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Transcripts: Postgame Quotes

2017 NFL London Games Media Conferences: Ravens vs Jaguars

Postgame Quotes

John Harbaugh

JOHN HARBAUGH: Real tough loss, credit goes to the Jaguars. We played poorly. They played very well and that's reflected in the outcome of the game.

Q. Did the time difference affect the team's performance?
JOHN HARBAUGH: I don't know. It really doesn't matter at this point. We just played poorly.

Q. Surprised how much misdirection they used in the first half offensively?
JOHN HARBAUGH: No, it wasn't anything we had not seen before. They just executed it well and we didn't do a very good job of defending it.

Q. Can you talk about getting back to work for next week?
JOHN HARBAUGH: Yeah, we just have to get ready for next week. It's just one loss. Doesn't matter what the score ends up being. One loss or one win never defines a season. What defines a season is how you respond to the adversity that you face and that's in football, that's in life, that's in anything. So we've got to work on the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's how we respond.

Q. Thoughts on the players taking a knee and joining each other during the National Anthem? Was there a lot of conversation about that prior to the game?
JOHN HARBAUGH: Not a lot. I think Steve put a statement out, and I agree with it. I agree with what he said and stand behind it. It was good. We were focused on the football game. That really has nothing to do with what took place between the lines.

Q. What was your reaction to the score at halftime?
JOHN HARBAUGH: I don't have a reaction. It's the NFL. There's no reaction to it.

Q. Talk about it being a collective effort -- how concerned are you with how the offensive line played?
JOHN HARBAUGH: That's something you have to look at the tape and just kind of look at every single aspect of the way we played in all three phases. One thing you know I'm not going to do is sit here and finger point. As a team we didn't get the job done, coaches, players, anybody. We got outplayed. We have to move on and find a way to play better next week.

Q. Did that it make it difficult on the defensive line?
JOHN HARBAUGH: I do. I think I just answered that really. It's the same answer. Okay?

Q. Was it just a coach's decision to replace Joe Flacco?
JOHN HARBAUGH: Yeah, yeah, obvious reasons. All set? Okay. Thanks.

Eric Weddle

Q. How do you justify the performance?

ERIC WEDDLE: It's not an effort. We got our butts kicked in all three phases. That might be one of the worst losses, if not the worst loss I've ever been a part of. But I do know one thing about this team is we won't point fingers. We win and lose as a team. All three phases didn't get it done, and that's the bottom line.

Jacksonville played their tails off and all the credit goes to them. They outplayed us. But at the end of the day, it's one loss. Whether you lose by one point or 40, we treat it the same.

We are going to go back, be critical of ourselves, learn from our mistakes and grow and get better. It's a long season, and we're going to rebound like we always do.

Q. Is there anything that changed this week compared to the first two weeks.
ERIC WEDDLE: They had a good game plan. They ran the ball. They threw checkdowns. Didn't force the ball any time throughout the game. We kind of knew that. We didn't tackle particularly well early on in the game. They kept the drives going.

You know, but they made plays. They had some good red zone calls that they executed and we didn't. But at the end of the day, we didn't play well, in any phase, let alone not nearly good enough on defense. So, we'll get it corrected.

Q. Was it a surprise after you said you practiced well and felt good?
ERIC WEDDLE: Yeah, we practiced well. You know, there's really -- I can't give you an excuse why we played so bad. We just didn't get it done, and I've never been the one to point fingers or give excuses. We just weren't good enough. I wasn't good enough. I've got to be better and that's the way I look at it. Regardless of what everyone on the outside says, we're going to stick together. We're not going to point fingers or say this was the reason or this happened because of this.

We all stunk it up and we'll get better from it.

Q. Does this usually happen one or two games a year where teams just stink it up?
ERIC WEDDLE: Yeah, it happens. You never know why it happens. Jacksonville is a good team. We knew it. We didn't overlook them by any means. We don't overlook anybody in this league. You know, it's just tough. Sometimes the ball gets rolling. They make a few plays. We don't counter back and get the momentum back in our side. We don't create field position, don't get a stop, and before you know it, it's 20-0 before you blink and it's out of hand.

You come out, make some strides, make a penalty, you get a turnover, they score, you get another turnover, they score, then you get a fake punt on you, and now it's a route and the game's over.

It happens quick in this league when you're not executing in all three phases. You know, just -- you've just got to rebound from it. You mentally have to be strong as a team and I know we are; to rebound from it and look at ourselves and just get better from it. We still have 13 more games. The sky isn't falling, but we do know that was nowhere near good enough to beat anybody in this league, let alone the Jaguars.

Q. Did you get a sense that a game like this was coming?
ERIC WEDDLE: I thought we were still going to win in the third and fourth quarter, until then it really got out of hand.

Still believed all the way till the end. I was still in there fighting and trying to show the guys that you're going to fight no matter how far you're down. You've still got to lead and show them what you're all about.

Q. What is it going to take after you fly all the way back and then face the Steelers?
ERIC WEDDLE: It's going to take everyone looking at themselves. On the flight home, look at the game tape, talk to your coach. Monday, get in and get some rehab. We had some guys banged up today. It was a physical game. They were on the field a lot.

But it's the Steelers. It's going to be a division game. Everything's on the line. So, this game is already behind us. We're going to look at the mistakes, correct the mistakes and already start game planning for Pittsburgh. Because the more we lament, the more we worry about this game, and the more we're "woe is me", we'll get our butts kicked next week.

The quicker we can assess what we did wrong, correct it and move on and get ready for Pittsburgh.

Q. Talk Conversation prior to the game about the arm links and kneeling.
ERIC WEDDLE: Yeah, we're a team here, we're a family. We support anyone that has feelings towards a certain subject and we're going to support him. We thought that was the best way. The guys that did it, it was their choice. We backed them 100 percent. They are my family and my brothers. The guys that did it, you have to talk to them. It's not anything that put more distraction or yada, yada to us as a team. It's we're the Ravens and we're a family.

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