing for a speedy recovery for him."

(on what today's game showed about the team) "It showed resilience; it showed heart. For us not to be around each other, and guys filling in – it's all about trusting each other. Everybody who played, you know these guys. So, you pick one another up. I think we showed a lot of resilience and will."

(on what his touchdown meant to him after having a tough few weeks) "It was good to get back in the end zone. It's always good to score touchdowns. But it's, kind of, wiped away when you don't win the game. We've got to find a way to win games." 

(on the difficulty of playing with a quarterback you're not used to playing with on a regular basis) "It wasn't that tough, because we throw with them in practice. I trained in the offseason with those guys. So, we've got good chemistry. All we had to do was get in a position [and] trust those guys to get us the ball. They did the best they could today."  

(on if he felt the coaches and organization had the players' interest at heart when dealing with the new protocols) "Yes, for the most part, I did. When stuff starts happening … Like I said, they got it, [and] they got it to us. They were communicating. We know what we're getting [ourselves] into. We know this thing is serious. So, they were communicating as best as they could. To get us to this game to play, it was a big deal."

(on the vibe of Head Coach John Harbaugh and his teammates after the game) "We lost. If you take a loss, it's always tough. But he just told us we've got five games left. We've got to play our best football in this stretch. I feel like we can do it. We've got the guys to do it. We've just got to go out there and put it on the field."

(on if he felt like the game was not safe to be played yesterday and if he felt safe playing out there today) "Me personally – I can only speak for myself – I felt I was ready to play from whenever. Once you have an outbreak, and you don't know if the next guy has it, that can bring some uncertainties. But, for the most part, I trust the organization. I know it's a bad situation. So, our job is to be ready, and that's what I was, personally – be ready to be on the field."

(on the play at the end of the first half) "I think that's in the rule book – delay of game on the defense. But, I'm not a referee, I don't know."

QB Trace McSorley

(on some of the emotions he's felt over the past 10 days) "We had to deal with the whole COVID-19 thing and all of that, and then we never knew what was coming, so it was just being ready to go at any time. Whether it was jumping into a meeting or getting to the field house once we were finally cleared, so we just had to always be ready these past couple of days. We didn't really know what was going on, but you just take the punches and roll with them the past couple of days, and then finally got cleared two days before the game to come in. Tough situation, but I wish we were able to win the game, and it would have been a great story. We were just handling the ups and downs and being ready for whatever came."

(on how it felt to get his first real NFL playing time and the touchdown pass to WR Marquise Brown) "It felt great. It's been a long few years of just working every day and trying to stay ready. [Quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban does a great job with guys like me and 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] – we stay active, and we're working all the time. So, he does a really great job of keeping us ready and making sure we're working to the standard that he expects out of the quarterbacks, and really, out of our offense. So, it worked out, and I was happy that it was able to kind of come to fruition."

(on what today's effort says about this team) "There are no moral victories – we lost the game, and at the end of the day, that's what counts. We've got to be better, but the fight we have in our team and how we were able to come together throughout this whole week – losing guys, not knowing what was going on – we stuck together, and we kept fighting. So, I think that's just the core of what we have here. We've got to eliminate mistakes so that we can win games, that's the big deal." 

DB/LB Anthony Levine Sr.

(on his fumble recovery on the punt return and the momentum it generated) "I saw Davontae Harris running down as the single gunner, and my job is to protect it and get down field. I saw Davontae – he was one-on-one – and I saw him funnel him up, and as soon as he funneled, I saw the ball. As soon as I saw the ball, and I knew when the ball was fumbled on a punt return, you can't advance it, but I didn't want to jump on the ball and then it pop out, so I had to scoop it." 

(on what this game says about the Ravens) "Honestly, we're disappointed that we didn't win this game, but we fought. That's a good football team over there, and we respect them, but they respect us, too. We fought, and we gave them everything that we had. It came down to a couple of plays here and there, but at the end of the day, we fought like Ravens do. We can walk out of here with our heads held high."

C Trystan Colon-Castillo

(on his first NFL start and the emotions he felt coming into today) "[I'm] feeling really blessed just to be in this opportunity. Just for Eric DeCosta, all my coaches and especially all my teammates to believe in me, and to have trust and faith, and to put me in this position to come out here and have my first start is special. Obviously, there was a lot of emotion earlier in the week. A lot of unknowns, and we didn't really understand what was going on, but we knew the game was going to happen at some point, so not just me, but my teammates, were helping me prepare and get ready. I'm really blessed and thankful just to be able to have this opportunity and play with these men and to be coached by these coaches. I'm just really happy to be a part of this organization." 

(on what it says about this team the way it played today) "We're competitors. We competed all the way to the end. The entire time on the sideline, everyone was saying, 'Hey, let's make something shake. Let's do something.' Everybody was involved and in tune with the game. Nobody was checking out, nobody was quitting, and I think that's a testament to the organization. Obviously, you see all over the [team facility], 'Play Like A Raven.' The vets have instilled that into the younger guys, and a lot of younger guys, including myself, got an opportunity today. We wanted to win, we played really hard, and I feel like if you turn on the tape, you'll be able to see that."

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