Transcripts: Press Conference (10/20)


Opening Statement:"It's good seeing everybody out here. Obviously, it's a great day for football, and [we] had some special visitors here. Dave Price is here, one of our best fans. Also, Isaac joining us with Make-A-Wish, [he's] just an awesome young guy." (Coach yells out to Isaac: Hi, Isaac. See you later, buddy.) "Did you see him run that whole 100 yards down there? He's impressive. So, [we had] a lot of fun. [The] guys were locked in; [it] was a good practice, and we're pointed towards Sunday. What questions do you have?" 

What went into the decision into having a walk-through practice today? _(Jamison Hensley) _"I thought the best thing to do was [to] get a good mental sweat [and] try to really be focused on what we're doing assignment-wise and get ready for Sunday." 

It looks as if Lions RB David Montgomery won't be playing Sunday, and it seems as if rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs will be getting the majority of the workload. What have you seen from him? (Ryan Mink) "We watched him in college, obviously, and he's very talented, a very elusive, tough, hard running back. The snaps he's taken so far for the Lions have been the same, and he's very versatile. [He] can do everything they can do in the backfield, lines up as a receiver, a lot of screens – all those things."  

Former Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs is being inducted into the Ring of Honor this Sunday. What stories can you share about him? (Kyle Barber) "You guys know most of the stories. The fans know the stories, because that's the great thing about Terrell Suggs; he was kind of an open book. There wasn't anything that he was trying to hide. Who he was is who he was. Some of the things he would say to kickers out there would probably be better left unsaid in the public sphere, but he toughened up kickers. I think his whole thing was to make it tough on kickers at practice; [Justin] Tucker could tell you that. He said some pretty funny things. He was a guy that I think just enjoyed the game. He enjoyed every part of the game; the physical part of the game; the relationship part of the game. He liked being the villain – like he would talk about – part of the game. I think he loved being a Raven. So, yes, it's a great honor. Congratulations. It was a great honor to coach him, to be part of his career. That's one of the things I'll cherish the most looking back on it someday." 

How did OLB Odafe Oweh look in practice this week? (Jeff Zrebiec) "[Odafe Oweh] looked good. He looked good, yes. It was good to see him back out there.  

Did you follow the Detroit Lions at all when you grew up in Michigan? (Jamison Hensley) "I wouldn't say … We were [University of] Michigan fans. I grew up a [Cleveland] Browns fan, but [I was] kind of a [Detroit] Tigers fan, definitely a [Detroit] Red Wings fan, [Detroit] Pistons fan during the 'Bad Boys' years for sure. I'm not really a fan of those [teams], really, anymore. My wife still is – she's loyal – not to the [Detroit] Lions, though. She's a [Baltimore] Ravens fan, and she likes the 'O's' [Baltimore Orioles]." (laughter) 

Will Terrell Suggs address the team on Sunday before he gets inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor? _(Jerry Coleman) _"I think if he shows up, and he has got a word, definitely. We're kind of that way with everybody. You wouldn't … [With] a legend like that – a guy that understands what it's all about – the guys would love to hear from him, I'd love to hear from him, and that'd be awesome if it works out." 

Do you remember Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell when he played in the NFL? (Jamison Hensley) "I don't remember [Dan Campbell] out there, no. If he was a special teams demon, I definitely would've definitely remembered him. (laughter)But he was a heck of a tight end – I know that – and a very physical player. [I have] so much respect for Coach [Dan] Campbell as a player, of course, but really as a coach. What he's done as a coach and what he's all about, how he wants his teams to play [are] very clear cut, and I love the colorful way he explains it and expresses it. I think great coaches have a knack for doing that, as well. He has those guys playing at a really high level."

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